Monday, June 30, 2014

You Have Such A Pretty Mouth Sissy

You have such a pretty mouth sissy. I can't wait to see you on your knees with my boyfriends big cock between those pretty red lips. Fucking your mouth, making you swallow his hot creamy cum! Won't that be wonderful Sissy?

Monday ManCandy

After a workout it's very important to replenish your body's protein and there's no better way than a hot, creamy serving of ManCandy! As any woman or Sissy will tell you ManCandy is usually available in any co-ed a matter of fact it's almost unavoidable!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

There's Such A Simple Beauty

There's just a simple beauty in this...every time I saw this type of scene I always imagined myself in the female role giving, never receiving! What about all of you? Giving or receiving?

Truth In Advertising...

How did the old jingle go?
Two all beef patties, special sauce on a sesame seed bun....
Special Sauce mystery solved!!!


Sunday is a day I like to reserve to get down on my knees and spend some time doing worship!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


After the fourth man propositioned me in the club I sought out my wife who was also enjoying some male attentions!
She looked at me as I came urgently toward her.
"Is everything OK Kaaren?"
As I pulled her close and kissed her, ignoring all the stupid male remarks and noises,  I looked deep into her eyes!
"Everything is wonderful, thank you so much!"
She smoothed my hair and gave me a little push.
"Go ahead Sissy, indulge yourself for now, you'll be spending the night between my legs later!"

Honestly Kaaren

Honestly Kaaren what makes you think people are staring at you?
Your dress?
I picked it out for you myself...I think you look adorable in it!
No Sissy get over yourself! They're probably whistling at me!!!


"Oh Hi...yes we're doing OK but there's one little problem..."
"Well Sissy told me that you always removed the cage before his bath"
"Hmmm, you don't....well Sissy fooled me completely!"
"Oh yes...hard as a rock!"
"Well he's a little busy right now!"
"Oh yes the best I ever had!"
"Well...Sissy doesn't fit back into her cage and I was wondering..."
"Really? A bowl of ice cubes! I guess that would do it!"
"Spank her! Really! I mean I know Sissy lied to me but maybe that could wait till you get home?"
""You'll show me thanks I'd really like to see that!"
"Okay I'll see you soon! I'll get that bowl of ice in a few minutes!!!!"
"Okay Ma'am, I'll see you soon."

"Sissy, get busy, you are in serious trouble!!!!!"

Friday, June 27, 2014

Not The First

The mailroom clerk couldn't believe his luck when the two female executives stopped by to talk! In no time at all he found himself on his knees between her legs! Normally he would be thrilled but he could tell he wasn't the first one between her legs today! As he felt the others feet pushing him he leaned forward and discovered something about himself as he savored the delicious cream mixed with her juices!!!!

Aren't You Done

"Aren't you done fussing yet Sissy? You've been straightening my stockings for ages!"
"I just want my beautiful wife to look perfect when your date arrives sweetheart!"
"I'm sure he'll be pleased with the lingerie you picked out Sissy but he's unlikely to notice a crooked stocking while he's sliding that big cock into me!"
"He may not notice, but I will! It'll just be a few more seconds...please?"
"Indulge yourself Sissy! Then make sure you freshen your lipstick! You know how he loves to see your bright red lips on his cock!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Couldn't Make It Clearer

I couldn't make it clearer, I give her my submission and she gives me the world!!!

Two Years

In High School I took Ballet for two years after a kind counselor took pity on me as I was being mercilessly bullied by the boys and the teacher in gym class!
I never really got to be the ballerina I would have loved to be but I watched them and learned their moves and did their dances when I was alone. One of the girls thought it would be funny to give me a tutu and everyone laughed but I couldn't have been happier! Those two years taught me how I could do things with my body I wouldn't have thought possible!

Those two years taught me I could do a lot of things I hadn't thought possible!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Good For You Sissy!

Good for you Sissy! You've finally moved up to the "Big Girl's" plug! I'm so proud of you!!!

We're All Out

"We're all out of lube Sissy so I was going to get some margarine or maybe butter when I had this thought! Who doesn't like ice cream! First you can lick it off my black cock and then  some nice cold ice cream in your hot little sissy pussy while I fuck you all night long!!!"
"Can I have chocolate?"
"You can have what you want as long as I get what I want Sissy!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Excuse Me

Excuse me, where can I find the sexual lubricants, my Sissy is moving up a size in butt plugs and I'd like to help her make the transition painlessly! Perhaps you'd like to come watch? Let me give you our address!

I Can't Believe

I can't believe how natural you look with a cock in your mouth Kaaren! I'm so glad you enjoy it because I love to watch you do it!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lunch Date

"Our reservation at the restaurant is in 15 minutes Sissy! You can have your "appetizer" for a minute or two more then we have to go!"
I love to go out with her but I was still disappointed! Next time I'd meet her much earlier!

