Thursday, June 30, 2016


"Just look Sissy!!!! We put you online last night!!!! You're probably the most famous cocksucking sissy in the world right now!!!!"
"But what if my boss sees family.....oh god what if my mother sees it!!!!!!"
"I wouldn't worry about that Sissy...there's only been six million views....what are the odds?"
"Oh my god....six million people have watched me sucking that cock!!!!!"
"Actually it'll probably be seven million in a few minutes!!!! I can't believe how popular you are!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. io adoro farmi fotografare e filmare dalle telecamere e non avrei nessun timore nel mostrarmi in diretta web far cose porche come una assatanata femminuccia piena di voglie e cazzi !!! grazie amore baci baci baci