Thursday, January 31, 2019

So Hard

"Are you ready for me Baby?"
"Oh yes....I'm so ready!!!!"
"Are you going to fuck me deep Baby?"
"Oh deep!!!"
"Are you going to fuck me hard Baby?"
"Oh hard!!!!"
"Are you going to make me cum Baby?"
"Oh yes...over and over!!!!"
And are you going to cum too Baby?"
"No....Sweetheart I'm not...."
"That's right Baby....not until I say....!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

In The Beginning***

When we first met she sucked my cock....I was wearing a pretty pair of panties at the time and she thought that was hot....she liked my small cock because the big ones made her jaw hurt and they lasted so long...while I shot my load almost right away!!!
She particularly liked that I would continue to kiss her, even if my cum was still in her mouth, and fool around after I came....including kneeling down between her beautiful thighs and making her cum until she literally had to push me away!!!! we continued in our relationship it was clear...she would only blow me if I was wearing panties!!!!
As time went by there would be more conditions....if I was wearing panties and a bra....if I was wearing stockings....if I was wearing heels....and on and on....
Then came the condition that she would only blow me if I sucked off another guy and swallowed his cum while she watched!!!!
After that came chastity....and more....
But I like to remember those days when she would invite me over....dress me in her clothes and suck my little all seems so innocent now!!!!

***picture is REALLY not to scale....I mean REALLY REALLY not to scale!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Can You Guess

Can you guess which nightie is mine and which is hers?

Honestly, it's a trick question.....they're both mine but I let her borrow my clothes all the time!!! And I think she looks adorable in baby blue!!!!

Hump Day Hump Day you've gotten on top of everything and you're really showing them who's the Boss!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


"Yeah I knew you'd be back....ready to tell me the truth yet?"
"Yes....they're for me...I'm sorry I lied to you!!!"
"I knew that from the moment you walked in here Honey....I think you'll look very cute in that pink bra and panty set you were looking at before...."
"Yes....I'll take them please..."
"Not that easy anymore're going to have to kiss my ass a little now after you lied to me!!!"
"You want me beg....okay...please let me buy the pink panties....pretty please!!!!"
"You sure are funny....that's not what I meant at all.....come into the fitting room with me right now....get down on your knees and start kissing my ass....and if you do a good job maybe I'll throw in the garter belt...."
"Okay....Yes Ma'am!!!!"

A Great Day

It looks and sounds like she's going to have a great day today....she'll have that "just been fucked" glow!!!
I'll make sure to clean up every drop so there's no drippies in her pretty panties at the office!!!
When her friends ask her about that little smile she's had all day she'll tell them that she has a wonderful husband at home who takes care of all her needs!!!! Then she'll give them a little wink!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Already Met

When she walked into the room she stopped and smiled...
"Thank you for coming by....I see you've already met Kaaren!"

Monday ManCandy

You know those mornings when the ultra-girl inside you is in charge...when all you can think of is being as feminine as can be....
Well as all of us who've done it know, being a girl is hard and nails....lingerie and makeup....pretty dress and matching shoes....and you need to pull it all together even before sunrise so you're ready to face the day proudly!!!!
There's only one thing you can do....there's only one fuel to get your feminine engine running at full speed.....creamy hot....sliding down inside your throat....coating and filling you with inner warmth....making you smile!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Making you as hot inside as you look outside!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Brunch

"Why did I make him into my maid....well I love him and I want to keep I had to find some use for him!!!!"
"You mean he's not....useful in other ways...."
"Well if you mean what I think you mean....he's only about this big...."
"Surely you can't mean that....after all he's a grown man...."
"Believe me....when he comes out to freshen the drinks I'll have him pick up his skirts and show you if you'd like....
"Yes this is something I have to see to believe!!!!
"Me Too..."
"Well why wait then.....Kaaren!!!! Come out here and show my friends your shortcomings!!!"
What can you do....if it makes her happy then that's all that counts....
"Yes Ma'am.....I'll be there in a moment!!!"


I love these little cooking tips!!!!!!!


