Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Shopping

"I got the sexiest little babydoll you've ever seen!!!"
"I'm sure it's beautiful but the peignoir and teddy set I got tops that!!!"
"I don't know girls I got those peek-a-boo bras and crotchless panties....that will make him drool!!!!"
"All right girls no need to argue, we'll get the guys and we'll have a fashion show and they can model all the outfits for us....then we'll see who is the hottest sissy husband"
"You know....there's no football this weekend so maybe we can invite our boyfriends over too!!!!"
"Sounds so good.....I could use a man after a week with Sissy's little pinky!!!"
"Couldn't we let's do it, we'll have a sissy fashion know how they hate it when we make them all dress together!!!"
"That just makes it better as far as I'm concerned!!!"
"And then with the men there.....alright let's go!!!! I'm already getting wet thinking about it!!!"
"Me too!"
"And me!"
"And me!"
The women all laughed as they headed home for an afternoon their husbands would long remember!!!!


  1. There actually IS a football game on this weekend, as is mentioned in my latest post, inspired by reading your blog yesterday. The problem is no one wants to watch the Pro Bowl. Check out my blog post as to how little anyone wants to watch it with a caption.

    1. Even a sub like me would balk at being ordered to watch the pro-bowl!!!
      As far as I'm concerned I'd rather be doing the laundry....which I was doing....she was watching her Xmas present....Downton Abbey on DVD!!!! I'd still rather be doing laundry!!!!

  2. siamo eccitate quando possiamo comprare qualcosa di femminile e sexy e siamo ancor più eccitate e sculettanti quando possiamo provarle in casa davanti allo specchio e sentirci belle ed affascinanti...!! baci baci baci