Monday, May 2, 2016


Lying there, staring at the paddle with his bottom already on fire, Sissy wondered!!!
Normally she would never interrupt a spanking to answer the doorbell....unless she was expecting someone!!!!
Sissy strained to hear but there was nothing...he wondered who it could be at the door....
Maybe a friend of hers come to watch his watch him be punished like a child by his beautiful wife....
Maybe a friend of his....someone who doesn't know...about him...someone who's about to find out humiliate watch her make him  squeal like a little sissy bitch....
Maybe it's her sister....or her mother...or both to watch her spank him as they discuss the real men she could have married instead of this whimpering sissy.... that footsteps Sissy is....but is it more than one person....Sissy can't tell....
It really doesn't make any difference...Sissy isn't going anywhere!!!!


  1. fucking hot!! sara

    1. It's funny....the humiliation I imagine is almost always worse than the real thing....but it still makes me so fucking hot too!!!!