Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sissy Maid

"You said you wanted to be my Sissy maid....didn't you?"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"Well my Sissy maid has to be a good you still want to be my maid?"
"Yes Ma'am.....I do...."
"Alright then me...."


Hump Day

Even before it really gets started, it's good to begin your day with a solid reminder that it's Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 His wife's friends all laughed at him when he showed up dressed as a woman....
But they stopped laughing when they watched him take that stripper all the way into his throat!!!!

Good Morning

 Put on your nicest lip gloss and say hello to a brand new day!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Cotton Panties

 She was just wearing her pretty cotton bikini panties.....she had long ago conceded that I was the one who dressed like the wanton slut in our house.....
And as she pushed her big cock inside me she smiled....
She wouldn't want it any other way!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Now that some of the restrictions have eased a bit you can finally get back to the've really missed those early morning went to work after and at first you were sore...but you quickly got back into the rhythm and your trainer always made sure you had a good breakfast at the end of the workout....
You went back to work full of energy and ready to take on the world!!!
ManCandy!!! Nutrition is just as important as exercise!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

 "It says here3 that the Headmaster has suspended you for a week!!! What did you do this time Sissy?"
"Nothing was a blowjob for a grade trade with one of the instructors...."
"You are such a were sucking your teachers cock for a good grade???"
" was all about a blowjob but it didn't happen like you think.....let me explain a little further...."

The View works to get it in really deep....but I get a little dizzy being upside down and the view isn't really that great!!!


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Castaway

Today marked three years since I' was shipwrecked....
I must have been the only survivor....I never saw anyone else from the wreck....but I didn't find any bodies either and I've walked around this island more times than I care to think about....
I've pretty much given up on any kind of rescue at this point....I mean it's been three years....I'm pretty sure they're not looking for me anymore!
My wife has probably either moved on or is beginning to move on....I know at least a few of my buddies that would love to get together with her....hell, some of them tried even before the wreck!!!!
I guess I got lucky landing on this island....there was a fresh water spring and an abundance of fruits and birds that sustained me.....and fishing was easy....
I have no idea what kind of fish these are but the waters around the island are full of them....sometimes so full I can just wade out and catch them in my hands!!!
They're the best tasting seafood I've ever had!!! If I am ever rescued I'll open a restaurant serving only these and I'll be a rich man in no time!!!
Also there's a bush with berries that I didn't recognize....they're the most plentiful thing on the island.....but I wasn't sure.....maybe they were I tried just one....hoping it didn't kill me!!!!
It was a flavor unlike anything I'd ever tasted!!!! It was ambrosia!!!! It was fit for the gods!!!!
And yes the next day I had some stomach cramps but I can't be sure if it was the berries or something else.....but afterwards I tried a couple of them and I felt no ill effects and now I carry a pouch of them with me all the time and snack on them all day!!!
It was after the first couple of months that I started noticing the skin seemed softer.....and I was losing weight.....and strangest of all my beard literally fell out one night while I slept!!!!
I attributed all of this to a vitamin deficiency and doubled up on the fish and berries and roasted the occasional bird for the protein.....what I wouldn't have given for a nice juicy New York strip steak with mushrooms and onions!!!!
A short time later I noticed my chest was swelling and my nipples had become very sensitive to the touch.....and I touched them a lot....if you're surprised maybe you should spend a couple of years on a deserted island.....
While I got a lot of pleasure from that I was concerned that my manhood had shrunk to a boyhood if you know what I mean....but it didn't matter because I was enjoying myself anyway!!!!
I had to admit it to myself eventually that  I was breasts had developed very nicely and my little man had almost completely disappeared! 
Was it the berries? Was it the fish? I didn't know but I banished both from my diet and lived a little more roughly on fowl and some of the less abundant fruits....
After several weeks I found the changes in my body reversing but I also yearned for the remarkable flavors I was no longer enjoying
I made the conscious decision to resume eating the islands delicacies.....and the changes resumed.....eventually I had become a woman in every sense of the little fella disappeared one night while I slept and was replaced with a very tight little hole....I know it was tight because I explored it thoroughly over the first few days....okay weeks....after it appeared......and I found the little man in the boat too.....and I'm glad there was no one on the island to hear me because....well....I wasn't quiet!!!!
So now I live here all alone....I wonder what would happen if rescue came would I explain what had happened to me?
Would my wife accept a new lifestyle to stay married to me? What about my golfing buddies?
I was fishing today....when I saw a really wasn't that far out and if I hurried I could throw dome green leave on the fire and get a smoke signal going.....
A chance to go home!!!! To leave all this behind.....and maybe have all the changes reverse and be a man again!!!!
I was still thinking about it as the ship sailed out of sight.....maybe....just maybe....this place was where I was meant to be....maybe this place was my heaven!!!!


