Monday, June 27, 2016

Special Panties

"I don't care if you're my brothers best friend! I don't want to ever catch you going through my panty drawer again!"
"I promise....I won't..."
"If you want to see my panties....all you have to do is ask!"
"Then you have to follow my pantyboy rules! First you have to smell them....breathe them in really deep......then you have to lick them clean....all my juices and there might be a couple of drops of my pee in there too......then you have to wear them in front of me and all my girlfriends and offer them the same does that sound pantyboy?"
"It sounds like pure heaven, please can I?"


  1. ti confesso che io a mia mamma e mia sorella quando ero infante andavo nel porta-biancheria ad annusare le loro mutandine e i loro collant...mi gustavo il profumo nella speranza di respirare ormoni femminili da assorbire per sognare di esser femminuccia e mi crescessero i seni acerbi dai capezzoli tondi rosei e larghi...!! grazie amore sei fantastica baci baci baci

  2. Oh, Karen you have found some great pics baby. I love to get real gg women's panties. I have bought them off the internet. I want the woman to wear them several days, masterbate thru them, and pee with them on staining the crouth with woman cunt piss. Then, when I get them I of course worship them by smelling and licking them all over. I wear them over my face and then slip them on knowing a cunt has been in them. I also buy women's used bras too. I worship the bra cups and cum in them and lick out my cum. I wear the cummy bra and piss panties like a proud sissy faggot that I am.. Sissy kisses Stephie.