Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 6 The Manhunt

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Sometimes it was like this with the new ones!!! The machine worked it's magic on their bodies first and then she had to wait sometimes as much as 24 hours before they could be re-programmed into their new persona!!!
 "You know I was just going to deny everything and send you on your way but I noticed your wedding ring and then I caught you peeking up my skirt and I realized you were just another cheater!!! And I can't stand cheaters Agent Brady!!!"
"I know you're confused Agent Brady....but imagine how I felt when you came to my home and started questioning me!!!! Of course, now you know what happened to my cheating husband and his friend Bobby!!! They've been transformed just like you!!!!"
"I have a friend, he handles things for me....he'll be here shortly to make your car disappear! He will soon take you too and sell you to the highest bidder...but don't worry....believe it or not you'll actually look forward to it soon!!!"
The captive struggled but could not get free!
"Their really is no use in fighting it Agent Brady....My maid Bonny is surely stronger than you and those restraints have held people much bigger than you!!! I really didn't think the FBI would bother investigating a couple of disappearances in a small town but looking at how you turned out I'm glad they did!"
"Bonny, put her back on the machine!" 
She smiled and soon the sound of her laughter drowned out the low hum of the machine as Agent Brady disappeared forever!!!

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  1. vai alla scuola di qualche bella e perversa padrona e dopo una settimana di duro lavoro e magnifici insegnamenti poi sei pronta per affrontare il mondo ed essere spedita da qualche ricco signore nel suo arem per soddisfare ogni sua perversa voglia !!! non deve essere male...!! baci baci baci