Sunday, June 26, 2016

To The Edge

Over and over....right at the edge of cumming and then she'd stop....only to take him back to the edge again a few minutes later!!!!
And then.....
"Times up Sissy....cold shower then back in your cage!"
"But you said...."
"I said I would release you for an hour on Sunday Sissy....and it's been an hour!"
"But I still haven't cum...."
"I don't remember saying anything about you cumming get in that shower and after your safely back in your cage we'll think of some way you can thank me for being so generous!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


  1. noi se vogliamo essere vere belle e trav femminucce non dobbiamo godere e schizzare come i maschi...noi piccole e docili trav dobbiamo gocciolare nella nostra gabbietta filamenti e gocce biancastre piano piano come un rubinetto che perde...!! gustosissima scena !!! gazie baci baci baci