A Sissy Knows

 A sissy knows what it's like...when he's making you his bitch and he hits that spot!!!!
What was really good a moment ago is much better!!!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Ride In The Country

"Several of the ladies in my club are taking a ride in the country with their you want to go Sissy?"
"I don't know what about masks and things?"
"I can assure you there will be masks and distancing....."
" sounds like fun...."
"Oh yes'll be great fun!!!!"


He had his hand in my wife's panties and I had his cock in my was all just.....just so right!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2020


 She watched her sissy husband stroking her lover's big cock and she wanted to step in and take him to her bedroom.....but at the same time she was enjoying watching was kind of hypnotic.....and it was making her so wet!!!!
She decided to tell her husband to put that big cock in his mouth and suck him till she said to stop.....she wasn't sure but she was thinking she'd really enjoy watching her husband swallow her lovers first load of the night!!!!


I used to do this long ago but then she put me in the cage....
The best thing about being caged is that I can focus all of my attention on others pleasures because that's where I get my pleasure....I can't do that if I'm stroking my little clitty....I have to concentrate on the job....I have to give it 100%!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Hump Day

 Like so many other things in life.....Hump Day is so much better when you share it with a friend!!!!

So Nice

"It's so nice......I'd love to have your cock inside me.....would you like that?"
"Oh yeah baby I want to fuck you so bad....."
"How bad? Bad enough to do something for me?"
"Oh yeah....I'd do anything for you Baby!!!!"
"Good.....then I'm going to get my Sissy husband to come in here and suck your cock while I watch.....and after you cum in his mouth he'll suck you until you're hard again and then you can fuck me....."
"Sounds okay to me Baby!!!!"
"Wonderful......come in Sissy....I've got a lovely cock for you!!!!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Working At Home

 "I'm sorry Sissy but I have an important online meeting and I can't have you interrupting me!!! So be my good girl and just wait till I'm off and then we'll have some fun...."
"I'm glad you agree Sweetie...."

Same Deal

"You look really cute in my bikini top's the same deal....if you want me to take off the bottom the you have to agree to put it on and keep it on.....all day...and remember...before you agree so quickly....that all of my girlfriends are coming over in a little while...."
"Yes please!!!"

Monday, September 21, 2020


 My housework is done but she's still in her home office working....I can hear her on the phone....she's talking about closing a deal involving huge sums of money....I wouldn't dream of disturbing I'm just laying here in  my sissy bedroom waiting for her to need me...
If the deal goes well I'll get a night of sweet cuddling and lots of time making her come on my tongue....
If the deal goes badly I'll get some time over her knees and lots of time making her come on my tongue....
I win either way!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It happens to all of start out strong but you soon run out of gas...
You just need that mid-morning boost to get you through to lunch....
If only there was something better than those horrible "power Bars" or "energy drinks"....
You don't need caffeine....
You need something delicious and natural...
You need something smooth and creamy...
You need to run down to the nearest "filling station" and just say...
"Fill it up!!!!"
ManCandy!!! Available 24/7 just about everywhere!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Are You Sure

"Are you sure you haven't been playing with it Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"Then why is it so hard Sissy?"
"Because I love you Sweetheart...."
"Because I love wearing panties...."
"And they look so pretty on you Sissy!"
"I always try to be pretty for you Sweetheart!!!"
"That's sweet know I'm still going to put you back in the cage?"
"I wouldn't want it any other way Ma'am!!!"

