Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's What She Liked Best

She loved coming home from work to a clean house...her sissy maid always did a wonderful job of keeping everything tidy!!!! And she was a firm believer in rewarding good work.....


  1. Hi Kaaren. Its been too long. This image is just dreamy. SIGH!

    1. Hi Jo....I've been keeping up with your wonderful blog but I have missed your comments!!!! Good to know you haven't forgotten me!!!!

      Love and kisses

  2. Just look at that cutie pie maid outfit. It makes my clity cockey so hard just looking at this pic, Karen. The lacey ruffles on the straps screams sissiness. The short skirt is so perfect and the way she is holding it down is so darling. It just brings out all those wonderful tingling homo queer sissy faggy feelings that I love so much. I can just imagine wearing it with a pair of heels and prissing around the room, swishing my ass, saying in a my most faggiest voice, "I'm a sissy fag, I suck cock, cum on my face, fuck my ass pussy, stick that strap on up my ass pussy and fuck my ass hard. I'm so queer and homo and I love it. I wear bras and panties like a girlly girl, but I have a little cocky and I'm a queer boi. Don't you think I'm a cuttie pie slutty faggott". Oh, that would be heaven. Sissy Kisses to you Karen for this pic. Stephie

  3. io non vedo l'ora che torni la mia moglie e padrona a casa dopo il lavoro per vedere la casa tutta in ordine e la cena pronta...questo la invoglia ad essere contenta e a farmi tanti bei regali...sono la sua sissy-maid preferita e i suoi regali son sempre più grossi e grandi...la settimana scorsa si è comprata un cazzo da cavallo nero...!! grazie amore baci baci baci