Sunday, June 26, 2016

Two Hands

When you need two hands to hold that's a real man.....I'm glad for the opportunity to have him even for a few minutes before he goes to bed with my reminds me why she never wants my little caged reminds me of my place as her sissy cuckold!!!!


  1. My wife knows how much I love holding a real man's cock. To feel the size and weight which I was never able to do with my own. I love the times when I am permitted to touch her different lovers and maybe give them a quick lick and suck. I have some good sized hands and when the lover's cock is a two fister that is a nice cock. Some I get so jealous that she will have all the fun.

  2. quando un uomo ha il tempo e la passione per farselo prendere teneramente tra le mani allora è un uomo che sa quanto a noi piaccia il cazzo il suo sapore il suo gusto come ci piace sentirlo crescere venoso duro allungarsi e aprirsi bene sotto i colpi della nostra vorace lingua delle nostre calde e morbide starei solo a fare quello mi piace da morire !!! baci baci baci e grazie amore mi fai sempre accendere di desideri