Monday, January 16, 2017


She had hired a handyman, Mike, to make some small repairs around the house and of course I noticed a bulge in his tight jeans that had my full attention!!!!
I spent the day shamelessly flirting with him.....he gave me some responses that were good-natured but otherwise discouraging!!! His refusal only made me intensify my efforts.....until finally my wife intervened....
"Kaaren leave Mike alone....he has work to do!"
"I wasn't doing anything!!! I was just being friendly!!!!"
"Showing him your panties and offering to suck him as dry as the Sahara.....that's what you call being friendly?"
"Oh....I didn't think you heard that....."
"Mike please come here and show my sissy slut husband why he's wasting his time please!"
Then I understood.....


  1. sotto i pantaloni da maschio batte un cuore da femminuccia...!! baci baci baci splendido breve racconto !!

  2. Your wife might decide to have you and Mike get naughty with each other, even though you can't finish him and he's not allowed to take you all the way. She just wants to watch the two of you mess around and get very VERY frustrated.