Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Hump Day

It;s been a busy week and on Hump Day there's still as much in front of you as there is behind you!!!


"I warned you didn't I? I told you what would happen if I caught you wearing my clothes again little Bro....or should I say little Sis..."
"I'm sorry, I promise it won't happen again!"
"You said the same thing last let me tell you what's going to happen....I'm going to invite all my girlfriends to come over to meet my new little Sister....and I'm going to tell them to bring their boyfriends too!!!! And you are going to be dressed up and made up like a little'll be a little whore for us....I'll auction off your mouth and ass to the highest bidder!!!! What do you think of that?"
"You'd do this to me....your own brother?":
"I will!!!!"
"Do we split the money 50/50?"
"Oh my're already a whore....this is going to be such fun!!!!"

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Takes Me Back

I love when she fusses with my dress and petticoats like takes me all the way back to my first brush with femininity.....after all these years, I still remember it so vividly!!!


" it for me.....just this one time....suck his'll be our little secret....just like you wearing my underwear....I'll never tell anyone....well...except Cindy....but she promised to never tell anyone...."

Monday, March 29, 2021


"Don't be shy Sissy....I know you've been wearing my I just want to measure you so we can get you some of your own....every boy should have a pretty bra that fits him properly!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Sometimes it's just too early.....
But thank goodness for the snooze alarm....after it fills your mouth the first time it pauses ten minutes and fills your mouth again!!!
ManCandy!!!! Worth waking up to....more than once!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

When I returned to school this time I carried a particularly scathing letter from my wife....she was very unhappy with me and I was sent for correction to the spiritual leader of our school...Sister Mary Fellatrix!!!
"So Sissy did you commit all of these acts of perversion and debauchery in your poor wife's house?"
"Yes Sister...."
"You had a contest to see who would orgasm faster in your mouth...and you invited all her neighbors?"
"Yes Sister..."
"You spread your legs and let a roomful of men penetrate you!!!!"
"Yes Sister..."
"You corrupted several neighborhood women with your talented tongue?""
"Yes Sister..."
"It seems you had a busy weekend Sissy....I'm going to have to spank you extra hard...."
"Yes Sister...."
"Is there anything you have to say for yourself before the punishment begins?"
"All I have to say is....I can't wait to do it again next weekend!!!!"


After the ceremony....
After the best man....
After the ushers....
After the justice of the peace....
Finally it was her new husbands turn....
And he fulfilled his obligation to her....
Maybe she would release him from his chastity on the Honeymoon....

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Saturday Matinee - In The Beginning

Together....they walked own the deserted beach....not a sound to be heard other than the soft sound of the surf and the soft sea breeze blowing past them....
As far as they knew they were alone....the only man and woman on this planet...they were the masters of this world... 
"Do you think that maybe today...."
"No, I don't think so...maybe tomorrow...."
"But that's what you said yesterday...."
"You don't have to tell me what I said yesterday....I can clearly remember what I said yesterday!!!"
"Please....I didn't mean to make you angry..."
"I'm not angry with you....I'm angry about this whole situation!!!"
"Maybe if you talked about it...."
"I'm sick of talking about it...."
"What else can we do?"
"We can start over....and maybe get it right this time!!!"
"You want to rebuild the whole world...."
"I think it's our duty to restart the human race...and we won't make the same mistakes again..."
"Like what?"
"Well to start of us has to be in charge and it's going to be me....after all I'm the stronger one of us...."
"Wait a minute....I'm the stronger one....I should be in charge!!!"
" didn't seem that strong when I caught you abusing yourself the other looked absolutely pathetic...."
"I only did that because you wouldn't...."
"Wouldn't and won't until I think it's time....remember that....still think you're stronger than me?"
"Alright  you are in charge....but shouldn't we know....repopulating the world...."
"We will....soon...."
"When....please....I need to know when...."
"You're whining bitch....I said I'd tell you when...."
"But I'm going crazy.....I need you to tell me when we'll do it...."
"You want me to tell you the truth....can you handle the truth?"
"When I remember where I put the keys to your cage....when that happens we'll get started....until then I don't want to hear about it!!!!"



