Thursday, June 16, 2016


"He's so hard already still want me to suck his cock?"
"Yes I do Sissy!"
"But....why....he's ready for you now..."
"I just love to watch my sissy husband suck cocks....that's why....just like I love to spank my disobedient sissy husband if he doesn't do what I say....."


  1. Naturally, the sissy husband will get to clean them BOTH up after they do the deed. And probably STILL get spanked, even if there's no 'good' reason for it.

  2. a me mia moglie non me lo deve nemmeno chiedere io mi butto a capofitto su ogni cazzo duro che entra a casa mia con la soddisfazione massima di mia moglie e dei suoi amanti occasionali viva il cazzo bello e duro !!! baci baci baci