Thursday, June 9, 2016

Can't Wait to See You

"I'm so sorry I couldn't be there to meet you Mom!"
"I understand have a very important job....your husband picked me up and he's helping me get settled! We'll have plenty of time together before I leave to visit your Aunt Rose!"
"Okay Mom...I'll be home soon...just make yourself at yourself to anything you want and we'll have a nice dinner when I get home....he's a very good cook!!!"
"Maybe we'll order in Sweetie...I might be keeping him busy this afternoon!"
"Oh Mom!!!!"
"I'll see you later Sweetie....he's waiting to help me put something away!"


  1. sarebbe il mio sogno diventare sissy in casa quando sia la mamma di mia moglie e mia moglie hanno gli stessi interessi verso di me...poi se mia moglie e sua madre son anche ancora giovani ed hanno molte voglie da togliersi allora sarebbe molto bello !!! baci baci baci

  2. With a red face my MIL enjoyed me wearing a panty and bra in front of her.