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Matinee - True Love

"Alright said you have information on what happened to my friend talk....and it better be good,,,,I'm all out of patience!!!"
"Chandler!!!! Look at me!!!! Don't you know me? I felt sure that even after all the changes that true love....would know me!!!"
The man paused....he looked closer at the woman....his hand slowly lowering the gun...
"Ronald? Is that you? How can it can you have changed like could you have become a...a...."
"A woman? Chandler my love, I've loved you ever since I've known what love was....ever since we were young boys I've wanted to be with you....but our society....our world would never accept it....and I was never sure if you felt the you remember the last time we the...."
"At the Theater in the Park....of course I remember...."
"And do you remember what happened?"
"You, you told me you loved"
"I kissed you....I'd wanted to for years and that night....under the stars I decided it was now or never....and you jumped back as if a snake bit you remember?"
"I do....but I was just so surprised....I didn't mean to make you cry....I didn't want you to run away.....I've searched for you for all the years you've been gone...."
"I knew we could never be together like I searched the world....I circled the globe several times chasing down possibilities.....rumors...until I found a Shaman in Central America who told me that he knew the deep magic that would give me what I wanted....his price was my service to him for three years....and I did things there in that damnable place....horrid unnatural things but he had been true to his word....the magic gave me what I wanted and I woke from that last dark night as a woman in every way!!!! And my first thoughts were of you...of my beloved Chandler....and I came back as soon as I could....there were complications and I may have done a few things I'm not too proud of....but I'm back now and I'm yours!!!!"
"I can't believe you did all that for me...."
"So we could be we could share our lives I could be your woman...."
"But Ronald...."
"Oh my god, you're not already married are you? Has someone else stolen your heart while I was gone?"
"No's just that....that night....that, long ago night when you kissed ran away from me....but you didn't give me time to tell you...."
"What Chandler? Tell me what?"
"I was going to tell you that I loved you too and that I had been so afraid that you wouldn't love me back...."
"So now it's we can be together for the rest of our lives....I'm so happy....why are you looking away? Aren't you happy too?"
"It's just....well Ronald....I'm just not attracted to women....I'm sorry but it could never work out between us now....."
Ronald stared a moment and broke down into sobs.....he clung to Chandler as his misery swept over him....
Chandler pushed him away....
"Maybe I'd just better go....maybe we'll talk another time...."
"Yes...go....I need to be alone....for a while.....we'll see each other again...."
Chandler heard the door click behind him as he walked down the hotel hallway....then he heard the sound....a gun shot!!!! Frantically he searched his pockets but the gun-was gone!!!
He raced back to her door and found her....exactly as he feared he would....and he picked up the pistol where it had fallen from her hand....and he paused for a moment...
"Yes Ronald, my love, we'll see each other again....I hope....

The neighbors reported that there was a second gun shot a few minutes after the first....the police wrote it up as a murder suicide.....and the case was closed.

Never Forget

"Never forget the balls Sissy!!!!"
She had hammered that into my head and when I knelt between his legs she gave me an almost imperceptible nod and I started licking and kissing his big balls!!!!
This had the added bonus of allowing me to watch his cock sliding between her lips and into her mouth.....this was just perfect!!!
Still it was only for a few minutes before he took her to our her bedroom to fuck her while I had to content myself with savoring his flavor while I listened to them....

Friday, January 25, 2019

What If

"I'll just be gone for five minutes wait for me right here!"
"But can't I go with you...."
"We've been over this Sissy....for goodness sakes Sissy, can't you be alone for fifteen minutes?"
"Fifteen!!!! You said it would only be five!!!!"
"Look Sweet Sissy....just get out of the car....I can't be late to this meeting....I'll be back to get you just as soon as I can...."
"But I look like a whore....what if a man tries to pick me up?"
"Oh dear.....just tell him that you're a man too....I'm sure that will change his mind!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."
It was over two hours before she got back and she couldn't help but notice his tousled hair and smudged lipstick....
"Everything okay Sissy?"
"Everything is just fine Ma'am!!!"
And Sissy smiled thinking of the $370 in his panties and his shopping spree at the lingerie boutique tomorrow....

This Is How

This is how I say "Good Morning", and she seems to like it....
How do you say good morning???

