Sunday, January 22, 2017

How Times Have Changed

It's hard to believe that there was once a time when I was afraid that anyone would catch me wearing panties and that my deepest fantasy was sucking a man's big cock!!!!
The idea that my wife loves to watch me when I'm on my knees with her lovers cock in my mouth is just a dream come true!!!!
How far we've come.....


  1. I remember when I first started wearing panties. It was exciting and when my wife found out I thought it was over. My wife liked it so much she threw out all my under ware and only lets me wear panties. I got used to people seeing me in panties after a while. After that it evolved to her making me wear stockings with shorts then leotards and finally mini skirts and heels. she has since taken on a lover because she said my little pee pee didn't satisfy her. Now she makes me clean her lovers cum out of her and suck his cock. I got to love sucking his cock now.

    1. Aren't we both lucky Sweetie!!!! It sounds like you, like me, won the lottery when it came to marriage!!!!

  2. tesoro siamo arrivate al punto che siamo tutte e due più felici e soddisfatti...tutti e due abbiamo ruoli che ci fanno godere tanto e sono appaganti e ne sono felici e affascinati anche i nostri numerosi amanti occasionali ed i nostri amici ed amiche...!! baci baci baci