Sunday Brunch

"But they're always grabbing my ass...."
"Don't pretend you don't like it....."
"Well I guess I like it a little...."
" are such a slut......just keep matter how good it feels....and keep that plug in place too!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The C-Ray

 "So you see hour ago he was just some homeless hopes, no dreams....and now he can have a completely new life...."
"By god Caruthers!!! I can't believe my own eyes!!! How is this possible?"
"Well it was something that German fellow said in his lecture last Spring....what was his name....Frankenburg or something....he was experimenting with the idea that cosmic rays were the essence of life itself.....of course the small minded fools hounded him out of the University....I understand he went back to Germany.....what was his name.....Frankenmeyer....well whatever it was....he planted the seed of an idea in my mind and what you're seeing now is that idea come to fruition!!!!
"Yes Caruthers....I remember that German chap....but everyone thought he was mad....I think I read something about him getting into some trouble with the authorities a while back....but he was talking about re-animating dead tissue.....not anything like this!!!!"
The man on the table moaned....a deep feminine sound that caught the attention of both men!!!
"The effect is nearly complete now Jenkins....soon she'll be a woman in every way...."
"This is fantastic....but I still don't understand the method...."
"Well like that German chap said....I started working based on the assumption that cosmic rays were the essence of life....But as I studied the rays themselves I realized that they could be filtered and bent to perform specific tasks.....I discovered quite accidentally the effect you're seeing now....and I realized I could use it to help the poor dregs of humanity to start a whole new life...."
"I realize that this poor soul's life will be changed....but how will he be better off....he'll still be poor and homeless...."
"Don't you see Jenkins....he'll be someone that society won't ignore....he may end up in a palace or a brothel but at least he'll be somewhere he can be appreciated as a human being!!!"
"Is he the first one?"
"Hardly the first.....but with each new one to submit to the ray I learn more and make the adjustments so that the next will be fact he's the fourteenth!!!"
"My god Caruthers....fourteen!!!! Do you keep track of them?"
"Of course I do....two are is a Countess....and the rest are whores!!!!"
"'ve turned them into whores!!!! My god could you?"
"Better that they should die in some alley of hunger and disease? They're living well in well-run houses....with kind and generous Madams looking out for their fact this one here is bound for Madam Lucille's Salon on Saville Row where she'll rub to speak....with the top businessmen in all of England!!!!"
"So you're taking them from misery to a better life?"
"Now you see what I've been trying to tell you Jenkins....."
"This is mind boggling....what do you call this new invention?"
"I call it....The C-Ray!!!"
"Named for the cosmic rays...."
"Oh no....not at all...."
"My god man surely you didn't name it the cu...."
"Of course not Jenkins.....I transform downtrodden men into beautiful women....I'm not some foul-mouthed street ruffian!!!!!"
Then what?"
"It's called the Caruthers Ray, of course, or the C-Ray for short!!!"
"Ah I see...."
"So Jenkins....any other questions?"
"Well....only one....but I hesitate to ask...."
"I'm sorry Jenkins but if you want her you'll have to bargain with Madam Lucille...."
"No it's not that at all.....I was just wondering.....if you could use it on me next?"
"I was pretty sure that's what you'd want old friend....that's why I invited you here today....I'd be happy to give you a whole new life!!!!"
"I can hardly wait!!!!"

A Nice Blowjob

When we first met she told me she had a bit of a reputation as the girl who loved giving blowjobs.
She told me this to make sure I wouldn't be hurt or upset if I heard it later....and it was true she was one of those girls who did it and enjoyed it and wasn't ashamed of it at all!!!! 
The first time I had the indescribable pleasure of receiving a blowjob from her she told me how glad she was that I was small and came quickly....she said some of the guys were so big that her jaw hurt  and they lasted so long she thought they'd never come!!!!
She said that mine was just what she needed!!!!
Of course we both knew that even if she liked mine it certainly wasn't all she needed....she still had her appetite for the bigger guys......she loved that I didn't mind that she still had some other guys.....and I got a kind of thrill out of it too!!!!
Years have gone by since those early days.....we fell in love and got married and she eventually locked my useless little clit up and continued to enjoy the big boys!!!!
Way back then she would sometimes wake me up by taking me in her mouth and enjoying my startled reaction as she made me come....
Sometimes she still wakes me that way and she enjoys my reaction.....


