Saturday, October 31, 2020

Saturday Matinee - So Much To Learn

"Will they all be there.....the whole family?"
"Of course they will....they're like sharks that smell blood in the water...."
"They didn't like him did they?"
"No....they didn't....not like I did....maybe they just didn't know him...."
"I think you're right...."
"Of course I'm right....!!!!"
"I'm so grateful that the procedure worked...."
"Yes a mere two weeks ago we expected to have a funeral for a little girl....but now that's all changed!!!"
"I'm not sure I can go down see the see the face I've known since I was a baby.....lying there so still...."
"But in his death he gave you you'll see your pretty young face for so many years to come that you'll forget what he looked like...."
"I don't thin so...."
"Hmmmph....maybe not...."
"Do you think any of them suspect?"
"What if they do.....what if you marched down and told them that you had switched bodies with your terminally ill granddaughter....what could they do?"
"Heh....I should do just that....but this is hardly the time is it?"
"Not while they're mourning your can wait....."
"Wait till they find out I left everything to young Emma....."
"I'm sure they'll be upset.....It's funny to think of you as Emma...."
"Well, all things considered. you can't be calling me Grandpa now....can you?"
"No of course not...."
"Are you done fussing with my hair yet? I want to get this over with...."
"Oh're going to have to get used to things not moving as quickly from now're a girl're my little sister now....and you may be a genius....but you have so much to learn!!!!"

Happy Halloween

Everyone says "Trick or Treat!"
Why not a little more "Trick and Treat!"
Enjoy all your sweet candy!!!

Friday, October 30, 2020


"Listen Sissy....your wife's home....lets go show her what you do in the afternoons while she's at work....let's go show her what a sissy her husband is....let's go show her what a good cocksucker you are!!!"

I Know

 Of course he knew....
But when he bent me over and pulled up my dress he just chuckled....whether it was because of his idea that I was a man or because of how much of a sissy I was....I don't know!!!
Then he pulled down my panties....not all the way down....he left my caged clit covered...
Maybe this was his way of pretending that he was about to fuck a woman.....
I didn't mind....i don't really care what he's thinking as long as he's filling me up!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Lisa From Work

 The guys all chuckled when Benny told them he had a date with Lisa...
"She's out of your league Benny...."
"You just don't know what you're getting into Ben...."
"She's not for you should steer clear...."
But he ignored them all....what did they know?
In fact he bet none of them even knew she had a nice big cock in her panties....but he knew and that was just the kind of girl he'd always dreamed of!!!!


"Which do you prefer Sissy....chocolate, caramel or vanilla?"
"I like chocolate...but I like caramel too...."
" vanilla then Sissy?"
"It's not available right now Sweetheart...."
"Okay then....I'll have chocolate and caramel...."
"Yes both!!!!"
"Can I stay and help you?"
"Of course you can Sissy....."

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

In A Dark Alley

 It was just a shortcut to get home....he didn't expect anyone to be lurking in the dark....
Nearly scared him to death!!!!
It wasn't long before the deal was settled.....ten dollars for a blowjob!!!!
And it was such a good blowjob too...long and slow with lots of tongue even sucking his balls....and not a single whimper as he shot a big load....
The sissy took out her purse and paid him his ten dollars.....and as he turned to walk away the sissy whispered....
"Tell your friends....I'll be here till my money runs out....."

Hump Day

Why are you smiling? 
It's Hump're working hard to finish two different projects at the same time...and then you realize that there's a solution that satisfies both of them at the same time!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Date Night

I told her that I really missed watching her get ready for a a cuckold it made me so hot thinking about her getting ready for another man!!!!
So here she was....getting ready for a date....but not was just a show for me...and I repaid her as best I could....I spent a long time between her thighs that night....and when we were finished we both felt satisfied!!!


 Before the goddamned virus came it wasn't unusual for me to step out to get a snack....for both of us or just for was just a short run down to the town where you could get pretty much anything you wanted!!!!
Now many of my favorite places are closed....some are probably never coming back....but there's that one spot that I love above all the others.....and they've just recently opened a drive through!!!!!
Now that is how to satisfy a hungry sissy!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2020


"Tell me again Sissy....tell me all about how his cock tasted....tell me how you sucked him....tell me all about it....tell me slowly....."

