Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Matinee - When He Calls

The phone rang and with a trembling hand she reached for it, hoping that it wouldn't be him again!
"H...Hello....", she stuttered into the phone.
"Hello Shelley! It's me again.....I just want you to tell me what color your underwear is today!"
"Why can't you leave me alone.....why are you torturing me like this!!!!"
"I bet it's those pretty pink panties....the ones with the lace around your pretty legs and the bow right above your.....well we both know where the bow is don't we Shelley?"
She was dumbfounded....he had described her underwear could he have known.....
"What do you want??? Why are you doing this to me???"
"I want to wear them Shelley....I want to wear them while the scent of you is still on them....I'm tired of wearing your clean underwear!!!"
"You mean you....."
"Oh yes Shelley....I've been in your house....I've been in your room....I've been in your panty drawer....I've even found your little vibrating friend.....and I've used it for my pleasure too!!!!"
"You're a monster!!!! Who are you and why are you doing this to me????"
"It's because I can's because I can...."
"What do you want....what will it take to make you leave me alone???"
"Tomorrow at 9PM I want you to do a striptease in front of your window....curtains open and blinds up.....make it sexy.....or I publish all those things you wrote in your know those things about what you wanted Ted to do....those things you wanted Tommy to do.....those things you wanted Susie to do...."
"Oh my god...OK I'll do it 9PM just please....please no more after that!!!"
"We'll see...."

After she hung up the phone rang again in a few seconds....
"Shelley, it's Detective Larson."
"Did you hear it all?"
"Yes we got it all Shelley.....and the trace should be done in a moment....are you alright?"
"I'm a little embarrassed and does he know....what I'm wearing?"
"Shelley...the trace is complete.....Shelley the calls are coming from inside your house!!!! We're on the way there now....who else is in the house with you?"
"Just my little brother.....I'm going to get him and run to the neighbors....I wouldn't want this pervert to get a hold of either one of us!!!"
"Good girl Shelley.....we're almost there and we'll find this bastard and you and your brother can rest easy once he's in custody!!!"
"Thank you Detective.....for all your help...."
"Just doing my job Ma'am!"

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  1. storia breve ma splendida quanta fantasia quanto piccante fascino indiscreto con lo spogliarello dietro le persiane...sei un amore di creatura la tua femminilità supera ogni cosa !! baci baci baci