Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year

I love champagne with a little something extra....some use sugar cubes and some use strawberries....but I prefer something far tastier!!!
So as we turn the calendar from this horrible year to the next....lets all wish for better days ahead and that we all get everything we wish for!!!!
Happy New Year to all my sweet readers....I love you all!!!

Turned On

I've turned on the coffee maker....
I've collected the papers from the door....
I've checked on my blogs....
I've made the batter for the pancakes she requested....with blueberries...
Now it's time to wake her....
In the best way I know how!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


 "Is he doing it?"

"I told you he would...."

"That's so sick....maybe next time I should feed it to him directly..."

"I'd love to watch him on his knees in front of you Baby!!!"

"Next time's so cool to think that your husband will suck my cock...."

"Shall I dress him like a slut for you?"

"That sounds fantastic!!!!"

"I have to go now....his tongue is getting me close.....see you next Tuesday...."

Hump Day

It just feels so's Hump Day and you can just ride out the rest of the week...

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

She Loves It

In our lifetime of discoveries about each others desires this one surprised me the most!!!
I loved to eat her pussy right from the start....and when she finally pushed my head down and I spent an evening licking and playing with her pretty little rosebud we discovered that we both loved it!!!!
But reciprocation....never!!!!
Sure she played with my bottom.....she'd used her strap-on dozens of times to give me sissy cummies....she'd plugged me....she'd gotten her whole hand inside me....and I loved it all....but I never felt her tongue there!!!!
That's why I nearly jumped out of my skin when, out of the blue, she pulled my thong aside and buried her tongue in me!!!!
I never asked her why she decided to do it.....but she enjoys it now....and I never know when it's going to happen!!!
Life is so good!!!

Only On The Holidays

The holiday season just wouldn't be complete without me getting a chance to fuck my Sweetheart....
Of course I'm not big enough....and I cum far too quickly....and she has no intention of releasing me from we'll do what we've been doing for years now...

Monday, December 28, 2020

Heels Up

Did I ever imagine I'd be flat on my back....dressed so pretty....feeling a big cock pounding in and out of me....
Did I ever imagine it.....yes....almost every day of my life....and then it finally came true!!!

Monday ManCandy

I'm sure you've heard of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation....well this is kind of like that...
One brings you back from the dead and one wakes you up after a long Holiday weekend!!!
Full of protein and'll get you up off the floor in no time!!!
ManCandy!!! The best part of waking up!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Before The Internet

 Hey kids....before the internet this was how we shared pics of your tiny little dicks...I won't say it was better but It certainly was fun!!!!

Sunday Brunch

"I'm sorry Sissy, but until I get you a proper uniform this will have to some of my friends may do rude things to every case I want you to curtsy and thank them for their you think you can do that or do I need to put you over my knees again to convince you?"
"Yes Ma'am....I can do that....but I kind of like the idea of going over your knees again...."
"If you're a good girl for me and my friends we'll see..."


Saturday, December 26, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Class Reunion

