Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Got the Message

"Okay Sissy, remember to tell your wife I stopped by to see her!"
"Yes sir...I will!"
"You can tell her that I had something for her but I gave it to you instead!"
"Yes sir....thank you Sir!"
I don't really know why he would come by so early to see her....he knows she's rarely home before 6...
Oh....maybe I do know....


  1. wow che breve storia fantastica la sissy-maid sola in casa con un amante che con la scusa di andare a trovare la sua amante lascia il suo messaggio d'amore alla bella femminuccia di famiglia...!! meravigliosa scena meravigliose fantasie meravigliose voglie che mi hai fatto venire !!! baci baci baci

  2. After a few times of his visiting during the afternoon I began to figure out that he loved my sissy ways and treating me as such. Encouraged me more to perfect my feminine side.