Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Very Nice

"So how much?"
"Oh this one is very nice....I'll give you a thousand for her!"
"You insult me! This one is perfect! Ten thousand! You'll make your money back in a week and you know it!"

Tommy Smith had heard the rumors for months....a white slave trade going on in Chinatown! If he could get the story it would be a front page special edition!!!! How could Edna refuse his proposal once he was a famous investigative reporter!!!!
Once he started making discrete inquiries he was surprised to find the people only too happy to lead him along toward the slave ring!!!! Perhaps all he had heard about Chinatown had been wrong!!! Each person led him closer and closer to the slavers and the people had been happy and smiling when they gave him the information!!!!
He had engaged a young boy as an interpreter and together they spent many nights circling ever closer to the story that would make him famous!!!!
Finally the break came from a wizened old man who directed them to the lair of the slavers!!!! The young interpreter led him down a dark dead end street, to a warehouse that was dark and looked abandoned!
As he tried to climb to see in the window he was unaware of the four young men closing in on him until it was too late! Restrained he watched one of them pay off the lad who pocketed the money, smiled and winked at him then ran off into the night!
After that he remembered nothing until he woke in a dank was dark and quiet....and he felt so strange.....and he was bound to a table....he couldn't move....but he couldn't get past the strange feeling that his body wasn't his!!!
After some time a light came on and a Chinese man entered...
"Awake at last Mr. have been troubling me lately!"
"You must be Yan! Let me go....They'll be looking for me!!!!"
"I assure you Mr. Smith I have no intention of keeping you here....I think you will fetch a fabulous price when I sell you!!!!"
"What do you mean....sell can't sell me!!!!"
"Perhaps I should show you what we have done while you slept! Look into this mirror!!!!"
"What!!!!!! Oh My God!!!! What have you done to me!!!!!"
"I have upgraded you into top shelf merchandise Mr. Smith!!!! Oh that seems wrong for you now....I think your name shall be....Jasmine....that seems to suit you!!!"
"Get some rest're due to be sold tomorrow....Mr. Ling runs the largest chain of whore house in Shanghai and I'm sure he'll pay top dollar for you!!!
Yan walked away smiling as the new slave screamed behind him!!!

"Alright eight thousand and we've got a deal!"
"She's all yours....she'll need to be broken in before you can use her you know."
"I have a staff that will take care of that for me....she will be servicing my clients within a week!!!!"


  1. che storia fantastica...poi quando si cita il bordello io mi eccito al solo pensiero di poter essere lì a lavorare...ho sempre sognato di stare in un bordello vestita succinta e con gli uomini e le donne che mi scelgono per il mio corpicino bello e la mia sensualità...e poi su nella stanza a far cose porche e belle sempre diverse...!! grazie amore baci baci baci


    1. Mi piace anche l'idea di essere una puttana in un brithel .... Mi piacerebbe essere sdraiato ib un letto grande e solo waitinfg per vedere wheteher il mio prossimo "ghuest" era un uomo o una donna !!!! Ha importanza ... la mia bocca ha sete di entrambi !!!!