Monday ManCandy

 It had been a fantastic wedding was all she had dreamed it would be...she enjoyed him all night long....
So many orgasms that she lost count....he was so big and so hard and he hit all the right spots!!!!
And he still had enough to give her the breakfast treat she loved so much....filling her tummy with his delicious was all so wonderful....she felt more like a Princess than a bride....
She just lay there with a smile until there was a soft tap at the door....
Her husband came in and brought them a sumptuous breakfast for two.....
The Best Man eagerly dug in, but she smiled and told her husband that she was full....
ManCandy!!!! The perfect way to start your married life no matter whose it is!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

 My sweet wife had insisted that I be caged for the weekend at home....she just knew that the fact that I couldn't get hard would mean I wouldn't seduce her boyfriend!!!!
Well she was right that I didn't seduce him.....but he had no interest in what I had in the cage....he was far more interested in what else I had to offer....
When she walked in she realized the strategic error she'd made....but she sat and enjoyed the show before she started yelling at both of us!!!!!


Years ago....before the cage....I used to be allowed to stroke it as I watched....but she didn't give me permission to come....
I guess it was due to the dozens of times I disobeyed her that she discovered chastity for men!!!
So I don't ever complain about being locked up....after all it was all my own fault!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The Monster Inside


He walked away calmly even though his entire body tingled with the power...
He always walked away as calmly as possible....he was never in a panic....each one proved that his power was unstoppable and he knew the police would never catch him...
Besides running was a sign of guilt, and he felt a lot of things but he never felt any guilt for what he did!!!
He'd left this one in her car....nude as always....he couldn't leave them wearing those horrible clothes....he always arranged them to be on full display when they were found....legs and arms spread wide and mouth wide if they were embracing the life he had taken from them....
He smiled when he thought of all those cops staring at her while waiting for the ambulance people to load her onto a gurney....he thought it was funny!!!
But he walked away down the road....calm, calm calm, he felt so calm after each time....the hidden monster inside him sated for now....
This one would be number 137.... or maybe 138....he wasn't sure....he really lost track after the 40th time....he would read in the papers and the FBI would let him know his total....
The power that allowed him to do this was still crackling from his fingers as he walked down the lonely a mile or so he'd reach the county highway and he put out his thumb and with any luck he'd be hundreds of miles from here when the sun came up!!!
But he had to calm himself down or the driver who picked him up might suffer the same fate as the last one did....and then they'd know what direction he was traveling....and those FBI guys were pretty sharp....he didn't like the idea of their "profilers" trying to get inside his head and start predicting his was dark enough inside his head and he didn't want any company in there!!!
They didn't understand the power....none of them did....feeling it shoot through you like an electric current.....and watching their eyes as he put his hands on them....widening with fear, then pleading, then quiet, and then it was done.... 
He mused over this for the entire walk to the highway....
Sticking out his thumb he was relieved that the driver was a woman....
"How far you goin'?"
"I'm really not sure....I'm just going down the road...."
"Well I'll take you until I turn off the that OK?"
"That sounds great..."
She wasn't much of a talker and that was good....neither was he.....the power had gone to sleep again.....the urge was gone....for now...
He thought back to the girl he'd left in the car....
He tried to picture what it would be like for her when they found her....the effect of the power would keep her paralyzed for quite a while....but then she'd wake could she explain what had happened to could anyone believe it if she didn't believe it herself!!!
They would check her ID in her clothing and they would know....someone would call the FBI when they realized he'd struck again....
They'd look at her naked body with a mix of lust and pity and thank god it wasn't one of them.....
The story was always the same.....only some of the details changed....sometimes it was a hitchhiker, sometimes it was just a stranger on the street....but the result was always the same....he would approach them and his hands would glow and then spark and he would touch them and they wouldn't be able to move....and when they came to, their life as men was over and they were now women in every sense of the word....completely transformed!!!!
And none of them could describe him accurately....all they remembered were his hands....and then oblivion!!!!
He was grateful that it was a woman who'd picked him up....the power didn't work on women.....and he needed a rest....tomorrow he'd be far away from here and it might be a little while before the power came on again.....but when it came he'd be ready!!!



