Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Have You Ever Thought

She smiled at me coyly and asked....
"Have you ever thought about fucking my ass Sissy?"
How could I answer this.....it was the one thing that I had never experienced....with her or with anyone else for that matter...she had always told me that only real men could have that pleasure....sissies were made to receive a man, not act like one!!!
"I've dreamed of it Sweetheart!!!!"
"Would you like to take my ass tonight Sissy?"
"I would be honored to be allowed the privilege!!!"
"Yes you would be honored! So tonight it is then....don't get too excited thinking about it Sissy...."
I should have asked questions.....I should have asked her to make it more clear...but if truth be told....I enjoyed this very much.....not as much as they did but I did enjoy it!!!


  1. OMG i would LOVE to made to do this!

  2. l'amore è una cosa meravigliosa e se si fa in tanti è ancor più bello i profumi del sesso sono meravigliosi !! baci baci baci