Monday ManCandy

Just look at that smile, that's the smile of someone with a nice tasty load of ManCandy making it's way to a hungry tummy! A warm creamy dose of ManCandy and a cup of coffee and she's ready to face a new week!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lazy Sunday

On Sunday she likes to just relax and catch up on her reading! 

When She Says - Sissy Training

When she says "I want you to fuck me" to a sissy it never ever means that sissy's little clit is involved!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Small Town Girls

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called loved it when they had the house to themselves! Joanie's parents and sister had gone shopping for the day into the city and wouldn't be back till after dark! Tammy was there in no time and soon they were wearing Joanie's sisters pretty lingerie! After admiring each other they fell into each others arms and slipped their hands into each others soft silky panties to find how much they desired each other...

As I Did The Best I Could

As I did the best I could I realized I could do little more than wet the tip! How she could take this monster inside her I had no idea! She could barely feel me before and now...if she ever allowed me to have sex with her she wouldn't feel me at all!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Young Billy Was Not Happy

It was bad enough that Auntie had made him go to her hair salon, then she had told him that he must wear lipstick because his lips were too pale! But the final indignity was making him wear his cousins dress to school!
When he looked up and saw the class bully blowing him a kiss he thought that maybe the dress wasn't actually the "final" indignity he'd face today!!!

Here I Go Again!!!

Google + has suspended my account! I got this e-mail yesterday!

Dear Kaaren Sissy,
You've recently been violating the Google+ User Content and Conduct policies.
Pornography or sexually explicit content are not allowed in your profile, posts, comments, photos, or anywhere else on Google+.
Please review our policies to avoid violating them in the future.
If you continue to violate our policies, you may lose the ability to use some or all features of Google+ and other Google services. Learn more
We're all in this together. Let's make Google+ a place where we all want to hang out.
The Google+ team.

This is  exactly the same thing that happened to my SissyKaaren account! I'm trying one last time yo salvage the account but I just don't know....

Maybe am apology....
I'm sorry Google+ can I please have my account back?!?!?!?

Oh Poor Sissy

"Oh poor Sissy, how long has it been now,,,a week?"
"Almost three months!"
"Really! it seems like yesterday you were squirting all over the room!"
 "It's been so long!"
"Well I think another little while will be good for you...don't you agree Sissy?"
"I...ummm....well I...."
"Did I mention how cute your little clit is all locked away in its little cage?"
"Cat got your tongue Sissy? I think we should maybe wait another little while before we let you cum, don't you agree??
"Whatever you think is best sweetheart!"

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just Relax Sissy

Just relax Sissy, you're clenching your muscles and I'll never get in that sweet ass that way! Put your tongue back in your wife's ass and taste my cum leaking out...honestly Sissy if I can get in her ass I should certainly be able to get into yours!

I Watched

I watched as that big black cock pounded her, stretching her, changing her mind forever about what a cock is!!!
As I watch I wonder...what must he feel like...inside you...thrusting in over and over...relentlessly seeking his pleasure from your yielding body...your nerve ends aflame...stretched to your limit...pleasure overwhelming pain....feeling him deep inside you as his balls hit your bottom...then feeling the iron hard length of him withdraw leaving a void in you that he fills a moment he groans and fucks you...building, always building to that glorious moment when he fills you with his hot white cream....
But he's in her, not me....and all I can hope for is the taste of him when I lick her after he's done....but a Sissy can dream!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Thought We Had An Agreement

I thought we had an agreement! You were going to tell me when you felt like you were getting close! I was only supposed to get you hard! She's going to be so mad at me! Quick put it in my mouth and I'll try to get you hard again! You know what they say...the third time's the charm!

The Sissy's Dilemma

Mens Room or Ladies Room?
Well the line at the ladies room convinced me that the mens room was the best idea! However I still sat like a good sissy was when he pushed the door open that I realized I had forgotten to lock it!
Soon a line was forming at the locked mens room door and all the waiting men could hear were murmured sounds and the occasional gasp of "Oh yeah!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

As I Followed Her

As I followed her I was wracking my brain trying to think of what I had done this time! It had to be something because she was going to start with the hairbrush and she was going up the stairs two at a time ahead of me! My bottom was already tingling and I was pretty sure I wouldn't be sitting comfortably for a couple of days!
I was also so incredibly turned on I could hardly wait!!!!

Thank Goofness For the Sunshine!

Those in the know always go down to Sissy Corner in the park! The sissies have been cooped up all winter and are ready for some fun in the sun!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Okay Sissy

Okay Sissy, everything looks like it's in proper order! Now go put on your maids uniform and remember to include some tight frilly panties...I want this plug held in place till I get home!