 He's so much bigger than me....but I love to watch this....keep the sound on....

Friday, October 23, 2020


 Who enjoys it the most when I'm sucking her lovers cock?
I know he's enjoying it....I can tell by the drops of pre-cum on my tongue!!!
I know she's enjoying it.....she's told me many times how much she loves to watch me sucking a big cock!!!
 But I think I enjoy it most of fulfills me to know that I'm making both of them moan!!!

When I Was A Girl

 When I was a girl I used to spend enormous amounts of time in the bathroom "doing" my hair.....most of the time with my father raging outside the door.....we only had the one bathroom and he used to scream that he'd like an opportunity to use it once in a while!!!!
Daddy never understood how important a girl's hair was....
I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a sissy who spends enormous amounts of time "doing" his hair while I sometimes lose patience and yell that I'd like the opportunity to use the bathroom once in a while!!!!
I never dreamed it.....but I love it!!!!


Thursday, October 22, 2020


 These are so pretty....I'll have to ask Sissy where he got them.....


"That's perfect friends are going to love that lift your legs up so I can send them a pic of your plug too!!!"
"Which friends are you sending these to?"
"That's for me to know Sissy....whenever one of the girls smiles at you you'll have to wonder....isn't that fun!!!"
"If you say so Ma'am...."

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Hump Day

 Sure you can always lay back and relax on Hump Day....but make sure there's no one about to stick it to you while your attention is keep an eye out!!!!

Bad Knee

 I've developed a bad knee which the doctor said is probably going to need a replacement sooner rather than later.....
It has affected much of my life.....but none more so than my kneeling next to the bed while I wait to offer her my tongue to clean her....
She has generously allowed me to sit or stand instead of kneeling while her lover fucks her....
She's so thoughtful like that.....


Tuesday, October 20, 2020


"Yes Sissy you look like a very proper lady your pretty outfit....on your knees....with a big black cock in your mouth....very proper!!!"
I would say thank you but there was no room for words in my mouth!!!!


 As I've said before I really don't like watching her kiss other men and this time was no exception.....I realize that in a short time they'll be fucking....that he'll have his cock inside her.....inside my wife.....and I know how much more that means.....but still somehow I can handle that better than her kissing him....and then he slips into my mouth and I devote all my concentration to that wonderful cock.....and I can't think about anything other than sucking him....
Later we'll talk about the whole kissing thing and she'll tie me into logical knots and eventually I'll agree that I was wrong about everything....
But I still don't like seeing her kissing another just seems too much....

Monday, October 19, 2020


"I work hard all day and when I get home I find you like this!!!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am!!!"
"I told you I wanted you in stockings and heels! Not jeans and sneakers!"
 "I'm sorry Ma'am!!!"
"You bet you'll be get your ass upstairs and you put on your uniform....the slutty one with all the petticoats then you come back down here and we'll start your punishment...."
"Yes Sissy....we're just getting go upstairs and get ready I've got to call a few of my friends...."


Monday ManCandy

 Just because we're still basically quarantined doesn't mean we can skip on the essentials!!!
Maybe the delivery guy is staying can't blame you just want to make sure your man get's what he needs.....even if it's his own!!!!!
ManCandy!!!!! Making a meal for yourself...almost as good as delivery!!!!


Sunday, October 18, 2020


Just because it wasn't our first trip to the small Farmer's Market didn't make it any less embarrassing!!!!
Maybe this time she wouldn't compare me to the cucumbers.....maybe this time the girls wouldn't laugh and point....
Probably not though....


Sunday Brunch

 "Come on Sissy....tell my friends how grateful you are that I've locked up your little clitty!!!"
"I'm very grateful that you've locked up my little clitty Ma'am!"
"You're welcome pull up your panties and get our drinks...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Things In The Night


They said that the spirits didn't sleep up in the old Manor House....they said that the dead prowled the hallways searching for what they'd lost....

