Monday, January 2, 2017

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Young Billy was not happy even though he should have been ecstatic!!!!
As Auntie looked on his cousin took her mouth  again....she had been doing this for over an hour....every time he got near....just at the very edge....she would stop, leaving Billy gasping and thrusting into thin air!!!!
Auntie laughed as she saw him so hard and so frustrated.....
"That's all for now looks like you've gotten poor Billy into such a state!!!!"
"But Mommy I was having such fun!!!"
"You can play with your toy in the off to bed!"
"OK goodnight Mommy!"
"Goodnight Baby!"
"Time for bed for you too Billy, I want you to sleep with me tonight....I want to make sure there's no unauthorized squirties!!!! If you wake up with wet panties you'll be punished!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

1 comment:

  1. è bellissimo essere una sissy in casa di una famiglia numerosa dove tutti i componenti della famiglia vogliono a turno dormire e stare qualche ora con noi...d'altronde abbiamo fascino da vendere coi tacchi alti ed in dosso la bella lingerie femminile...siamo fascino puro !!! baci baci baci