Thursday, January 24, 2019


"Oh look, are these your pants? Well I'll get rid of these for you...because tonight I'm going to make you my sissy bitch....and my sissy bitch doesn't wear you understand Sissy Bitch?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Missed Opportunities

You know how sometimes you only realize long afterward that you misread a situation completely and missed a fantastic opportunity....
I had told her about my crossdressing when we were on our second date and as opposed to most of the girls I had dated in college she didn't laugh or get angry or anything.....and we had a wonderful time....she invited me to come by her off-campus apartment for dinner the next night and I readily agreed!!!
When I arrived I found that she had two roommates and they were both all smiles when they were introduced to me....
After dinner my date excused herself to change into something more was alright with me because I was doing the dishes and wouldn't be done for a few minutes...
She came back with her friends and they had all stripped down to their undies and they invited me to join them.....if I didn't have panties on, they said I could borrow some of theirs!!!! After all, they said, we're all girls here!!!!!
I should have jumped at the chance.....I should have gotten down on my knees and offered to service every one of them right there!!!!
Instead I got angry.....angry that she had shared my secret with them....angry that I was exposed....frightened to death that my dirty secret would be all over campus by tomorrow....and I stormed out and never spoke to her again....
What a fool I was.....but a few months later I connected with the girl I would marry and so maybe my act of pure stupidity actually worked out for the best....
But sometimes....late at night.....I wonder about it....and it makes me ache to stroke my little clit, but my wife has wisely locked it away!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Hump Day

Yes you are the absolute Queen of the time Hump Day rolled around you had everything under control!!!!

Calm Down

"Oh my god.....oh my god.....oh my god.....oh my god...."
"Calm down Sissy.....I think.....yes....I found it, so you can relax now Sissy!!!"
"Oh my god.....oh my god.....oh my god.....oh my god...."
"My goodness Sissy....such a fuss.....I promise I'll be more careful with it next time!!!"
 "Oh my god.....oh my god.....oh my god.....oh my god...."

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


"So is my sissy husband a good cocksucker?"
"She's just fantastic!!!!"
"You don't mind if I watch?"
"Oh yes....oh yes....oh....Ma'am....I insist on it!!!!"


I rushed as fast as I could in those heels when I heard her call...
Coming into the room I could hear that he was in the bathroom....such a typical man...and then I looked at her on the bed....
I paused to take it all in.....and then I rushed to her to....take it all in!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

You Got My Note

"I'm so glad you got my note.....I found down your panties from the clothesline and of course I brought him here to punish him for being the pervert that he is...."
She laughed...
"I'm afraid you're my sissy husband and all of those panties on the line were actually his....he did mine yesterday!!!!"
"Oh.....oh.....I didn't realize.....he said....but of course I didn't believe....oh my....I'm so embarrassed.....of course I apologize to both of you...."
She laughed again....
"There's no need for were only being a good when you've finished spanking him I'll take him home and I'm sure he'd be only too happy to have you over for dinner tomorrow....."
"You want me to finish spanking him?"
"Oh yes, of course.....please carry on....I can wait...."
"If you say so.....where were we?"
"17 Ma'am...."
"Ah yes!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It's a cold cold morning and if you're going out make sure you bundle up nice and warm!!! Wear layers and for goodness sakes make sure you have something warm in your tummy....something creamy and white as snow!!! And if you miss a little that's okay'll help you outside almost as much as inside!!!
ManCandy!!!! Good for you inside, good for you outside....just plain good for you!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday Brunch

Everyone enjoyed the buffet brunch I had prepared and while they had theirs, I crawled under the table and enjoyed mine!!!!
I think mine was better!!!!

All The Way Home

"That's it Sissy...suck me hard.....I've been dripping his cum into these panties all the way home....I've been saving it for you!!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Alien Worlds

