Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Indiana Jones and the Shrine of Sappho

He had hoped to retire quietly to the university, his appetite for adventures had long since been satisfied! His published works had made him both famous and infamous in the archaeological community with some who praised and some who scoffed!
It didn't matter to him, all he wanted to do was concentrate on his students and to be a mentor to his son.
When his son had proposed the expedition, when he had shown him the evidence, when he had laid out his reasoning it was impossible to argue that his conclusion wasn't at least possible. But it wasn't enough to motivate him to once again go in search of supposedly mythical artifacts. He declined to join the expedition but he wished his son well and asked to be kept informed of his progress.
That was over a year ago....more than nine months since he had last received a cryptic cable that they had made a significant discovery and were going to investigate.....nothing followed this message and as the anxious weeks turned into months he decided he had to act!!!
Following the extensive trail his son had mapped out he trailed the expedition through the Mediterranean region until finally landing on the Greek Island of Lesbos! It was here that the trail went cold!!!
Calling in many favors from old friends and paying  a few others led him to one man who had been on the expedition.....he found him, drunk in a back alley tavern where he had apparently taken up residence!
After some coffee and time and a promise of cash the man gave what little information he could....
They had gone deep into the islands interior where they had discovered a hidden shrine....they had tried for several days to decipher the writing that appeared above the portal that led inside, but their patience had run out and on the was a Tuesday.....the expedition of six men decided to enter the shrine in search of historical artifacts and treasures!!!!
The man recounting the story began to babble and cry and it was only after a large drink that he was able to continue....
He had remained to keep watch on the equipment just outside the shrine as the other five men cautiously entered!!! In only a few moments he heard them shrieking and screaming as if the devil himself was torturing them....and then....nothing!!!!
He waited for three days before making his own way back and had been living in the bottle ever dulled the memory of those screams.....those screams that still haunted his nightmares!!!
He reluctantly agreed to lead Indiana to the secret entrance on the condition that he wouldn't have to enter the shrine....he feared that whatever fate the prior expedition met was somehow waiting for him too!
When they arrived they found that the prior expeditions equipment was mostly left just as it was the morning they entered the shrine.....everything seemed to back up the mans story!
Indiana thought there was something familiar about the writing and after going through his notebook.....his years of notes taken from his many adventures around the world he thought that maybe he could decipher it given time.....but his son had gone in there and hadn't returned and he had to know why!
He gave the notes to his guide and set him to the task of translating what the sign said as he grabbed his hat and whip and ventured into the foreboding shrine!
The pain gripped him, pain like no other, pain that touched every part of his body and through his screams he heard the man yelling into the shrine....
"It's a warning!!!!! Come back!!!! It says no man may enter!!!! It says no man may leave!!!!"
As the transformation wracked his body with pain he felt a fog starting to cloud his mind...pleasure was his goal....pleasure was his purpose....
Suddenly he saw....the shrine was full of writhing female bodies.....each one offering pleasure to another.....their minds gone....their souls gone....and above all he saw the grinning visage of the goddess....the glowing eyes beckoning him to join them!!!!
Through sheer force of will he somehow managed to resist....he somehow managed to escape.....his son lost to the goddess of sweet soft pleasure....
When he re-emerged from the temple the drunken guide stared hard and fell to his was true...
"No man may enter, No man may leave!"

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  1. wow storia bellissima facciamoci un film...avrebbe sicuramente successo !! sei adorabile baci baci baci