Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Okay....Fuck Me Sissy

"You're always whining that you never get to fuck me...that you have to kneel and watch as men fill me with their big cocks...fill me with their cum!!!! So now it's your turn Sissy!!!! Go ahead and show me...fill me and thrill me....make me cum...Fuck me baby...Fuck me till I scream!!!"
"But like this...I won't be able to cum!!!!"
"Sissy, I never said anything about you cumming did I?"


  1. You could have unlocked sissy had him put a condom on, then insert it into the strap-on. Once he came make him eat his own cum.

  2. non avevo mai pensato di indossare un vibratore al posto del mio pisellino moscio...però a me piace farmi fottere e vere fottere gli altri non so se ne sarei capace...però provare non costa nulla anche se mia moglie preferisce scegliere lei i maschi per farsi montare...e li sceglie tutti molto ben messi...!! baci baci baci e grazie per tutto amore !!!

  3. My wife knows that my clitty does not get hard anymore so this is just another way for her to humiliate me especially in front of her lovers.