Saturday, January 28, 2017


When I'm fluffing her dates I'm always careful to keep them interested but not too much if you know what I mean.....although sometimes I enjoy it so much I lose track of time and she has to come looking for him....she'll spank me for it after he leaves but it's worth it to get those extra couple of minutes with that glorious cock in my mouth!!!!


  1. It almost feel like this is your tribute to Mary Tyler Moore. I can see her walking in the door of this GIF and saying, "ROB! Are you done yet?"

    Doesn't it seem easier to have YOU leave after fluffing him than making him try to walk to a different bedroom? I'm all about efficiency as you well know! Then again, does she usually watch you while you preform or is she getting ready while you're getting him ready?

    1. Usually, when I'm allowed the privilege of fluffing her dates she leaves them with me while she goes and prepares for him.....when called I escort him to my wife's room and if I'm really lucky I get to stay and watch!!!
      Watching him fuck my wife while I can still taste him in my takes me down to subby land in a big way!!!!
      We'll go over it in our next session if you like!!!!

  2. io quando abbiamo un amante nel letto approfitto sempre delle pause che mia moglie si prende per andare ad urinare e così nell'attesa che lei torni io lavo per bene tutto il sesso del suo stallone...e mentre lo faccio lei spesso sulla porta della camera da letto si comincia ad eccitare e si trastulla la figa !! baci baci baci