Thursday, January 26, 2017


"Faster Sissy....let's go....I want you over my knees in my bedroom now!!!"
"I'm I can Sweetheart...Owww!!!"
To tell the truth I could probably go faster but she had the hairbrush in the bedroom!!! That was serious punishment and as much as I was afraid of it....I also looked forward to it a little, but I needed to be warmed up first!!!


  1. più che tra le mani di un uomo noi sissy probabilmente guidate da una donna esigente diamo il meglio di noi stesse ci sentiamo più femminucce...forse perchè le donne da noi piccole sissy pretendono vogliono trasformare in femmine sexy e pronte a tutto...a me le donne mi dicono sempre che su di un letto non si fanno prigionieri la battaglia si vince solo con la resa del patner !! baci baci baci

  2. My wife has the hairbrush, bath brush, ping pong paddle, wooden handled 2" leather strap, cane and her favorite the Spencer Paddle in our bedroom. And I get to experience all of them willingly. And I thank her after every punishment.