 "Don't try to struggle Buster, Scraps isn't very patient when he's caught his prey!"
"Who are you? Release me at once....I've come to rescue my shipmate Dr. Alexander Zarkov!!!!"
"I prefer Alexis now Buster....why don't you tell me the real reason you returned here?"
"Alexis??? What do you mean.....aaaargh!"
"I suggest that you don't get excited....Scraps has been very protective of me since you abandoned us here...."
"What? This can't be Scraps.....Scraps was that little mongrel that I.....owwww!!!!"
A growling voice whispered into his ear....
"Little Mongrel.....who is little Mongrel now....."
"You see Buster Scraps has changed just as much as I have....why have you returned?"
" rescue you!!!!"
"You mean you came back to save us after you loaded the ship full of diamonds and left us here all those years ago...."
"It was an accident.....owwww"
"Kill him now Mistress Alexis?"
"Not just yet's funny when I think of that time Buster.....there was so much none of us understood about this place....these know to them those diamonds were just sparkly rocks....nothing special....they could be found almost everywhere...that's why they didn't understand why you would fill all the cargo holds with them....why you would leave and abandon us here....but they were loving and accepted Scraps and I and took us in and made a home for us...."
"But what happened to you??? How did you become a woman???? How did that little mongrel.....owwwwww!"
"I strongly suggest you be more polite to Scraps as he, quite literally, holds your life in his hands!!!"
"I'm sorry, but how...."
"If you hadn't run off....if you had stayed you'd have found that this race has discovered the secrets that humanity may never find.....they have the power to change you into whatever you desire....and I have always wanted to be a for Scraps, well we didn't know what he wanted....he baffled their greatest scientists....and it was decided to use their knowledge and technology to give him what he wanted without knowing what that was....they decided to take the chance that they might be creating a monster....but as you see it worked out quite well for us...."
"Alex.....Alexis....listen come home with me.....I'm incredibly wealthy from that ship full of diamonds I brought back last time.....come with me and we'll fill the cargo holds again and we'll be the richest couple in the universe!!!!!"
"Couple!!!! I could never marry a worm like left us here to were only concerned about yourself!!!! Besides....I'm already Scraps!!!"
"But....that's unnatural...."
"He was the only other earthling on this planet and we came to love each other more and more...."
" you....oh my god that's sick!!!!"
"Oh I our love is pure....besides do you remember when we were on the ship and Scraps used to like to hump your leg?"
"Yes I remember the filthy little....aaaaack!"
"Well you see the thing is....even though they've made quite the man out of our little Scraps....and I do mean quite the man.....he simply doesn't like girls....I promised him that if you ever came back he could have you....."
A soft growl in his ear....."I don't just want your leg anymore!!!!!"
The laughter and howls brought many spectators who all politely applauded!!!!


When he came in she was trailing behind him...
When he pulled up my short skirt and spread me open she was settling into a chair across the room...
When he pushed his lubed cock inside me I looked to see what she thought...
She smiled and nodded.....but by then he was already fucking me....hard hard hard!!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Personal Trainer

I really was beginning to wonder if he really was a personal trainer....he pushed me to work so hard....he trained me in the gym basement.....he wore a janitors uniform.....I was starting to get really suspicious....but I couldn't argue with his results!!!


When she told me to fetch her strap on I never expected to be the one fucking her with it....I may not have felt her pussy but it was wonderful to watch her face as she came on top of me....

Thursday, January 17, 2019

So Glad

I'm so glad that I signed up for the deluxe membership from AAA....not only will they come to you as fast as possible....they offer white glove service....they'll change your flat tire...they'll put you damaged tire away properly and clean out your trunk while doing it....and they won't leave until they've completely satisfied you in every way!!!
I know this is true because just last week I had 17 flat tires!!!!

Sissies Around The World

Yes sissies in the Arab world faced many difficulties....religious, societal, and so much more.....then there was that damned veil always getting in the way!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


She seldom's just something that she enjoys and she sees it all the time but whenever her friends stop by.....well then it's different.....when her friends laugh then she laughs too as if she seeing it through their eyes.....and their laughter makes me want to run and hide but I don't much would they laugh if they watched me getting spanked over her knees?

Hump Day

Sure when the week first started you thought it was just too much....but by Hump Day you've gotten past that first stretch and now it's smooth sailing the rest of the way!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


He had already had my wife and left her sweaty and spent from her many orgasms!!!!
Now he came to me....and I thought that he wanted me to suck his cock but I was wrong....he wanted to mark me with his show that he was superior....that he was the Alpha....and I meekly laid back and let him....after was true!!!!


I always serve her makes her happy and I enjoy doing it for her...
Occasionally though she likes to serve me breakfast in makes her happy and I enjoy doing it for her.....and for me too!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Very Fancy

Goodbye all you to work wearing that gray wool suit....ooooh look it has pinstripes...that's very fancy....we women and sissies will stick with our drab wardrobes too....

Monday ManCandy

It's really not so much that you want it....although you want it very's more that you really need it....strong and thick....filling your mouth, filling your tummy, filling you with it's warmth and's what you need on a winter morning to get you going!!!
ManCandy!!!! On those cold mornings don't leave without a mouthful....oh and wear your scarf just like your Mom always told you!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Hit!!!!