The team gathered their equipment....they were all very excited about this one!!!
Of all the hauntings they'd investigated this one was one of the most notorious!!!
Multiple credible witnesses had given sworn testimony about what they'd seen and felt in the dark old house....
They packed the vans and headed out.....they soon left the city behind and were into the rural area of Vermont.
They arrived at the small town of Guilford just before dark where they met with their advance team who had already arranged their lodging for the night here in town. As eager as they were to get to the Manor House they knew it was best to wait for daylight to set up all the equipment and familiarize themselves with the rambling old house.
They stowed their bags in the rooms at the inn and settled down for a meal at the restaurant just a few doors down the street.
The place had a few locals enjoying a meal when they entered and were seated....they needed a couple of tables to be pushed together to accommodate them all and they ordered a round of drinks.....during the investigation drinking wasn't allowed....they wanted nothing to cloud their senses tomorrow night in the Manor House....
"So we've all read the reports....mostly they center on an apparition they've called the Woman in White....there have been several other random sightings but they all said the woman in white appears regularly....and seems to be searching for something in the house....have we had any luck at identifying her?"
"I've checked all the available records and I can't find any mention of a woman living in that one but Mr. Lewis Sinclair....he was the last one to actually reside in the house and he lived their all alone for the last 30 or so years of his life.....he had servants but none of them lived there and they all left every day before dusk!!!"
"So could the woman in white have been a secret mistress or something like that?"
"Maybe a secret wife or relative?"
"Maybe an illegitimate daughter?"
"No...although I can't be 100% sure I can't find anything in the towns historical archives to suggest that.....the last woman I could find who had been a resident had died very young....I believe she was in her twenties or maybe a bit younger....causes vary with the account you read but she died 20 years before Mr. Sinclair moved onto the property...."
Their meals arrived and the conversation died down....each of them forming their own theories about what they would encounter....
They retired to their rooms after the meal and went to sleep early....they wanted to get an early start in the morning.
After a hearty country breakfast they drove to the old house....they'd all seen pictures of the place but they didn't do it justice.
Victorian and Gothic at the same time, the house just looked like what anyone would imagine a haunted house would look!!!
They were met by the caretaker who let them in and supplied them each with a basic floor plan...he seemed nervous to even be near the old house and they noted that....they would interview him after the investigation.
They all gathered the equipment and set about running the wiring for their sensors and scanners....all powered from the ancient generator that had been cranky about starting but was working nicely after a few minutes.
The youngest of them was a technician, Phil Cozzolino, everybody just called him Cozzy...
He was an electronics guy and he did this stuff strictly for the paycheck. He was not a believer in any of this,but even he felt a weird vibe from this house....
He was wiring the control console when he thought he saw something from the corner of his eye....turning quickly he relaxed when he saw nothing there....
By late afternoon they were all set....if whatever was in the house could be monitored, they would capture a record of it!
They settled in for a long night.....four teams of two and Cozzy monitoring from the console...
Other than the occasional noises that you'd have in any house of this age there was nothing....except some nervous chatter among the teams on the radio!
Hours went by with nothing supernatural apparent on any of the monitors....
It was after 1am when the generator stopped and all of their equipment died....except for the handheld monitors they were in the dark....
Multiple voices were on the radio all calling Cozzy to get the lights back on...."
"Yeah, yeah, I'm on it...."
He stepped away from the console and moved toward the front door....and there she was!!!
The woman in White was right there!!!! Right in front of him!!!
The first thing he noticed was that he could see through her....she was truly not some play actor....and the second thing he noticed was her face.....she was beautiful....he was frozen....he had left his radio on the console and he wanted to call the rest of the team but this sudden appearance had frozen him in place....
The apparition appeared to be looking at him just as curiously as he was looking at her....
He cleared his throat....
"Hello....can you hear me?"
The apparition beckoned to him to follow and a voice that seemed to come from all around him invited him....
"Come with me and all will be made clear to you....."
Almost, it felt like his legs had a will of their own, and he followed her up the staircase and through a a room that he wasn't sure was being monitored or not....
Inside was a large bedroom which he thought was the master bedroom if he remembered the floor plan correctly....
