Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Seeker from Beyond

As the lovers clutched at one another in fear the green mist coalesced into the form of a woman.....a beautiful otherworldly green woman!!!
She spoke in an airy ethereal voice....
"At last I have found you is time for you to return....your people need you.....your world needs you!!!!"
"No!!!! I'm never going back!!!! I love this world....these people!!!!"
"I'm afraid I must return you to our world orders are very is not a matter for debate!!!"
The lovers clung tighter to each other although a soft glow had begun to gather around the Princess!!!
"What does this mean? Why is she calling you Princess? What's happening?"
"I should have told you....but how could could I tell you I was a Princess from another would have thought me mad!!!!"
But the glow was intensifying to the point where it was blinding and she held onto Jim as hard as she could!!!! But she felt his body changing, his height lessening, his skin growing softer and was that breasts she felt through his coat?
"I'm sorry my love.....I had hoped to live among your stay with you....for the rest of my time.....I had thought this male body would keep me hidden....alas I was wrong and now I must go with the Seeker.....I have no choice!!!!"
"But....I don't're a woman??? A Princess??? How...."
"No time to explain my love....the Seeker is pulling me through the doorway....I love you, goodbye!!!"
And then she was alone....

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  1. esseri da altri mondi...creature affascinanti...dai sessi dubbi ma dal fascino prorompente...uomini...donne...chissà...per non saper nè leggere e nè scrivere a questo punto io scelgo una piccola bella e sexy trav e sono a posto...hanno fascino eleganza...sensualità e quel pizzico di erotismo in più particolare che le rende uniche e belle !!! baci baci baci