Monday, May 30, 2016

Just Us

"I'm so glad you agreed to an afternoon tea party Sissy!!! And you look absolutely adorable in your pretty little party dress!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"
"Perhaps you should begin brewing another pot Sissy...."
"Why Sweetheart there's still plenty here and it's just the two of much tea can we drink?"
"Well I...."
"It is just the two of us...right....just you and surprises...right?"
From behind him Sissy heard the gate open and several voices
" that him...oh isn't he the prettiest thing!!!"
"Oh I'm so glad I came, I didn't believe it but he is just the cutest thing!!!"
"And what a pretty dress...the perfect little girl to serve our tea!!!"
His wife smiled at him, his face blushing as pink as his dress! "Surprise!" she said and started to laugh!


  1. I would love if my wife set me up like this! :)

  2. esibirsi all'aperto in abitino rosa da perfetta piccola e servizievole sissy è uno dei miei sogni mentre servo la mia bella padrona con attenzione attenta ad essere impeccabile mentre lei mi guarda dalla testa a i piedi e mi trova perfetta la sua dama di compagnia ideale !!! grazie amore bellissima immagine bucolica !! baci baci baci