The apparition gestured to a chair...
"Sit...." the voice all around him, soft and sweet....
"Who are you?" he asked.
"I lived here long name is Lewis....I am the Master of this house...."
"Are you related to Lewis Sinclair?"
"No young man....I am Lewis Sinclair...."
He looked again at the feminine apparition before him....
"But how can that be....Lewis Sinclair was a man...."
"That's correct....I was once a man just as you...."
"I don't understand...."
"There was a spirit in my house when I first came was a shy spirit and didn't appear to me clearly....I would catch a glimpse here and there....I felt her presence although I never actually had an encounter with her....until one night in this very room....when she appeared to me as I now appear to you...."
"As you now appear?"
"She pleaded with me that night....she wanted to feel the breathe the smell the scent of the gardens....she wept as she told me of her pain being trapped here....unable to leave.....denied her place in the Beyond for some terrible sin she'd committed in her youth....I felt pity for her....I asked her what I could do to ease her suffering....and she said there was a way...."
"What did she could you...."
"She asked me to let her soul take over my body.....only for a day.....that she might feel the world again....and my soul would spend that time in her ethereal form....."
"She wanted to switch places with you...."
"Yes....and I felt such pity for her that I almost agreed immediately....but I made sure it was a temporary arrangement....something that could be undone....and she readily agreed to any terms I would set...."
"SO you two switched....bodies?"
"Yes....she felt the world through my body and I felt the other world through hers....while she reveled in feeling life again I learned that the spirits were numerous and all around us all the time....most lacked the will or the strength to break through to our world but they were always trying...."
"You mean....right now...."
"We are surrounded by them even now....."
"So what happened, how come you're still come you're still her?"
"She kept her word and after a day we returned our souls to their rightful places....she thanked me profusely for letting her have a taste of life again and I must admit that I had found the experience of being a spirit fascinating...."
"So then?"
"We agreed to exchange our souls many, many times over the next years....and I trusted her....I learned so much about the spirit world....did you know that the reason spirits walk at night is that sunlight makes them impossible to see....they're still all about you but in the light you have an even smaller chance of seeing them....if they are of sufficient strength to be seen at all...."
"So why are you still here....I read that you died years ago...."
"We had exchanged our souls that day when my life suddenly ended without warning....I don't pretend to know by what rules the Beyond judges but as I stood beside my body I saw her soul leave it and disappear into a beautiful glowing light.....moments later I realized I was trapped....trapped as her apparition....unable to return to the empty husk that had been my body!!!"
"So why are you telling me this....would you wait until I got the others and let them see you as well?"
"I'm telling you this young "Cozzi" so that I might ask you thew same favor that was asked of me....would you allow me to once again feel the world on my flesh and you could learn more about the spirit world than any other man alive on this earth....for just a few hours...I plead with you...."
"Why me?"
"Because I could see that you didn't believe....and I thought you'd have the most to gain from the experience....."
"Just for a couple of swear?"
"I swear on the souls of my ancestors?"
"All right....what do I have to do?"
"Just close your eyes and allow me to enter.....yes just like that....and like that we're done!!!"
He opened his eyes and was shocked to see himself sitting in the chair....even more shocking was the numerous other spirits in the room with them....
"Thank you my friend....I promise that before this night ends I will restore to you that which is last thing....your form may be as mist to the living but not to the could indulge yourself in pleasures like you have never felt as a man....if you so please...."
"Honestly my young is the one thing that has kept me from losing my sanity over all these long years....Now I must venture outside for the first time in all these feel the wind on my face once more....oh what a joy it will be!!!!"
Cozzy watched with curiosity as his body rose and stepped out of the room....he followed as best he could....the new feminine sensations distracting him....distracting him so much that he failed to see the danger....
His body reached the top of the stairs and one of the teams wires had come loose....the way his body fell left him with little doubt of the outcome...
Lewis Sinclair's soul left his body and went to the light.....he could swear he could hear an apology and then it was gone....
The team rushed into the room and found a horrible scene before them....their friends body broken and twisted in an unnatural fashion....and the Woman in White standing over him....
They abandoned the equipment and ran....none of them heard his soft voice as the panic overruled all rational thought....