 "I'm surprised you recognized me..."
"'ve changed a lot since we were in always had the long hair....I remember we all gave you a hard time about it...."
"I notice you've lost a little since then...."
"By the time I was twenty-five it was just almost all gone...."
"It looks good on you though...."
"And I don't remember you dressing like that either although it really isn't a surprise..."
"You and your friends used to "suggest" that I wear dresses all the time as I recall..."
"Yeah we were stupid kids back then....but you're looking good...really good..."
"I believe the words faggot and sissy were used quite a bit whenever I ran into you...."
"Well like I said we were stupid kids...."
"So what did you do after school?"
"I married that hot girl remember her....the head cheerleader....and went to work for her father....we divorced a few years ago....and her father fired me....but I'm doing OK now...what about you?"
"I married that girl that you all called BJ....yeah she liked to give blowjobs...she still does...we've had a long, happy marriage...."
"That's nice....I'm happy for you you ever see any of the old gang?"
"I assume you mean your old'd probably be surprised how many of them I've been in touch with over the years...most of them didn't recognize me though....I didn't have very many friends in school...."
"Yeah....well all that're looking really've kept yourself in shape..."
"And you....I guess you don't have time for the gym these days...."
"I have to admit I've put on a couple of pounds since back in the day....since I lost my job it was either make my car payments or pay for the gym....and I have to get can't jog to job interviews..."
"I guess not....."
"So I guess I'll see you around then...."
"I'm out here a couple of days a week...."
"I maybe....if you're not too about a blowjob?"
"I'll tell you what.....just because I hated your guts in school....and now you're a fat, bald, unemployed loser....I'll give you a special deal....I normally ask for a fifty dollar "donation" but for you I'll give you the special "old friends" price of seventy five...."
"But that's more than normal....that's not fair...."
"You know what're right....lets make it an even hundred bucks...."
"Alright....get in...."
"Just could've had it for free when we were in school....I bet your cheerleader girlfriend hated blowing you...."
After we said "I do" she didn't....
"You'd be surprised how often I hear that!!!"
"I'm glad I ran into you...."
"Yeah really....oh my god....really glad!!!"


At The End

 At the end of the night....after he's gone....we both lay back in our bed...each of us satisfied in our own way!!!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Day Matinee - The Christmas Wish

"It's getting late Honey....don't you have somewhere to's Christmas Eve and I'd like to get home to the wife and kids...."
"No....I've got nowhere to go....nobody waiting for me....for the first time in my life I'm all alone...."
"That's too bad Honey....but I'd really like to close up early know...Christmas..."
"Don't tell me about's Christmas that's left me here....alone..."
"Awww c'mon Honey....pretty little thing like you must have somebody waiting for you..."
"I did once but I gave it all away....I gave it all away...."
A bartender knows when a customer needs to that way they're better than almost all psychologists....he put a fresh beer down in front of her...lit her cigarette and waited for her story....
"Once upon a time there was a man....he had everything...a successful career...a beautiful home....a wife who loved him and a couple of wonderful kids...."
"But even with all of that he wasn't happy....he felt that he had missed out on the life he wanted..."
She took a sip of her beer and looked at the barman....
"Are you happy with your wife and kids? No regrets?"
"Sure....I only wish I could spend more time with them....but I gotta work....gotta put food on the know!!!"
"Oh yes....I know....anyway....the man in my story ...he put food on the you said...but he had a secret....and he kept it from his wife....he kept it from see he liked to wear girls clothes....bras, panties, dresses....that sort of thing....and he was so careful that no one ever one ever caught him...."
"Then one day while he was on the internet looking at other men who liked to wear women's things there was a pop-up ad for a product that would let you live your fantasy....he was skeptical but he clicked on it anyway....and it led him down a dark path...into a world of black magic....but he was determined to live his fantasy....even if it was only momentary...."
The bartender refilled her beer....he'd forgotten about the wasn't often that he got really interested in a drunks story....but she was so pretty and she sounded so sad that he couldn't help but lean in to hear her soft voice tell the rest of the tale....
"He paid a lot of money and in return he received a copy of a arcane bit of magic that would make him into what he most wanted to be...."
The bartender leaned close....
"Into a woman,,,,"
"Yes into a woman....but as his fantasy was fulfilled he didn't realize all that would be undone....he lost the love of the woman he'd fact she had married someone else....and his children ceased to exist,,,,they didn't die mind you....they just never were...and his career had never been his....his life before the transformation had been erased...."
"That's tough Honey....what happened to him after that?"
"He wandered through the was very different to be a woman....and he waited for the spell to dissipate....but it never did....he was a woman for now and forever....but I've been bending your ear for too long....let me just finish this beer and I'll be on my way...."
"It's you isn't it? The story is about you....where are you gonna's Christmas Eve and it's snowing and everyplace else is closed up tight...."
" was me....I got what I wanted....I got it good and hard....I don't know where I'll go...maybe I'll just sit down somewhere and let the night take me...."
"Why don't you come home with me Honey?"
"What about your wife and kids...."
"Haven't had them since that Christmas when I wished I could be a man...."
"You mean you...."
"Just like you Honey.....maybe this was meant to be....come home with me and we'll share this Christmas Eve together...."
"I'd like that....I think that I'd like that very much!!!!"

