Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Do You Remember

Do you remember the first time....the first time she fucked you? The first time she stretched your sissy pussy wide....the first time she made you her bitch!!!!
I was nervous as I knelt on her bed waiting....she was taking her time.....all the while talking about how she'd wanted to do this all her life and how it was going to be wonderful!!!
I felt my body shaking as she spread the lube on me....shaking worse when her fingers spread the lube in me!!!!
Then came that glorious moment...when she pushed past my tight ring and entered me!!!! I had played like this before....with dildos.....in private.....but this was different.....I wasn't in control here....she had claimed me as her own....and as the initial pain gave way to pleasure I wanted to be hers....I wanted her to fuck me like the little bitch I was......and she did!!!


  1. I remember my first time very well. My wife informed me in the morning that I was going to be fucked with a strap on after work. That was all I could think about all day. She didn't use a small one either. She bent me over and started to put it in. I screamed and she went slow inserting it a little at a time until it was all in. Then she began pumping and I screamed more. After that it went in easier and now I love getting pegged.

  2. son momenti indimenticabili meravigliosi...essere iniziata a femminuccia sexy per me è sempre la cosa più bella al mondo...io ho studiato il modo di rinnovarmi sempre di sentirmi in alcune occasioni ancora una vergine di culo...basta farsi infilare cose sempre più grandi !!! baci baci baci