So now he walked through the house at one from the world came near any longer...he realized that he was the strongest spirit here and he could use any of the others for his pleasure whenever he wished.....he hoped that he wasn't condemning himself in the Beyond by enjoying his debauched pleasures....but after all....what's a girl to do?

How Do I Know

 How do I know she loves me?
When he's giving her more pleasure than I ever could...she still reaches out to hold me...
That's how I know!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2020


On your knees...
The first time you've been exposed as a sissy to a man....
The first time your wife told you to open his pants and suck his cock....
The first time your hands shake as you try to open his belt....
You're embarrassed and you can't believe it is happening....
After all these years of fantasy it's about to be real....
Your wife chuckles as you struggle to open his pants....
But still your mouth is already open and you can't wait till you taste his big cock....
If you could just get this damned belt open!!!!


Thursday, October 15, 2020


"When i told you I wanted to ride your big cock, tell me you weren't thinking I meant that useless little caged clitty...."
"I didn't think So Sissy....."


Young Billy Was Not Happy

Although Auntie had tucked him into bed he woke when he heard the noises coming from her bedroom....
He was surprised to see Auntie and his cousin Tommy like this....
And when his Auntie turned to look at him as he watched he made a mes in his panties....he would get a sound spanking for sure.....but it was so worth it!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Be Seen

"Just relax Sissy.....if I didn't want you to be seen I wouldn't have taken away your panties!!!!"

Hump Day

 Working at home was OK although you missed the office gossip and politics....
Monday was so dull with nothing to break up the workday....
Tuesday was the same....eating lunch alone was so boring....
But then today your assistant reminded you, in the best way possible, that today was Hump Day and no matter what happened the rest of the was the day to kick up your heels!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I Just Know

"Don't ask me why's because I just know you deserve it!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."


 She's finally getting what she wanted....what she needed....and he gets to see it up close!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Bra Shopping

It's so hard to is for boys and pink is for girls but her sissy husband is somewhere in between......just get them both....after all you can't have too many!!!!

Monday ManCandy

 Is there anything more romantic than sharing a delicious breakfast with the woman you love....and her new friend?
An intimate meal just for you two to share....served by her new friend....
Locking eyes with each other as you share her new that's love!!!!!
ManCandy!!! A beautiful start to your day!!!


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

 "I'm glad you invited me to come home with you Kaaren but I'm surprised your wife and her boyfriend aren't here!!!"
"They'll be gone all weekend I'm afraid...."
"Then why did you invite me along Kaaren?"
" really can't think of why I might invite my sexy classmate to come with me to stay at my wife's house while they're can't think of a single reason?"
"Well yeah....I can think of a few reasons...."
"Well why don't you show me the first reason that comes to mind...."

Always Wanted

 "He told me that he'd always known you were a sissy....ever since you were boys together....and he'd dreamed of you sucking his big cock!!!!"
"I know is nice and big isn't when I told him that you'd always fantasized being dressed in something cute and on your knees sucking him....well I just had to arrange for it to happen....two fantasies fulfilled in one blowjob!!!!"
"Oh no can thank me later!!!!"

