Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cuckolds View

This is the Cuckolds View....kneeling at the foot of our her bed.....watching her ride his big cock....listening to her moans of pleasure as he fills her so deeply.....fills her in a way I never could.....I love her so....and later....after he leaves and I've helped her clean up....we'll snuggle together....and she'll tell me all about how it felt...and she'll tell me how good it was....and she'll tell me how many times he made her cum.....
And she'll tell me that she loves me and I'll go to sleep wrapped in her arms!!!


  1. io sarĂ² passiva e femminuccia e quindi mia moglie spesso mi fa assistere ai suoi solitari amplessi col suo amante ma poi dopo poco sia lui che lei mi chiamano e mi fanno partecipare sempre alle loro evoluzioni carnali...con tanto gusto per tutti e tre !! baci baci baci

  2. Win...Win...Win.... All get what they need.

  3. If the cuckold has misbehaved, this wife will make him stand in the corner so he can hear but not see the action.