Friday, September 18, 2020


 Yes I'm pretty small if you think of me as a male....I always was the smallest in every way....
So when I hold him and I can't get my hand completely around him....I have nothing to compare it to....
And I really wonder just how much I'm going to be able to fit in my mouth!!!!


Just because she hasn't been dating since all this virus shit began, it doesn't mean that she's eased up on her grooming regimen.....I still shave her and tongue check for smoothness afterwards!!!
Then I do as much of myself as I can and she takes care of those pesky, hard to reach spots!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

He Hated It

Oh my god how I hated it....I might never forgive her for this!!!
And what would her lover think of me???
And he would probably tell all his friends....and soon word would get around and everyone would know!!!!
How could she do this to me!!!!
How could she make me kneel down and suck her lovers big cock like this....after she picked out the ugliest top in her closet for me to wear!!!!
It was a nice cock and his cum tasted so sweet but I'm sure all he'd remember was that horrible top....oh my god how I hated it!!!

Just Like Me

Yes that was just like me....but I shrunk out of that cage a long time ago....I could probably get fully hard....such as it a cage that roomy nowadays!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Sissy Cuckold

He knew I was her cuckold husband....but until now he had no idea that I was a sissy may not seem like a big difference to you....but if you were in my place you'd know how big a change in our relationship it was!!!!
Even though he was fucking my wife.....even though I'd sucked his cock.....until he saw me in my frilly panties he'd still considered me a man....
Now he knew better!!!

Hump Day

If you've finished everything you had to do by Hump deserve a great big reward.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Difference

His Girlfriend....
"So how about a blowjob?"
"Ewww,,,,that's just gross....I can't believe you'd want to use me like that......."

His Sissy....
"So how about a blowjob?"
" up your pants Baby..."
"And maybe my two friends too?"
"The more the merrier Baby!!!!"

Back To Work

"This is all just till we go back to work right.....I mean this is just between us right?"
"Of course it is Sweetie....just relax....although I do have some of my girlfriends coming over tonight....they've so wanted to see you since I told them all about it...."
"But you said...."
"Well it's just between you and me and a few of my girlfriends.....I'm sure they won't tell anyone else....."

Monday, September 14, 2020


The first time I saw him I made sure to stay away from the windows until he was gone....
The next time I noticed him he had a camera with a big long telephoto lens....and again I avoided the windows....
After a while I realized he was almost always I never went near the windows!!!
Then she spanked me because the windows were dirty....
Now I don't avoid the windows per her instructions...I wear my shortest maid uniform on window day!!!

Monday ManCandy

You were doing shooters all night and now it's the morning after....
You've got a Zoom meeting coming up fast and you just can't seem to get going...
Well if it was drinking shooters that got you into this....shooters will help you out of it!!!
Is it a White Russian?
No....I think he's from Argentina....
ManCandy!!!! If you need to drink a shot....make it count!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Oh my goodness Sissy....what's happened to your's all swollen and bruised!!!!!"
"It's nothing Dear....just a little mishap at school..."
"I won't have anyone abusing you Sissy....except for me of course....but if you won't tell me then I'm calling the Headmaster!!!!"
" was one of the of the male teachers....he accidentally hit me in the was my own fault really so please don't make a fuss!!!!"
"A male teacher hit you in the eye and you don't want me to make a fuss!!!!!"
"Well let me explain how it happened in a little more detail...."