Christmas ManCandy

You can have your eggnog....I'll stick with my non-alcoholic. high confection!!! 
ManCandy!!! Drink it all'll be the hit of the Christmas party!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2020


"Oh my Sissy....aren't those the same panties you had on when I spanked you last year?"
"Yes they are Santa....and I enjoyed it so much I was thinking it could be a new tradition...."
"Well....if you think so....but this year they're coming down...this year you're getting spanked on your bare bottom!!!"
"Yes Santa!!!! I've been very naughty and I deserve it!!!!"


I Saw Mommy

I saw Mommy fucking Santa Claus....and then I realized that it wasn't really was that nice Uncle old friend of Mommy....and then I saw Daddy and he looked so silly kneeling there in Mommy's underwear that I started to laugh....
Daddy saw me and shushed me and took me back to bed....he told me I was dreaming...but I know I wasn't....

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Hump Day

After a couple of days of getting no where....on Hump Day you find yourself wide open to new ideas!!!!

Young Billy Wasn't Happy

Young Billy wasn't happy....all he got for Christmas was girly clothes....
"What's the matter Billy don't you like your new look so sweet I'd like to eat you up!!!!"
"I know Auntie....but I miss getting toys for Christmas...."
"Oh my Billy....I completely forgot to tell you....Santa left lots of toys for us to play with up in my bedroom....would you like to try them out?"
"Oh yes Auntie....I'd love to!!!!"


Tuesday, December 22, 2020


"Just because you've finally got a cock in your I've wanted since I first met you...that doesn't mean you get to cum....remember that.....there's only one cock in this room that's allowed to cum and that's the one you're sucking right now!!!!"

A Wonderful Dream

I had a wonderful dream last night....I dreamt that the Polar Express ran a special train right through our living room!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2020


When he started feeling my thigh I was excited and nervous....when he moved up my inner thigh....I was shaking because I didn't know what would come next....
And when his hand moved between my legs and felt what was there....he didn't pause....didn't hesitate at all....
And I just laid my head on his shoulder and let him....wouldn't you?


Monday ManCandy

Sometimes it might take a few minutes before it really wakes you up....
It slides down to your tummy chasing away the early morning chill...but it still may be a moment before it opens your eyes....until then your mouth is working on a natural reflex!!!
ManCandy!!! Your body knows what you need even before you do!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

"You know Kaaren....maybe spending another weekend in lockdown isn't such a bad idea after all!!!"
"If you listen close it sounds like all the sissies in the dorm would agree with you!!!"
"It's my turn to be bottom next Kaaren!!!"
"Then it's mine again after that!!!!"
"Then mine..."
"Then mine..."
"It'll be Monday before we know it!!!"
"Then we'd better get to it!!!"

Love Will Find A Way

I may be inadequate as a man....but I know how to please her with my tongue or with my big big latex cock!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Saturday Matinee - What Happens In Vegas

 It was his first trip where else would he choose to go?
Las Vegas, of course!!!
The swirling lights and the crowds....and the drinks that just kept was just so much fun!!!
He'd had a real winning streak going and had actually quadrupled his money....the casino offered him a comped room and free meals and drinks....and he promptly quadrupled his money again!!!!
His streak had brought him close to a million dollars.....and a large assortment of new friends!!!
The women who wouldn't give him the time of day were suddenly very interested in him...and he took a few of them to bed....sometimes more than one at a time!!!!
After another lucky night in the casino he thought that maybe he should quit....maybe he should take his millions and walk away....go home and settle down....
He decided that he'd try his luck one more was a disastrous decision!!!!
He lost it all....and then happened so fast he didn't even realize it was happening!!!
The casino manager escorted him away from the tables when his credit ran out.....
" have to give me a little more credit....I know I can win it back!!!!"
"I'm sorry, you've already exceeded your credit limit.....we'll have to discuss how you're going to pay off the debt you owe us...."
"I'll work for you....I'll work hard....please don't kill me!!!!"
"Oh Sir....we have no intention of killing you...dead people can't pay their debts....yes you'll be working for us for a while....."

