Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bad Influence*

When she came home from work she immediately put her husband to work to help her relieve the stress of the day!!!! She checked her mail and then her favorite Blogs....
"You know I think Sissy Kaaren's wife has it just right....from now on I want you looking pretty for me when I get can just wear one of my bra and panty sets for now, we'll go shopping to get you some things of your own soon....Are you OK with that?"
"I guess....if that's what you want..."
"Yes I think that's going to make me happy....and then we have to have a talk about which male chastity device you'd like...."
"Chastity...I'm not sure about that...."
"That's alright....I'm sure enough for both of us..."
"But I...."
"Quiet now baby I'm just keep licking....."

*inspired by an e-mail from Alyce....Good luck with your new Sissy Ma'am!!


  1. io sarò la cagnetta di mia moglie e dei suoi amanti solo se lei mi permette di vestirmi da femmina con tacchi alti e lingerie sexy solo allora potrò soddisfare come una maid-sissy tutte le voglie ed i desideri di mia moglie !! baci baci baci

  2. Love 'ignored' pics :) s