If you're really lucky....and your wife's lover is kind of OK with you being a sissy....maybe you get to suck his cock until he's really hard.....but the best thing ever is if he lets you put his cock inside her.....
It feels so good when she gasps with pleasure and you know you played a small part in that!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Home Again

"Who are you? What are you doing in my house?"
"Don't you house Ted?"
"How do you know my name....what do you mean your house.....I'm calling the police!"
"Don't you recognize me Ted.....I know they changed me but surely you can recognize your own brother....."
"My own....I don't know what you're talking about brother disappeared years ago...."
"Yes....when you found that old relic in Grandpa's trunk in the attic....that horn....the one that opened the you know what they did to me there can see that they changed my body....can you guess why they did that Ted?"
"It can't be.....Joey....I sent you to the Dark did this are you here?"
"How isn't important right now....I'm here now Joey and I'm going to take it all back from you.....the entire estate.....I've earned it!!! All that time Ted.....all the time when I went through the indescribable pain of the transformation ritual they performed on me....all the horrors they inflicted on me.....all the time they were forcing me to do unspeakable things...all I thought of was taking it all away from you.....leaving you a penniless piece of human scum.....maybe even sending you back in my place and letting you have the experience...."
"Joey....please let me explain....I never meant to hurt you I just needed you to be somewhere else when the will was wasn't personal...."
"Ha!!!! I don't care what you say....I want what's mine....let's start with the deed to this're going to sign that over to me...."
"Alright Joey.....I'm willing to be's in that trunk over there...."
He reached into the trunk and pulled out the relic instead.....before  Joey could react he had blown into it and the dimensional rift had begun to swirl and fill the room....
" bastard!!!! Joey screamed as unearthly hands began to pull at him through the interdimensional doorway....
'We want you back!!!!" dozens of voices echoed in the room "We want you!!!!"
Ted laughed as he watched them start to pull his brother back into the hell dimension...where he would be used and abused forever!!!
"Stop!!!!" Joey screamed, "This is the one I told you of.....the evil king of perversion...the one who has volunteered to become your slave in my place....just look....he will provide you with your decadent pleasures in ways I never could!!!"
It happened so fast....they released Joey and Ted was being pulled away from this earth...
" command you to release me....please!!!!!"
Joey smiled as his brothers voice faded out as the rift slowly closed....
He smiled and picked up the horn his brother had dropped.....and broke it in half....
That was easier than he'd came the hard he had to convince everyone about who he was....and how it was that he was now a woman!!!
But he was home again!!!!


I've said it many times...I'm very uncomfortable when she kisses her lovers...
That just seems like the one step too far for me....we've discussed it and she understands my concerns....but she says that sometimes she just can't help it....
Last night she had a lover sleep over and when they kissed it really didn't bother me all that fact I kind of enjoyed it....
She smiled and sent me off to my sissy bedroom.....where I spent a very uncomfortable night listening as hard as I could for the soft sounds coming through the wall!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2020

A Moment Later

A moment later my legs were over his shoulders and he was deep inside felt just wonderful!!!!

My Advice

My advice is that you should find a woman who looks at you like my wife looks at me while she sucks her lover's cock....she's the one for you!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2020


Before our wives even left, my new sissy friend Stephanie had cum in her panties....
I could feel the wetness against my belly....
His wife Kathy had removed his cage for the night and he was making the most of it as he squirmed against me....
If only I could have joined him....

Every Time

Blonde wig....a little makeup....his sisters worked every time!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Hump Day the time Hump Day rolls around you feel like your Boss has you by the balls....and it feels just....just wonderful!!!!!


"Could you make sure he's ready for me Sissy?"
"I'm still putting on my makeup Honey...."
"So I should ask him to wait?"
"Oh need for that...."

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

I Wasn't Sure

When I saw her and her friend whispering in the corner I really wasn't sure what they were talking about....
But after watching them for a moment I was sure they were talking about me.....and strangely enough I felt a little turned on....

Double Standard

Sure....she caught me peeing in the shower and I got a serious paddling for it and not just once....
But she walks into the bathroom while I was on the toilet and tells me she has to's not like we don't have another bathroom she gets up on the sink and relieves herself......
Of course I gave her a lick after....just to freshen up.....and then she told me to make sure I cleaned the sink thoroughly.....
Of course I did as she said.....and sitting there watching her pee was kind of exciting....I'm pretty sure it was the bottle of Chardonnay that made her do it.....I'll make sure to always have a bottle on hand in the future!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Such A Fuss

"Just think Sissy....think how different your life could have been if it weren't for this little nub....such a fuss over such a little thing!!!"