She was surprised at how popular her Daddy was at the Father Daughter Dance!!! All the men wanted to dance with him!!!! In fact she had to help him fix his makeup a couple of times after he came off the dance floor!!!

Test Drive

"So what about it Kaaren....isn't it fantastic....variable speed with interchangeable rods....guaranteed satisfaction or your money back....we can finance....low interest and easy monthly payments...and it's available in all colors...."
"Oh god....oh yes....I love it....I want it...."
"Great so why don't we sit down and do some paperwork and this baby could be going home with you today!!!"
"I'm sorry....I'll have to ask my wife....she makes all the decisions for me...."
"Well I have to say I'm disappointed....I thought we had a deal....why don't you bring the wife in and we'll see what she thinks...."
"I guess I can try...."
"Great! Now if you don't mind I have some other customers to see...."
"Could I take another few minutes?"
"Sorry, I'm going to need my demo model for my next customer....Hello Ms. Bend, do you mind if I call you Sally?"

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Well of Dreams

They drove deeper into the jungle than any modern man had ever gone....Professor Damien led his expedition into uncharted territory in search of something wondrous...something no one was sure even existed....The Well of Dreams!!!
The legends said that drinking from the well would fulfill your greatest dream!!!
Professor Damien along with his assistant Professor Bend, had spent years researching the literature and folklore surrounding the Well of Dreams and they had been confident enough to seek funding and begin the search in earnest!!!
The two took on several others to join them in the search....Andy Mitchell, Kieran Sissopolis, John Tambler....each a specialist in their own way!!!!
The two Professor's had narrowed it down to a few dozen square miles but that was still a huge amount of ground to cover in a dense and dangerous jungle!!!
They searched for weeks before they encountered a small native hunting party and needless to say both groups were equally shocked upon meeting!!!
Professor Damien motioned for Andy Mitchell to come forward....Mitchell was world renowned as a cunning linguist....and he was joined bu Kieran Sissopolis who was an expert on oral traditions among jungle tribes....the two spent quite a bit of time going from one member of the hunting party to the next....hours passed by until they returned to find their companions had set up camp in their absence....
They were both excited....they were a bit breathless and needed a couple of strong and deep swallows of the bitter whisky they had brought with them!!!
Mitchell spoke first....
"Kieran and I spoke to them and at first they were very hard to understand....but the dialect became a bit clearer the more I heard from them....I spoke to the oldest of them for some time as Kieran fed me some questions from behind.....finally we reached a kind of understanding and they told us of the legend of the Well as where as the direction we must travel to find it...."
"Andy basically translated for me as I questioned them....they have a rich oral history and I was sucked into their world by the legends they shared regarding the Well...they all had stories of the Well that they were eager to tell once they realized how receptive I was!!! The problem was that all of the legends involved terrible stories of Dreams gone badly wrong and the terrors that came from far as they were concerned the Well was Taboo!!!! I challenged them on this and tested some of their other Taboo's but none were as strongly held as those regarding the Well!!!"
Professor Damien was ecstatic about having a definite direction to travel in, Professor Bend wasn't so sure they should continue...
"Doctor D, what if they're right....what if it's dangerous?"
"Nonsense, Sal, we didn't come all this way just to be frightened away by some superstitious savages....think of what it might be....think of your drams all coming true...and even if not that we could publish the definitive answer about the Well and put our names in history as the final word on the legends!!!"
"I guess you're right Doctor D, we'll push on in the you gentlemen agree?"
They all nodded quietly as they kept their thoughts to themselves...
In the morning they moved on....they kept to the direction they had been given and by nightfall they made camp again, the disappointment was palpable as they sat near the fire!!! They would continue the next day but their high hopes from the morning had been considerably dampened!!!
By the light of the fire only Professor Damien and John Tambler remained awake....
"Damn it John, I'm so close to it that I can feel it...."
I don't know Prof, maybe having all your Dreams come true isn't something that mankind should have.....I can just imagine the depravity it could sink to...."
"Well I'm just going to search ahead a little bit....I can't sleep and it might be just a few yards away through the trees ....I have to know!!!"
"Alright Prof, but I'll go with shouldn't move around in the jungle by yourself after dark...."
"But you're the animal'll keep me safe right?"
"Yes Prof, I'll keep you safe!!!"
The Well wasn't just through the trees but it was much closer than they had anticipated and they came upon it without warning....there had been no sounds and strangely no light reflected from the still black waters!!!!
They had pushed through and suddenly found themselves on very shaky footing!!!!
