Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saqturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 7 - The Partner

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Susie soon realized that perhaps making an FBI agent disappear had been a mistake! The massive response by both local police and federal agents had actually made her fear that she would be discovered!
After discussing it with her partner it was decided that they should move her operation out of her home as soon as possible.
Within days Tony told her he'd found and purchased a former industrial facility that had also had living quarters for the owner! He would have men at her house that night to move the machine and her transformed servants under the cover of darkness! And all it would cost her was 3.2 million dollars!
"Tony! you know I don't have that kind of money!!! I have a little over a million in cash that you've given me for those people you asked me to fix for you!!!"
"Alright Susie....I'll tell you give me the code that you use to make the machine do what it does and we'll call it even!"
"Really? All you want to know is how the machine works and you'll pay all of that money?"
"Yeah Susie....we are partners after all...right?"
She smiled at him....
"Of course Tony....I'll show you everything....can I trust the men moving the equipment?"
"My cousin Ray is coming to do it himself....he runs all my day to day's a business genius and I trust him with my life!"
"That's good enough for me Tony....come tomorrow and I'll show you exactly how the machine works!"
"It's a deal!"

They clinked their glasses together to toast this new phase of their partnership! The wine was delicious and Susie enjoyed it very had been so thoughtful of him to bring it!
He had so many wonderful ideas for their future....hiring an engineer to reproduce the machine so that maybe they could have two or three working at once!!! Seeking out new markets in countries where there were no questions asked!!!! Hiding the cash payments in a maze of offshore accounts and shell all made he head swim!!!!
Susie looked at him and thought that perhaps she could....maybe he could be the man she needed...maybe he could replace her sweet husband was something to think about!
They quietly sipped their wine as they watched Tony learn "exactly how the machine worked!"
Ray had been very specific about what he wanted Tony to be...
She looked, first at Tony and then at Ray....and maybe it was the wine but she started to giggle like a little girl...then laugh....and Ray joined her....their laughter echoed through the empty halls....echoing back....on and on....


  1. se trovo un amante di certi speciali giochini amorosi me lo sposo...!! sogno di essere un giorno una perfetta moglie capace di soddisfare in tutte le sue voglie marito amanti e amici...e me stessa soprattutto !! baci baci baci e grazie amore

  2. OMG! Could it gt much Better? Probably not... But I sure HOPE SO!!!
    Fabulous! Please KEEP WRITING!!!

  3. Such a great story hope theres more