Tell the truth....the first time that you held a real cock in your hand you thought he had to be some kind of'd been holding yours with two fingers for your whole life!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2021


It's wonderful to just spend some time together.....just us....making each other happy!!!

Even Now

Even now...after all these years...I still get that little naughty thrill of sneaking a sniff of her's that whole forbidden fruit thing....and I would still just die if she caught me!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2021


It's always seemed kind of funny to me....while I kneel and watch her and her lover enjoy each others bodies....she can swallow his whole cock but she just can't wink at me no matter how many times she's tried!!!!











Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Thirty Seconds

 Maybe I could last thirty seconds like this....that's why she stops after fifteen seconds and applies the ice pack!!!!
Then we'll go again....and again....and again....until either the ice all melts or I'm crying...usually both....
Then safely back into the cage where she can't touch it anymore....thank god!!!!

Hump Day

 Sometimes your Hump Day results exceed your Hump Day expectations!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A Good Book

As you all probably know already....I love books....I love to lose myself in a well written book....some take me into the future and some take me into the past....
It really takes something special to distract me from a good book...

Not The First Time

 Let's be honest about it.....getting the vaccine was not anywhere near the first time I was penetrated by by her doctor....

Monday, March 22, 2021


"Recognized you right away in the bar...."
I've got a memorable face...."
"And you really don't remember me?"
"No Sweetheart....I'm sure I'd remember a sweet babe like you..."
"Well....when we met I wasn't such a "sweet babe"....I've changed a lot..."
"But you're a sweet babe do me like you said you would...."
"Oh yeah Baby....I've wanted to do this for years.....are you ready?"
"I am so ready Baby...."
"Alright then....after I'm done I want you to shout out "Thank You Sissy"....just like when you and your friends made me thank you for the beatings....."
"Wait are you.....arrrrrrrghhhh"

Monday ManCandy

It's really not on my way....but I'll always go a few extra miles to get the best coffee in town!!!
Sure there's always a line and sometimes it seems like you have to wait forever to get in but it's always worth it....
And the trick I've found is to always ask for it light....usually they have to bring in a fresh barista for that!!!
ManCandy!!! It makes everything taste better!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

First Time

Although it wasn't the first time he tried on his daughters old Halloween was the first time he tried on her heels too....he realized that he'd need practice....a lot of the the clothes....a lot of practice!!!!

Sunday Brunch

 The success of a formal brunch lies in the presentation of the food and should be tasty, diverse and plentiful.....there should be something for everyone to enjoy...and a sissy maid should look her best and be available to serving time allows!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Virgin Sacrifice

