Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Cuckold Relationship

The cuckold relationship is something you grow into....I don't make any claims that it's an easy thing to watch your wife receive joy while fucking another man.....but if you are honest with each other....if you recognize each others needs and desires....if you understand that there are simply some pleasures that you physically can't give her....then, if you really love her, you make sure that she gets the pleasures she deserves!!!!
And the beauty of it is...that even as he's driving that big cock into her....even as he's making her cum....at the end of the day it's still you that she loves....he can fuck her all night long but then he leaves and she will fall asleep in your arms....and who could ask for more than that!!!!!


  1. se la tua cara mogliettina merita di più bisogna accontentarla e poi ci guadagniamo anche noi sissy-femminucce in un bellissimo triangolo amoroso e gustosissimo di piaceri per tutti...tutte per uno uno per tutte...!! grazie amore baci baci baci

  2. What a lovely site.... Steph (Sissybra)...

  3. Its all about her pleasure no matter who is giving it to her. If my wife is enjoying herself I know that I will eventually enjoy myself later licking her to orgasm again.