Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Public Humiliation

"You'll wear what I tell you to wear Sissy....I've read over what the court considers appropriate attire for jurors....so no makeup and no wig and no stockings....just your little black dress and your heels....you want to make sure that they know that you're the "man" on the summons!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"And smile Baby.....let them know you're glad to be there!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


  1. He still looks cute as a button!

  2. io non uso spesso ne parrucche ne trucchi solo scarpe col tacco e collant o calze auto-reggenti...pensi che al giudice possano piacere le mie scelte...!!?? baci baci baci

  3. How humiliating!! s