"Professor!!!" Tambler shouted as he tried to catch the man as he stumbled and fell into the water!!!!
He reached out to save him and he too lost his balance and tumbled in after him!!!!
At the camp they all awoke as they heard the screams in the jungle....they grabbed weapons and quickly discovered their two companions were missing!!!!
Professor Damien came crashing into the camp....his screams were becoming more and more high pitched as they caught him....
"Dr. D., what is it!!!! Where's Tambler???? What happened????"
"We found it....we found the Well.....we fell in....oh my god the pain!!!!! It's killing me...."
"Look!!!" shouted Dr. Bend.
They gathered close enough to see that the Professors skin was moving as if something was inside him!!!!
"My god what is it!!!!"
The professors screams were being echoed by another's screams coming from the jungle!!!
"Kieran, get the med'll have to pump him full of sedatives....keep pumping him full until he's out!!!"
"Sure thing Dr. Sal!!!"
"Andy....start breaking down camp....we'll move out at dawn....we have to get some help for Doctor Damien....we're getting out of here!!!!"
"What about Tambler? Do you suppose that's him screaming from the jungle!!!"
"Who else could it be!!! If he's back by dawn he can come with us but I'll waste no time searching for him!!!!
They left at dawn moving much more quickly along the trail that they had made.....but it would still be weeks before they reached civilization!!!!
They kept a continual watch on Doctor Damien and the thing inside him was changing him....they all had to admit that he was beginning to look very feminine....they had sedated him for almost a week because every time he woke the screaming began again....but by the second week he spent most of his time sleeping naturally...but the changes still continued and by the end of their second week, with another weeks travel left to go, they all agreed that Doctor Damien was now a woman in every sense of the word!!!!
"Do you think it was the Well? Do you think this was his dream?"
"What else could it have been Andy?"
"But what about Tambler.....what do you think happened to him?"
"The Well must have changed him somehow too...."
"Into a the Doc?"
"No Kieran.....I don't think that's everyone's dream....I think his might have been different..."
"Prof, I've had a feeling for a few days now that we've been you think maybe it could be him?"
"I don't know and I don't want to speculate....but we will take turns on the watch tonight because I agree that something is stalking us and I won't rest easy until we reach civilization!!!"
Kieran took the first watch and was surprised to find that Professor Damien was awake when he checked on him....
"Hello....I'm so glad you came to see me.....I've been so lonely...." his voice was soft and seductive....
"Prof, it's me you know me?"
"Kieran, it's me.....the new me.....isn't it wonderful!!!!"
He rolled out of the blanket and stood....he had been transformed into a stunning blonde goddess.....he stood there completely naked letting Kieran drink it all in!!!!
"Would you like to be my first Kieran?"
When his watch was over an exhausted Kieran was grateful when he was relieved by Andy!!!!
Andy was ashen faced and worn out when he was relieved by Professor Bend....who also finally dropped to sleep as dawn broke over their jungle camp!!!!
Something moved through the jungle nearby....something big!!!!
The events of this night were repeated every night until they reached their base camp to radio for had taken them far longer to get there than they had anticipated and they were drained and exhausted by the time they got there!!!!
"What now.....what will we tell the world Doctor Bend?"
"We'll tel them that the Well of Dreams is real.....we have Doctor D here to prove it!!! More men will come....many, many more....and we'll tell them the story....and the world will know that there's someplace they can go to satisfy their innermost desires....where they can see their dreams come true!!!!"
"Never!!!" A voice roared from nearby in the brush!!!!
They looked up as a giant gorilla crashed through and, before they knew what had happened, had scooped up Doctor Damien under his arm....
"Mankind must never know!!!" the gorilla growled as he ran toward the jungle!
"Oh my god....." Doctor Damien looked up at his giant captor, "Tambler, is that you?"
"Don't worry Doctor, I promised I would keep you safe.....and I've already seen the debauchery that men will indulge in, if they come back to find the Well!!!! I can't allow that....mankind must be protected from their base urges....they must never see the Well of Dreams....!!!"
The man-beast stopped at the edge of the jungle and looked back at the stunned men!!!!
"Never come back here.....tell no one what you found here....I am the Lord of this jungle now and I will not allow anyone else to experience the Well of Dreams....look what happened to us....imagine what the world would be if mankind could fulfill all their dreams!!!!
"But Tambler....what gives you the right to shut down the dreams of the multitudes that would use the Well?"
"Because I'm an 800 pound gorilla that's what gives me the right!!!!"
"But what of Doctor Damien???"
I'm the Lord of this jungle....and every Lord needs a Lady!!!!"
He turned and, in a moment, he was gone....swallowed by the jungle!!!!
The survivors of the expedition never spoke of it again....but at night while they slept each of them came as close as they ever would to fulfilling their dreams and for was enough!!!!