They transformed wasn't surgical it was some kind of witchcraft....
And he worked for them....every night in the casino he kept the high rollers happy....
And every afternoon he lay out by the pool.....he'd be lying if he said he wasn't enjoying his new life....even after they told him his debt had been paid....he decided to stay on....he was slowly amassing another fortune....and he owed it all to his little moneymaker!!!
He'd heard from the folks back home a few times but he'd never answered could he possibly explain....
After was true....what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!!

Line Up

"What are you doing over here get over there and line up with the rest of them....the guys will be here in a few minutes!!!"


Friday, December 18, 2020

We Had A Little Snow

We had a little snow last night....and of course one of my jobs is to clear a path to the shed where we keep the snow blower....once that's done the contractor will do the rest...he's enjoying a winter visit with my wife while I work....and he'll leave something warm for me when he's done!!!

Never Tired

She never gets tired of watching me push the plug inside my pussy...every day its the same...
"Feel full Sissy?"
"Feel full Ma'am!"


Thursday, December 17, 2020

And In A Moment

And in a moment the last tiny shred of your masculinity disappeared.....and you didn't miss it....not even a little bit!!!!


"You see Sissy....I told you I could make you into a pretty girl..."
"You really think I'm pretty?"
"Oh yes Sissy....very pretty....but there's still one thing that will make you even prettier...if you want it...."
"Oh yes please!!! Whatever it is I want it!!!"
"What you need is a big cock in your mouth....that will make you so much prettier!!!"
"If you say so....I want to be your pretty girl!!!"


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hump Day

 Hump Day....time for a review of results before you wind down the week!!!!

How Was I To Know?

She called a contractor to check out our fireplace....she let him in and told him her concerns about the buildup of creosote and whether the damper was doing its job efficiently....among other concerns....
How was I to know? I thought it might be Santa coming of course I wanted to make him happy so I'd get everything I wanted!!!!
I didn't get everything but I did get one Christmas treat.....a nice creamy treat....

Tuesday, December 15, 2020


"I can't believe it!!!! How is it possible???"
"I told you I could do it....why didn't you believe me?"
"But I only left him with you did you change him so fast?"
"Sometimes you only have to let the inner sissy out....your husband was born to be a sissy cocksucker!!!"
"But I only wanted you to help him stop smoking!!!"
"And I have....he now has a very different oral fixation....however if you'd like me to change him back...."
"Oh no I think my boyfriend and I are going to enjoy him this way....I think we'll enjoy him very much!!!!"
"I love satisfied customers....tell your friends!!!"
"Oh I certainly will!!!"


Even as he's pumping her mouth full of his cream she takes a moment to make sure I'm still watching!!!
As if I could tear my eyes away!!!
Hopefully she's saving some for me!!!

Monday, December 14, 2020

I Know She's Right

I know she's right when she says that I would fall behind in my housework if I had one...but I still want one of these so's been at the top of my Xmas list for a couple of years now....and as much as I promise her that it wouldn't affect my chores....well....we both know that's not true!!!
So we'll see what Santa brings me this year.....I'm trying to be a really good girl for her....maybe this is the year.....oh please....oh please!!!! 

Monday ManCandy

 Orthodontists everywhere warn youngsters about sweets while you're wearing braces...
But I've never heard of a one of them warning about this sweet breakfast fact I think lots of them recommend it to their patients....
It tastes great while it lubricates and eases the discomfort you feel....
In fact, if you could, you should have after every meal!!!
ManCandy!!!! Now that's a white smile!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Thank You Auntie

"You look lovely Honey...."
"Thank you Auntie!!!"
"Would you like to come and cuddle with me...."
"Oh yes Auntie....I'[d love that!!!!"



