Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Every Time Now

That first time she had to make him do it!!!
She caught him wearing her panties and she made him get down on his knees and suck her boyfriends cock!!!!
She made him swallow all of that cum!!!!
She thought it would change him and it did although not how she expected!!!!!
Her brother was a total cumslut now!!!!
And worse than that....her boyfriend wanted him to suck him off....he said it was the best he ever had!!!!
She was the head cheerleader for gods sake...her boyfriend should have been kissing her ass....but all he was interested in was her sissy brother's mouth!!!!

1 comment:

  1. io sono convinta che noi trav siamo le più brave a far giochi di bocca ai maschi abbiamo la passione per fare ingoi lunghi e succulenti che ai ragazzi piacciono molto e spesso ce lo confessano che siamo le più devote ed amorevoli succhia-cazzi del mondo !!!baci baci baci