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Sacrifice

 "Did it work?"
"Beyond my wildest dreams!!!"
"He's been transformed completely?'
"Completely....and he turned out quite beautiful too!!!"
"I'd love to see the results...."
"Come with me to the cells....I'm sure you'll be happy with her!!!"
They walked down several levels to the dungeons under the ancient palace....past the cells where the failures languished in physical and mental torment in the horrid misshapen forms they had been molded into.....many of them begging for death as the men walked by!!!
"I hate coming down here.....why do you keep them here....why not just dispose of them?"
"That would be wrong...."
He almost laughed.
"That would be wrong!!! You took these poor souls against their will and experimented on them!!!! You turned them into....abominations.....and yet you say that disposing of them would be wrong!!!!"
"I don't expect you to understand.....I have done what I've done for the good of humanity....these few were guides that led me to perfecting the technique.....and just in time as well....the sacrifice must be made by tomorrow at noon or we're know that...and where was I going to find an adult woman here to sacrifice to a god that only accepts virgins...."
"Surely there were naturally born women who remained virgins until they came of suitable age...."
"Every family on this world knows about the sacrifice.....there isn't a girl on this world who remains a virgin for very have two either of them a virgin?"
"Of course not....I wouldn't want to give either of my daughters in sacrifice!!!"
"So you realize then that I had to create a woman, full grown yet still pure.....and this was the only way I could do it....."
They stopped at the last cell....two guards stood at rigid attention on either side of the metal door.....
He produced a key and dismissed the guards.....
"I'm going to sedate wouldn't do at all to have a hysterical woman on the sacrificial altar with all those cameras rolling...."
"Of've really thought of everything!!!!"
"Once in a century ye shall offer a calm his terrible wrath! We have archaeological evidence of past civilizations on our world being completely destroyed....I wouldn't want that to happen to us...."
"Nor would I!!!"
He turned the key and pulled open the heavy door......she was lying in a corner....and she was lovely to behold ....a lithe young body and a beautiful face!
She lay there silently with her eyes closed....her breasts rose and fell with her breathing and both men were instantly aroused....
He moved closer with the syringe to keep her like this until the time of he leaned over he noticed the spots of blood on her a moment he knew....he knew that the end of the world had come....
She opened her eyes and laughed....
" made me into this ultimate object of desire and you left men....big virile men to guard're not as smart as you think you are.....I will not be sacrificed now or ever!!!"
"What have you done!!!! You've doomed us....all of us.....why would you do this...."
"I don't care about the never cared about me....and if it took the end of all we long as it meant the end of was worth it....."
The two men fell to their knees sobbing as she laughed....
"Cry all your tears now you evil bastard....for tomorrow your world dies!!!!



"Alright watch what I do....I'm going to get him started and then I want you to finish him want  to do that for me....don't you Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"And what does that make you?"
"Do I have to say it?"
"I'm waiting...."
"I'm your little sissy cocksucker!!!"
"Yes you are Sissy!!!"


Friday, October 9, 2020

At The Office

 Although she's been working from home for months there are things that require her presence in the office sometimes....she tells me it doesn't bother her and that she enjoys the change of scenery....
I've noticed that when she returns home she seems a little....on edge.....and supercritical of my housework.....
She always finds a reason for a sound spanking....not that she needs a reason, mind you....I mean it's not like I would ever refuse getting bent over and paddled.....but I think she's going to have a hell of an adjustment if she ever goes back to the office full time...
And I'm going to need to put a lot more cushions around for me to sit on!!!!


Sissy Training - One last Time

"It's alright Sweetie.....we've all agreed that it's just not enough for any of go ahead and give it a good stroking and when you're done we'll get you into your cage and panties..."
"Yes Ma'am...but do I have to do it here...with all the ladies watching?"
"Of course you aren't allowed to keep anything from us!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."


Thursday, October 8, 2020


 "Are you sure you want your husband to see this?"
"Oh yeah Baby....this will make him crazy!!!!"
"Well what man wants to see his wife suck another mans cock?"
"Well first off he's not really a man.....and he'd be cumming in his panties right now if I didn't have his little, bitty clitty in a small chastity cage!!!"
"So you're saying he's okay with this?"
"He'd be happier if he was sucking you.....that's what will make him crazy...."
" two are fucked up....but I don't mind at all!!!!"

New Dress

"I bought this new dress today....what do you think?"
""It's pretty.....I'm sure it'll look good on you...."
"Silly boy.....I bought this for you....and I got you some frilly undies too...."
"What do you mean for me....I don't wear stuff like that!!!!"
"I checked your internet history sissyboy, maybe you didn't wear these things before but you're going to wear them for me now!!!!"