Dangling over the stormy seas the sacrifice was strangely silent...
So much so that some of the villagers threw stones and sticks to make her no avail...
Even though the silence was fact it was completely unique...the dragon was nearby...watching...
"Make her scream, make her scream...." the crowd upon the cliff chanted, "She must scream for the monster to come!!!"
But the dangling victim remained silent... 
The dragon was intrigued by the scene playing out before him....he had never had a sacrifice that didn't at least wail a little over the cruel end that was so near...
The crowd grew more agitated....
"Haul her up and break her bones....then she'll scream for sure!!!"
The Dragon didn't like jagged broken bones and knew it was time to make his presence known. He burst through the choppy waters causing a great wave that almost washed some off the cliff....soaking the sacrifice in the icy waters...still she did not scream!!!
The mere appearance of the dragon was enough to terrify the villagers and they ran back to their homes to wait for morning....when it would be done...
The dragon immediately took the sacrifices legs into its wet slavering maw and still there was not a sound...
The dragon was more curious than hungry and backed off to consider the situation.
"Girl....why do you not scream and beg me for mercy?" the dragon said in his deep voice.
Receiving no answer the dragon tried once more...
"My teeth will rend your flesh and the pain will be more than you can imagine....why do you not scream?"
Still nothing was said in reply.
"I could devour you slowly....making the pain go on for that what you wish..."
"Do as you will....I care not what happens to this body...."
"Oh I're one of those religious ones that's looking forward to Paradise in the afterlife....let me enlighten you...."
"No I'm not religious....I don't believe in an afterlife...."
"I have lived many centuries mortal and no sacrifice has intrigued me thus in all that time...why aren't you afraid to be eaten alive?"
"I fear you Master Dragon....of course I do....but I care not what happens to this body because it isn't mine...."
"You speak in riddles....maybe this is a game to gain a few more minutes....if I bit off a leg I'm sure I'd hear a satisfying scream...."
"I tell you again Master Dragon...have at body has already been destroyed by my own people....I have no love for this one....I will not mourn it nor will anyone else..."
"You have no family to mourn you?"
"Yes I have a family Master Dragon.....I have a wife that doesn't love me and children who have been taught to hate me...."
"I don't is it that you have a wife.....another woman like yourself...I mean I understand and have seen it many times over the centuries but I have never known a woman to have a wife.....and if two women could there be children...."
"It's very simple Master week ago my wife gave me a healing potion to drink for a minor ailment .....and I writhed in agony as it changed me from the strong and handsome man I was into the frail woman hanging here seems my wife loved another and needed to get rid of me....."
"Wait a're telling me that you're a man hidden inside the flesh of a woman!!!"
"That's the truth Master Dragon....until several days ago I was a man and now that they've stolen that from me, I welcome do what you came to do and end my misery!"
The dragon gagged and spit on the cliff....
"You mean to tell me I've had a my mouth....that is.....I can't...." and the dragon began retching and spitting again....
"I mean I'm not the kind of dragon that eats men....I have a cousin near the western coast of the America's who loves to eat men....but I never have.....what will I do if the other dragons find out that I ate a man....I couldn't bear the humiliation...."
"But who will know other than you and I, Master Dragon and I'll be in your belly and, surely, you'd never say so!!!"
"I assure will NOT be in my belly today or ever....I will not have others whispering about me eating men....I love women....they are so tasty....I should have known....there was a gamy flavor about you...."
"Then what will happen to me.....the village chose me as a sacrifice....I cannot go back and live among them....not only as a woman...but as a woman refused by the dread dragon..."
"We have both been tricked and betrayed....I'm of a mind to destroy the village and feast on the denizens thereof.....would you join me in seeking their destruction?"
"If you would start with my former wife and vile children....I would gladly be at your side while you seek redress for the base betrayal of both our trusts...."
"It would seem that for the first time in my life I have a mortal friend....we shall live side by would be almost like I have taken you to least I'd have to insist that would be what you tell anyone you might speak to....what shall I call you mortal?"
"My name no longer suits me what you wish...."
"Well you may know my secret name....but it may never be divulged to you so swear to hold my secret....unto death?"
"I do Friend Dragon...."
"Heh....Friend one has ever called me true secret name is....Daryl!!!"
"Yes....and I shall call you Dee after the first shall we go and have our bloody vengeance.....I'm getting really hungry...."
"Yes Daryl.....let us go forth and kill the bastards who did this to us!!!!"
The night rang out with screams of anguish....and now the dragon was happy....he liked his food to scream!!!!!

Spot The Sissy

There were dozens of women at the fundraiser.....and one had brought her sissy husband....he was easy to pick out....all of the women had some self-respect, while the sissy had none!!!

Friday, March 19, 2021

The Twins

Ever since Daddy had left...the twins had been receiving all their instructions from their stepmother.....and it was all so good!!!!

