Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Immortals

By the year 2151 the average human life span had reached 160 years, but real immortality was still out of reach!!! Scientists the worlds over worked on the problem year after year but to no avail!!!

Mitchell Rennie was a very rich man....possibly the richest man on any of the six worlds!!! But what good was wealth if it couldn't help him to live forever!!!! He personally funded the Immortality Project, employing only the most brilliant minds using the ultra-tech produced by his own company!!!
When he had reached 121 years old he began to fear death and urged those young scientists to work harder!
When he reached 130 he began to feel desperation!!!
At 140 he pleaded with them to save his life and at 145 they came to him with a breakthrough!!!
"It's not true's a treatment that re-writes your DNA and tricks your body into becoming a younger and we let your own natural systems assist in a kind of'll be young again...but you'll grow old again we haven't figured out how to stop the aging process!"
"But you can make me young again!!!! How young?"
"With the tests we've run you'll probably end up being, physically, somewhere between 15 and 20 years old!"
"Oh my whole life to do over again and another 150 years to search for the secret of immortality!!!! When can we begin?"
"I'd like to do some more tests first....there might be side effects....another couple of years and we should be ready."
"Are you mad, man! We'll do this just as soon as we can....get the equipment from RennieCorp and the moment you're ready we'll do it!"
"But Mr. Rennie..."
"No buts....go what I told you!"

Several months went by before they placed him in the cylinder and the process began....they watched over the next two weeks as his body grew was on the eighteenth day when it all went wrong!!!
He monitored the DNA activity while his nurse kept an eye on his vital signs.....the rest of the lab staff gathered closer to see the amazing sight!!!
"Oh my god Doctor what shall we do!!!"
"Well I warned him..."
"But Doctor what can we say to her!!!"
"She's going to be a teenage girl.....what can I possibly say!"
"Oh my god!!!!"

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  1. bellissime storie futuribili e fantasiose ma probabilmente realizzabili !! se io dovessi o potessi scegliere sceglierei di esser giovane femmina ma senza toccarmi il pisello...!! voglio essere una naturale piccola trans con piccoli seni e col bel mio fagiolo !!! baci baci baci grazie amore mi piace molto il tuo blog !!!