Wednesday, June 22, 2016

After the Chores

After the chores are done I'm always looking for ways to fill the long hours till she comes home!
When the doorbell rang and I saw two strange men at the door I thought I had found my afternoon delight!!!
It turned out that they were door-to-door religion salesmen.....and I listened for a while...then I proposed an alternative viewpoint....
And later....I believe that I might have helped them to have a renewed belief.....because they were both shouting "Oh God!!!" as they took me from both ends!!!!

1 comment:

  1. le visite inaspettate e le sorprese son sempre molto gradite se poi ti portano a toccare il cielo con un dito e ti riempiono cu...ore ed anima allora ben vengano tutti i...santi giorni !!! viva i venditori porta a porta !!! baci baci baci e grazie amore sei sempre molto eccitante !!