Sunday, November 24, 2019


I currently am posting to four blogs....yes can find all the links right on this page.....
Such A Sissy
Such A Funny Sissy
And my Such A Sissy that's on my BDSMLR page....that used to be my Tumblr page but they made me feel very unwelcome some time ago!!!
And of course there's this blog that you're reading now!!!!
My wife has graciously allowed me to have these blogs as long as I obey a few rules....the key rule being that I can't post anything that could allow either of us to be identified.....she has  a fantastic career in the corporate world and she wants to keep no hint of scandal is allowed.....
To make sure I've obeyed all of her rules she takes some time and reviews all of my posts, comments, e-mails, and messages....
With a couple of exceptions, which I have been soundly punished for, she enjoys reading my sissy ramblings...sometimes she really enjoys them!!!!


  1. Kisses to your wife, You are a very lucky sissy, my dear!

  2. Yes, I bow to her (and you!). Same here on being anon... sigh and kiss, sara

    1. The worst part is that there's some pics that don't show my face and the background is really hard to tell where it is and I posted one pic like that and she went absolutely ballistic!!!!!
      She was ready to click the "delete blog"....
      I pleaded and she relented but told me I had used my one "Get Out of Jail" card....
      Now I don't take any chances anymore....

  3. That's good you don't take chances and sorry she went ballistic on you! I don't know how you find the time to do so many blogs. it's all I can do to keep up with the one I have and trying to keep it fresh and interesting lol