Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Derelict

Captain Sawyer and his crew boarded the derelict ship after it crossed into the solar system! The atmosphere was normal and the artificial gravity was still working but the ship itself was least judging by the tech on board!!!
The interspatial net had finally provided the information on the ship"
Ship: Interstellar 206...Explorer 5
Crew: 3 men....Cruz. J. Captain.....LePem, P. Navigator......Cheng, F. planetary engineer....
Last contact:  Crew reported landing on Omicron Persei 8 and encountering a biological anomaly...
Reviewing the information, Captain Sawyer wondered...three men....dressed in appears that they sat and simply starved to death ....they were all found with their hands between their thighs!!!!!
He realized the danger but it was far too late!!!!!
As he shouted the evacuation order into his commlink the FemVirus was already furiously working inside their bodies....
Soon the transformation would occur....soon their sexual pleasure would come before anything....soon they would be dead....Captain Sawyer already found himself slipping his hand between his felt so felt so felt so right.....

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  1. brava amore bellissimo breve racconto e molto molto ben fatto ed erotico...è giusto che noi trav femminucce del futuro stiamo nei racconti di fantasia e fantascienza...siamo creature moderne che abbiamo in noi l'amore completo a tutto tondo !!! baci baci baci