Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One Last Present

"I have one last Christmas present for you honey....but it comes in two parts!!!"
"But I wasn't expecting...."
"Quiet Baby, the first part is that I'm giving you my permission to wear my panties....you don't have to sneak them out of my panty drawer anymore...."
"But honey I only....."
"Shush.....the second part is I'm going to put you in a chastity cage, temporarily, to prevent you from staining all my panties with your nasty sissy cream!"
"Let me understand.....I can wear your panties whenever I like.....you're OK with that?"
"I'm looking forward to seeing you in them Baby!!!"
"All I have to agree to is some temporary chastity?"
"Yes Baby, I'll lock that little clitty of yours up temporarily while we both get used to having you running about here in frilly panties!!!"
He agreed so fast....he never asked a single question after that....not once while she placed the cage on him.....not even when he heard the lock click shit!!!! He didn't start crying until he read the tag!!!
Temporarily!!!! It was only January 3rd!!!


  1. What a difference a year in chastity will make. She'll have him so feminized by then that he'll never be able to reclaim his masculinity.

  2. quando ti donano la gabbietta e ti consentono di indossare splendide mutandine sexy e femminili vuol dire che ora sei considerata una femminuccia una donnina una bella sissy e la tua femminilità farà di colpo passi da gigante...essere più sensuale e femmina è sempre stato il nostro primo desiderio ora realizzato !!! baci baci baci