Monday ManCandy

Everyone stand back....this Sissy has passed out and needs to be revived!
What better way to revive someone than with a good healthy dose of ManCandy! So good and healthy for you, it's the perfect start to the week!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Her Book Club Meeting

It was her turn to host her "Book Club" and I served them several bottles of wine! As I returned to the kitchen I overheard them talking!
"Are you sure your Sissy is the best?"
""I'll have to try him...hahaha...her out before I'll believe you!"
"Yeah let us try out this magic tongue you're always telling us about!"
"Okay girls, line up behind me....Sissy come in here please I need you right now!"
I took a long drink, smoothed down my dress and prepared to be on my knees for quite a while!

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all you sweet and sexy Daddy's out there!

I Can Tell

If you do this often enough you can just tell! She was cumming and he was close! My mouth was watering! Soon it would be my turn! I could hardly wait to start licking and sucking!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

She Was Right!

She was right, her pretty panties were soaked and there was a lot of cum to clean up! But it was wonderful and mixed with the taste of her I couldn't think of anything better!

The Buddy System - Sissy Training

If you get one can the other be far behind!
Sissy don't you enjoy your friends hot silky tongue against your little clit? Don't you think it's only fair that you do the same for him? You will Sissy, you will because you know deep down that you should have a nice cock in your mouth! Before this night is done you'll be begging for it!

Isn't It Beautiful

Isn't it beautiful Kaaren? So stiff and so big! Don't you want to wrap your lips around him Sissy? I can see it in your eyes...maybe when I'm done he'll let you suck him...if you ask him really nicely!

Friday, June 13, 2014

I See You

I see you watching me know I'm going out after work...I told you this days ago! Don't pout Sissy, why don't you come in and kiss my bottom while I get ready, I know you enjoy that!
And if you kiss my ass now I'll bring you a creamy treat when I come home!

Somehow Familiar

My blindfold in place I couldn't know who he was! She had only told me that I knew him well! When he touched me I knew I had felt those hands before!
Then I remembered!
High School dance class, he was always offering to practice with me! I became very used to having his hands on me! When he tried to kiss me I was so confused that I rejected him! Hiding his hurt and disappointment he sadly said "Maybe one day...."!
As his hands caressed me I leaned toward him, "Maybe today..." I whispered!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


When my wifes best friend invired us to the premiere of her play "Pussy Worship" I have to admit I was expecting something entirely different!!!

About This Summer Sissy

I'm sorry Sissy but I'm going to be very busy at work this summer, so I was thinking that you might enjoy a little vacation of your own
I have a friend who runs a kind of resort for sissies, you'll get to be out in the fresh air and no one will bother you about what you're wearing! In fact most of the time your clothing will be provided for you and it's all included with your room and meals!
You'll be out in the sun getting some healthy exercise while I'm stuck here in a stuffy office with nothing but the occasional man to pleasure me! It would only be until August Sissy, then we can go on vacation together!
Doesn't that sound nice?
The place even has a cute name..."Baby Pony Ranch"! I think you'll love it!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lots of Lipstick Sissy

Look at you Sissy! This is why you have to use lots of've only sucked two cocks and it's already almost gone! My goodness Sissy what would you do without me to help you!

Bring It Kaaren

Kaaren, bring a couple of glasses of wine to the bedroom for us...make sure you're wearing something know how he likes you to look pretty! Maybe this time he'll let you suck his cock!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

That Nosy Reporter

"Hahahaha Igor! It worked!!!! When that nosy reporter wakes up he'll be completely transformed into a beautiful sissy slut!!!"
"Now pass me that jar! Once I inject him with formula X, not only will he be a sissy slut; he'll be a sissy slut with a fetish for short men and hunchbacks!!!"
Maniacal laughter echoed in the night!!!!

A Little Extra!

Sometimes she dates older gentlemen who are in need of a lot of "encouragement". Some of them seem to need that little bit extra when I'm fluffing them! I have to be careful though! One gent I misjudged and when he came in my mouth he nearly blew my head off!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sissy School - Dean of Discipline

"I just don't know what to do with you three....I would expel you but I fear what you would do if you were loose in the world!"
"Stop that snickering right now!"
"Sissy Kaaren your disciplinary file is so big we had to open a second volume! And your friend Leeanne here has gone from an honor student to a regular visitor to my office!"
"Dammit I said stop that giggling! The two of you should be ashamed of yourselves! How on earth are you ever going to serve as someones Sissy if you can't obey simple rules?"
"Then we come to young Sissy Jo! We had high hopes that her innocence would be a good influence on you two, that's why we put her in your dorm room! Imagine our surprise when just the opposite happened! For goodness sakes I had her in here just the other day and as I spanked her all she did was ask me for more and to go harder!!!!"
"Now all of you! Stop that laughing this instant!!!!"
""'re already all in position so it'll be ten of the best with the paddle for each of you...and I don't want to hear a word out of any of you about more or harder!"
"And stop that laughing!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Some would consider this second-hand or used ManCandy, we prefer to think of it as "Added Flavor ManCandy". The trick is to get your tongue in their while it's hot! Your wife will appreciate it and you'll get to taste her and her friend all day!!!
ManCandy the perfect start for your week!!!