It was her idea....
"I just wonder how many of the macho guys I bring home will do it...let's call it a sociology experiment...."

So there I was tied down, spread eagle, on the bed when he came in....
"Oh my god....what the fuck is going on?"
"Please....would you please stick the plug in my ass and turn it up full before you fuck my wife....please!!!!"
Of the six men we tried this with the results were pretty interesting....
One said we were both a couple of fucking perverts and left....
One said he would if I would suck his cock.....of course I did....
Three didn't say anything but seemed to really enjoy teasing my ass with the plug....
And then there was the one who told me he had something that would fill me up so much more than the plug....and....oh my god....he was right!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Truth About Sissies

The truth is that we all have a bit of Sissy Attention Deficit Disorder....we love having a nice big cock in our mouth but we're always looking for the next one....and the one after that....and the one after that....


"Where do you think you're going?"
"I'm going into the bedroom to fluff my Mistress's lover....and you?"
"I'm going into the bedroom to fluff my Master for his lover...."
"Oh yeah....why don't we let my Mistress decide this...."
"Oh I don't think so....I'm pretty sure my Master will decide...."
"Let's go ask them then!!!"
"OK.....after you!!!!"
When we pushed the door open they were already fluffing needed....and they seemed to be enjoying themselves....we nodded at each other and quietly closed the door....
"Well I guess they didn't need us after all...."
"I guess not...."
"I'm sorry I got so nasty with you...."
"Me too...."
You've got a pretty clit....would you mind if I sucked it for you?"
"I was just thinking the same about you...."
"69 then?"
"Sounds good!!!!"

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Show Me

"Show me how much you love me that I'm the most important thing in your me how much you care about me.....all you have to do is not matter how good it feels while I stroke you I don't want you to cum....if you want to be my obedient little girl you won't cum....if you want me to feed you one big cock after another until their cum dribbles out of your mouth....don't cum.....I'll dress you as my sissy bitch and whore you out but my only rule is that you don't you feel it building....are you close.....I will punish you so will not will regret it...."

Personal Trainer

I know that I'm not really up to date on the latest fitness techniques....I'm old fashioned, I run to keep in shape!!! So when she arranged for me to have a personal trainer I was surprised....
"But why....I'm in great shape!!!"
"Do you remember the other night at while you were preparing dinner and you came to me to open a jar for need to tone up your upper body strength  Sweetie..."
"That's not fair!!!! No one could open that jar!!!"
"But I did and with very little trouble!!!!"
"I must've loosened it for you...."
"Sure Sissy....your Personal Trainer will be here at 10am...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
Like I said, I'm not really up to date on the latest fitness techniques but I couldn't help but wonder.....shouldn't it be me that was doing the pushups???

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and work has got you exhausted and you just want to stay in bed? What you need is some prodding to get you going!!!! Sometimes you need some serious prodding!!!


As he reached to unhook my wife's bra I reached down to stroke it....of course I was suddenly reminded that stroking was not allowed anymore....

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Sometimes she came home and sent me straight to our her bedroom and she'd strip down and strap on and fuck me....hard....
I knew that it was her way of working off the pressure of the corporate world that she dealt with every day....
I understood why she might call me someone elses name while she fucked me...
I'd usually end up pretty sore after this but she would feel so much better after she got it out of her system....and isn't that what's most important?

Deep Throat - Sissy Training

The idea is to make sure your Sissy knows that three's really no choice for him....he must learn to do this before he can proceed....sometimes it helps to encourage him even as you force the issue....soon Sissy will realize that this is one of his most basic skills and will begin to take great pride in his ability to take it all!!!!