A Small Prick

So when she came toward me and told me to get my clothing out of the way I knew what was coming....
"It's just a small prick...."
No one knows more about a small prick than me.....
But even as she pushed that small prick inside me I winced for a moment and then relaxed and was grateful that she had done this to me....
I was vaccinated!!!!


Thursday, March 18, 2021


"Just get used to it's what your mouth is for!!!!"


"I told you Sweetheart....I'm a virgin and I want to save myself for marriage...."
"But what about me?!?!?"
"Well if I'm not having sex before marriage and now neither are you!!!!"
"But what about last night?"
" eating me out doesn't really count as sex...."
"But what about me?!?!?"
"You're perfect just the way you are!!!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Hump Day

 On Hump Day you realize you wouldn't be where you are without your friends!!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day

"Go ahead Sissy.....kiss it for good luck!!! It definitely tastes better than corned beef and cabbage!!!!"

Tuesday, March 16, 2021


"Stacy, do you mind keeping Sissy company while I fuck my gentleman caller?"
"Oh no....not at all....I will keep Sissy go on and have fun...."
"Remember Stacy, no sissy cummies...."
"Of course not....but I think Sissy may get close....more than once...."


It really is wonderful to live with a woman who enjoys sharing her lovers....
And it's wonderful when one of her lovers likes to share....
I really wish this happened more often!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2021


"Your wife has a lovely mouth Sissy....I can't wait to see those lips wrapped around my hard you want to watch Sissy?" 
"Do you want to watch as your beautiful wife sucks my cock as deep as it will go....."
"Do you want to hear her gag as she takes me in her throat...."
"I bet you'd rather it was you....but that just makes it and I use your wife to satisfy my urges and ignore your desires...."
All I could think of was how much we both wished he would just get on with it....every time with this guy....just blah, blah, blah....and honestly....he just wasn't that big and he didn't last very long either!!!

Monday ManCandy

I was once told that it tasted just like hot chocolate!!!
That wasn't true at was so much better!!!
Hot chocolate warms you for a few minutes but this creamy treat warms your tummy all day!!!
Beware of attempts to improve could you possibly improve on perfection!!!
ManCandy!!! I'll take the original formula, thank you!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Vist Home

All of my wife's friends were fascinated when I did a presentation of what I had learned in sissy school....however when I called on my wife's boyfriend to volunteer my wife decided that the demonstration was over....
She told me that the pink bus was on its way and I'd better get ready to go back to school....
The ladies were disappointed but I promised them a live demonstration next time!!!



 She made sure he was nice and wet so he could slide it inside me....
Later I'll do the same for her...
That's what sissy friends are for!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Saturday Matinee - Don't Get Them Wet

"Oh my god.....Henry is that you?"
"Thank god you're here have to help me!!!"
"What have you done!!! Is that my mother's spellbook? What are these things???"
"Please just try to pull them away from me till I can get myself under control....please hold them back until......oh my I go again.....ohmygodohmygodohmygod.....oooooohhhh"
"Henry....there's another one coming through the screen....what does it mean???"
"It's the spell Phyllis....I was just fooling around.....I saw it was a transformation spell....all I had to do was recite the spell and think of the person I wanted to be.....and I decided I wanted to be the sluttiest girl I ever knew....and suddenly I was her.....and then the first of these things came into the room and grabbed me and began....using me.....and when I had an orgasm....which was just fantastic....another one came through and then another and another...please if I can just stop having orgasms they'll fade away.....I should have read through the whole spell...."
"I've warned you about the black magic in that book didn't I but did you listen to me....oh still had to try it....and now look at've become a slut for demonic imps!!!"
"Please Phyllis....spare me the lecture....I'm getting close again to....letting another creature to come through...."
"What can I do to help you....."
"Hold them off for a minute so I can get out of the room....if I can get away from their wonderful sexual abilities for an hour they'll go back where they came from....they feed on my orgasms.....if I was still a man this wouldn't be a problem....I'd have one or two and by the time I woke they'd be gone....damn this feminine body!!!"
Between the two of them they got out of the room and Phyllis stayed behind to guard the door....
All was going well as the imps turned their attention to Phyllis.....
After fifteen minutes she noticed another coming through the screen!!!!
"What the hell.....hey what are you doing out there....another one just turned up!!!!"
"Sorry....that was the last one....I promise!!!!"
But the humming sound of the vibrator made Phyllis wonder just how many imps could fit in this room!!!