Sunday Brunch

 Perhaps she could have worded it better when she invited her guests to help themselves to whatever they wanted....I have to admit I was a little surprised....and a little how many chose to help themselves to me!!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Stories of Old Hollywood

"You look beautiful...."
"You really think so?"
"I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.....that dress is're a vision of loveliness!!!!"
You think's just a dress off of the rack in the wardrobe department...."
"But it brings out your beauty so well!!!"
"You make me shiver when you kiss me like that...."
"There are so many other ways I could make you shiver if only you'd let me...."
"But I'm married....and I couldn't betray my vows!!!"
"I'm married too....but I'm willing to sacrifice all of that for you!!!!"
"I don't know.....your kisses excite me can I make a decision while you seduce me....I can't think straight....."
"I can't help it....I lose my reason when I'm close to you....and when you're in this become all I want...."
"I know....the dress makes me the woman I am...."
"It's very pretty and I love that you wear it for me....but it's just a dress after fact I'd love to help you out of it and make love to you all night long...."
"I don't think you'd like what you see if I took it off...."
"Nonsense my Sweet....I'd love to see you in all your naked glory!!!"
"Are you want me to make love to you....all  night long?"
"It is my deepest desire my love!!!"
"Turn around and take your clothes off....and I'll take off the dress....but i don't want you to watch me...."
He turned and quickly stripped down until his excitement was clear....he gasped as he felt the dress being rubbed against his bare back...then he felt it fall away....
He gasped again as a pair of strong hands grabbed him and guided him to a chair....he tried to struggle but he was obviously over-matched....
He was forced to bend over the chair and a decidedly male voice told him to relax....
"You said you wanted me to make love to you all night long....and that's exactly what I you have anything to say?"
"Only one time....I get to wear the dress!!!"



Once I put on my wifes wig and earrings he wasn't so reluctant fact he was almost as enthusiastic as I was!!!

Friday, December 11, 2020

The Bench Out Back

She brought out two cups of tea and sat on the bench....
"You know, Edward....I wasn't really thrilled to find my husband had become a woman....if I'd known this bench would have affected you like this I certainly wouldn't have bought it from that little shop!!!"
"But has made me so happy!!!!"
"I can honestly say I'd never even imagined that one day I'd be in any type of romantic relationship with another woman...."
"Yes Dear.....has that boy next door always worked in the yard without a shirt on?"
"What I'm trying to say Edward is that I want to try it with you....I want to make love with you!!!"
"That would be very nice I'm know I never noticed how that boy next door was so well muscled...."
"Yes Edward....I have searched my soul  and have decided to try the most sinful thing I have ever even considered....come to bed with me my love and show me the joys that only two women can share!!!"
"That sounds really nice Dear...maybe we could invite that boy next door too?"
"Oh my Edward!!!! I thought you'd changed into a proper woman!!!! I had no idea you'd turned into a complete slut!!!"
"You say that as if it's a bad thing!"
"Oh no my's a glorious thing....because I'm a slut too....let's invite him over and maybe he has a brother....and some friends...."


Want To Know

Do you want to know how I earned my Princess tiara?
Training and hard work....and finally it's all mine!!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2020


 "What did you think was going to happen if you kept coming in here in your little pink dress Sissy? Flashing your sweet little panties at me.....did you think I was going to ignore it?"
"No Ma'am.....I was really hoping you'd notice...."
"Well it's your lucky day Sissy....I fuck yourself on my big the little sissy whore you are!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....ohhhhh Yes Ma'am!!!!"


Just Think

"Just think about it Baby....first you get to suck my cock....and soon you'll get to suck my lover's cock too!!! Won't that be wonderful...and I can't wait to watch!!!"


Wednesday, December 9, 2020


After being locked down together for months, what had started as a game had now become a way of life!!!
All things considered....they had both never been happier!!!

Hump Day

After working on it for a Hump Day you realize just how big a job it is....