Thursday, June 9, 2016

After a Few Moments

After a few moments their wives laughter faded as the sissies kiss became more and more passionate!
Neither of the sissies had ever had any urge to kiss another man but at their wives insistence they had momentarily touched their lips together and in that instant they knew!!!!
This was different...neither one thought of themselves as a man and so this kiss was different and wonderful!!! They could do this all night even though it was making both of them a little uncomfortable as their little clitties swelled up to press on the hard plastic of their chastity cages!!!!
Soon their wives would have other uses for their lips and tongues but they had both learned something new about themselves!!!!

This post was inspired by my friend Thrones story "Locked Sissy Sisters" It's well worth reading!!!


  1. i morbidi baci le leggere carezze con la lingua e le dolci e leggere mani sui nostri corpi in lingerie sexy femminile son cose meravigliose eccitanti...scambiarsi i sentimenti con le lingue la saliva le labbra a me fa impazzire di piacere ed il mio piccolo clitoride moscio in questi bei momenti si accende e si lascia toccare con piacere piccante !!! grazie amore baci baci baci

  2. Big thanks for the mention and the link. This sort of thing keeps happening in my Sissy Sister stories. Go figure.