Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Curse

Walking through the park he couldn't help but notice her sitting on top of the bench....he smiled when he saw her legs in her pretty black tights....the sight of her stayed with him all day!!!!
The next day he found her in the exact same spot.....still showing her long legs in those pretty black tights....he smiled at her and he was surprised when she smiled back at him.....he thought about her all day....and all night!!!!
The next day came and there she was again.....and he smiled....but this time she crooked a finger to him and invited him closer.....he moved toward her as if he had no will to resist!!!!
She leaned forward and whispered into his ear....her voice so soft....her lips teasing his flesh....
"Please would you help me?"
"Of course....I'd be glad to help you....what can I do for you?"
"It's a little hard to believe but I was cursed by my ex-lover to stay on this bench forever until someone goes between my thighs and licks me till I cum!!!! I hate to ask but would you consider lending me "a hand"?"
"Say no more!!! I'd be glad to help with that....we'll call it a labor of love!!!!"
In a flash he was up under her skirt.....pressing his face between those beautiful thighs....and he licked and rubbed and he heard her gasp and moan and it only made him work harder!!!!
Then came the moment....she cried out as she came and flooded his face with her juices....
Suddenly he was dizzy and light headed and when the world stopped spinning.....there he was....sitting on the bench looking at himself....or his body at least....
"Oh thanks so much I thought I'd never get off that damned's not as bad as you think....all you have to do is pick out someone and get them to make you cum and you can swap with them.....I've been there for about a week and a half but the guy before me was only stuck for five hours.....just pick your guy carefully!!!! Goodbye and thanks!!!"
"Wait....what about...."
But he was gone....


  1. Wow. I'd have been proud to have written this as one of my bench captions. Great job!

    1. I love your "Bench" caps and I should have probably given you an "Inspired By" credit!!!
      As always, thanks for the kind words and the feedback!!! I love to know that people are reading and enjoying what I put out there!!!

  2. PS. I've got a Dr. Mentia and Sissy Kaaren caption coming out sometime in the next week or so. Be on the lookout!

  3. conquistare i ragazzi con il proprio fascino naturalezza e eleganza per noi sissy-femminucce è un vero piacere istintivo mostrare le nostre gambe ben curate e velate da carezzevoli calze e star sui tacchi a sculettare come modelle è una cosa che facciamo volentieri...adoro i tuoi brevi scritti così romantici così particolari ed originali piccoli frammenti di storie quotidiane piene d'amore !! baci baci baci