Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Analyst Needs Proof

When I got the call from Dr. Dee's office I wasted no time, throwing on whatever dress I grabbed first I grabbed my purse and ran out the door!!!
It had been a couple of months since I had a session with her and I was worried that somehow I had upset her when I helped her out in her office last time!!!!
Imagine my surprise when I arrived....
"Oh there you are Kaaren.....I was getting worried you might not come!"
"I'm sorry Dr. Dee. I came as fast as I could.....what's going on?"
"Well Kaaren....I've published my first book about my most interesting cases and you, my dear, take up about two thirds of the content!!! I hope you don't mind?"
"Of course not Dr. Dee, I'm glad you found my case interesting enough to include me!"
"Interesting!!!! Kaaren my audience is demanding more.....many of them don't believe it's possible for any one person to be so depraved....say that would be a good title "Dee-praved The Sissy Kaaren Story!!!"
"If you think so it's OK with me but....why did you need me here today?"
"There has been some speculation that you're not real...that I invented I invited a few objective observers to "meet" you....they've each marked their favorite page and they each want to spend some time going over them with you!!!"
"And what about.....your....ummmm...."
"Oh that! Well I thought we might squeeze in a session while you're here!!!"
"There's nothing else I'd rather squeeze in Dr. Dee!!!!"


  1. Oh the studies I could do on you sweetie! I need to attend more book groups like this one!

    Let's get started. I think we'll begin with page 17, which is bent forward, just like you will be in a moment!

  2. wow splendide belle e sexy professoresse posso venire a studio da voi tutti i giorni per apprendere le meravigliose arti dell'amore sublime...adoro imparare adoro i profumi dell'amore e del sesso e con voi potrei diventare veramente una sensuale piccola carina e sexy e devota femminuccia di casa...magari la vostra !! grazie e baci baci baci

  3. Oh, that is a story I would study . . . hard!