Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Sanitarium

Richard Thompson was the richest man in town....and the man he killed was a nobody...
It was easy to use his wealth and connections to plead insanity...after all there were a dozen witnesses who saw him shoot the unarmed man!!!!
His lawyer, the judge and the psychiatrist all owed their careers to him and they had all arranged to have him committed to the Stonybrook Sanitarium until such time as he was well enough to rejoin society and was no longer a danger to himself or others! He figured he'd lay low here for a few months and then his friends would quietly release him.
He was in no hurry...this was a pretty nice class gourmet food, maid service and the nurses were pretty hot too! In fact the nurse who brought him his "meds" at night....the one who dutifully made sure he swallowed all the "pills"....she was really something special...he chuckled as she walked away wondering what she would think if she knew all his pills were nothing but sugar pills!!!
Nurse Jill Lecroix smiled as she left his room...his sugar pills were in her dress pocket and she would flush them down the toilet as she had flushed all the other fake meds they had given her to give him! Her brother had been that nobody that the bastard had killed...her brother was a little bit effeminate and perhaps he had made a pass at the wrong guy but he didn't deserve to die for it and this bastard would pay....with the massive doses of female hormones she was giving him along with the special pills she had bought on the black market he should begin exhibiting changes soon....and after fear drove him to want to escape she'd be the one to lead him out...she'd lead him out into his new world....a life as a street whore....she couldn't think of a more appropriate punishment....


  1. Great concise storyline. I can picture him on a shadowy corner, soliciting guys and telling them, "I'm on the rag right now but I give terrific head." At the same time he's asking himself, "How can I get rid of these big boobs? Why am I doing this? What did that crazy nurse do to my mind?"

    1. High praise from one of my favorite authors....anyone who enjoys Sissy stories should check out Throne's stories on you will not be disappointed!
      Thanks Throne for joining me on a trip to the Matinee!!!!

    2. Always happy to accompany you to the Matinee. Hope some of your readers will check out my fiction on FM. As ever, I welcome reveiws.

  2. ti adoro scrivi benissimo...e poi ogni volta che ti leggo mi eccito !! io sogno sempre di essere un infermiera del turno di notte per assistere qualche paziente desideroso di coccole...e sogno spesso anche di andare in strada la sera per vedere quanti clienti si fermano sul marciapiede mentre passeggio tutta sexy sculettando come una puledrina...!! grazie amore baci baci baci