Thursday, January 26, 2017

Choices - Sissy Training

"Look at the cock Sissy....isn't it beautiful....the shaft is so hard and the tip is so velvety soft!!!! You know you want to take it in your mouth and worship it.....if you do you'll be allowed to cum...what's it been now....two months since I allowed you to spray your sissy cream? We could go for another month or two.....maybe five or six!!!"
"All you have to do is take this lovely cock in your sissy slut mouth....I could make you do it Sissy but I want you to do it on your own!!!! Think it over Sissy!!!!"


  1. i would beg for this! Nice post :)

    sissy terri

    1. Thanks terri, I've really been enjoying your Daily Panty blog!!! It's an everyday must along with your main blog!!!!

  2. in questi giorni di freddo pungente dove le manine di noi piccole sissy si potrebbero rovinare e screpolare io tre volte al giorno mi metto la crema per le manine e le tengo sempre lisce e morbide e ben curate nella speranza che qualche baldo signore le noti le sfiori e gli piacciano talmente tanto che abbia l'ispirazione e la voglia matta di sentirle carezzevoli scivolare sul proprio adoro esere femminuccia !! baci baci baci