Tuesday, May 10, 2016


It was so obvious what she was trying to do!!! Her attire....MY attire.....the crop...the orders to perform tasks in the most awkward manner.....she was trying to make me make a mistake so she could refuse my scheduled release in two days!!!!
But I wasn't going to fall for her tricks....I was so ready to cum....that nothing she could do could distract me!!!!
Maybe it was my subconscious or maybe it was just bad luck but a drop of her tea splashed into the saucer!!!!! She looked at the tiny bit of liquid and then she smiled at me....
"Oh oh Sissy!!!! You spilled my tea....that's six more weeks!!!!"
I groaned in response!!!!
"And two more weeks for complaining Sissy!!! Now take all of this away and bring me a fresh pot of tea and we'll see if you can pour it properly next time!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!! Right away Ma'am!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. secondo me la padrona bella è un poco gelosa della bella sissy che ha cresciuto in casa...e le piccole punizioni che le dà è solo per tenerla tutta per lei e godere delle sue fattezze dei suoi servizi delle sue attenzioni...!! mi piacciono i tuoi racconti brevi son bellissimi e particolare grazie amore baci baci baci ti seguo sempre !!