Sometimes I wonder what he's thinking as he recovers beneath her....then I get my first taste and I really don't care anymore....

Friday, March 12, 2021


"Goodness Sissy....I can't believe you're not ready yet!!!! You're going to have to learn to do this yourself....for goodness friends are waiting!!!!"









Board Games

My wife's work assistant has kind of moved in with us since the's alright with me....I love her too....but not like I love my wife....I want to make that clear....yes Stacy is a keyholder for my chastity and she really loves using the's still not cheating on my part because she has received all her permissions from my wife and I have agreed....
Now on cold nights we play games....sometimes we pull old board games out of the basement that we haven't played in's fun when I land on Boardwalk and can't afford to pay the rent and I have to work it out some way....
But it all pales compared to the games we used to play....none of those board games are as good as the "who can make him cum first!" game....
Maybe after the vaccine we'll be able to do it again....

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Then Tell Me

"Suck it Sissy....then tell me how much you want it inside you...."

I Love It

"Let me get a look at you Sissy..."
"You look've done such a good job with your hair and makeup...."
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"And I love your little dress.....and the stockings are just perfect!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"But there's something missing Sissy...." 
"I was just going to go get my panties Ma'am...."
"That's I can pull them down while I spank you for not putting your little clit back in it's cage...."

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

It's Crazy

 I know it's crazy.....but I always find men....real men....real men wearing panties just such a turn on!!!!
He'd never dream of being a sissy cocksucker, like me, but he enjoys the soft silks and satins of the panties....
He'd never dream of wearing a bra or stockings but wearing the panties turns him on....
But he doesn't mind a sissy who just can't resist a lovely cock peeking out of pretty panties....after all he's not the one sucking cock here....

Hump Day

Just a thought for Hump Day... 
Even though it's not hard for you....that doesn't mean that it's not hard for someone else!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

So Cute

The cutest thing is that he really really thought it was my wife's feet....
I didn't tell her till later that there was a reason he was grinning at her like that!!!


Waking up with "morning wood" has a completely different meaning in our house....and I think it's just the way things should be!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Best Part

"And then I walked into the bedroom and there he was with the maid....but that wasn't the best part...."
"With the maid!!!! What did you do ?"
"Well there they were on our bed and she was moaning and so was he....but that wasn't the best part...."
"What then?"
"She was naked and he had his face buried in her ass....but that wasn't the best part...."
"Oh my god then what?"
"And he was wearing her uniform......even her underwear.... but that wasn't the best part...."
 "What was the best part then...."
"Well I fired the maid and I bought him his own uniform...and with the money I'm saving, my boyfriend and I can afford a week in Cancun once a month!!!!"
"Doesn't your husband have anything to say about that?"
"I don't know.....who can tell what he's saying with his face buried in my ass!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

 Over the years I've said pretty much all there is to say about the joy of ManCandy....
But it occurs to me that I've never discussed the dispenser!!!!
So let's take a moment to marvel at what nature has provided shall we?
It comes in all sizes and colors....
It almost always provides us with that treat we love so much!!!
Sometimes it takes a little longer and sometimes it's there before you even open your mouth!!!!
Every one tastes a little different and the treat can taste very different from one to another!!!!
But they're obviously made to slide easily into your mouth....
And the most sensitive spot sits right on your couldn't have been designed any better than that....
And best of all it can deliver into any orifice!!!
ManCandy!!! The only limit is your imagination!!!