Monday, May 16, 2016

My Analyst Takes Me To School

When I arrived at my analysts office I made sure I was a few minutes late, maybe she'd  follow through with the spanking she'd threatened last time! However she didn't seem to notice my tardiness this time!
"Hello Dr. Dee, what are we going to look at this time?"
"Kaaren....I've been going through your file and I'm fascinated by your desire to be a schoolgirl! It's probably one of the most common male fetishes but in most cases they want to have sex with a schoolgirl whereas you want to be a schoolgirl!!!"
"I love those little pleated skirts Dr. Dee!"
"Don't we all Kaaren? So I want you to sit at this desk and tell me all your schoolgirl fantasies!"
"I don't think I have time to tell you all of them!"
"It's okay Kaaren....I've cleared the rest of the get started!!!"


  1. I love the skirt and the blouse fits so well.. its so hot and femmie and stern.... Steph (Sissybra).

  2. Hmm, I must have left the kneeler at home.

    I have taught classes to schizophrenics so I know how to control a room. Something still tells me that I am going to learn a lot in this session. Perhaps I'll make you stay after school to get to your bottom of some of your most dramatic fantasies!

    1. Oh my....that sends a delightful shiver down my spine!!!!!