Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Taught Me Well

She had taught me well....she had hammered this lesson home.....she had made me understand....
No matter what else you're doing.....don't neglect the balls!!!!!

Do You Remember

Do you remember the first time....the first time she fucked you? The first time she stretched your sissy pussy wide....the first time she made you her bitch!!!!
I was nervous as I knelt on her bed waiting....she was taking her time.....all the while talking about how she'd wanted to do this all her life and how it was going to be wonderful!!!
I felt my body shaking as she spread the lube on me....shaking worse when her fingers spread the lube in me!!!!
Then came that glorious moment...when she pushed past my tight ring and entered me!!!! I had played like this before....with dildos.....in private.....but this was different.....I wasn't in control here....she had claimed me as her own....and as the initial pain gave way to pleasure I wanted to be hers....I wanted her to fuck me like the little bitch I was......and she did!!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Honey....Come Down

"Honey, come down here for a minute please!"
She had to know I couldn't come down....not dressed like this!!!!
"I'm king of busy Sweetheart....what's it about!!!"
"Donna from across the street said she saw some woman in a slutty maids uniform cleaning our front windows and I think she and I need an explanation!"
"She must have been mistaken dear....I swear there were no women here today!!!!"
"Come down here right now!!!! We both want to see you!!!!"
"Yes dear!!!! I'll be right there!!!"
Blushing deep red I started down the stairs.....

Monday ManCandy

With that delicious cream sliding down your throat you might not realize that you missed a bit...the thoughtful provider will always lend a hand to make sure you swallow every drop!!!
ManCandy!!!! Waste not, want not!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Shopping

"I got the sexiest little babydoll you've ever seen!!!"
"I'm sure it's beautiful but the peignoir and teddy set I got tops that!!!"
"I don't know girls I got those peek-a-boo bras and crotchless panties....that will make him drool!!!!"
"All right girls no need to argue, we'll get the guys and we'll have a fashion show and they can model all the outfits for us....then we'll see who is the hottest sissy husband"
"You know....there's no football this weekend so maybe we can invite our boyfriends over too!!!!"
"Sounds so good.....I could use a man after a week with Sissy's little pinky!!!"
"Couldn't we all.....so let's do it, we'll have a sissy fashion show....you know how they hate it when we make them all dress together!!!"
"That just makes it better as far as I'm concerned!!!"
"And then with the men there.....alright let's go!!!! I'm already getting wet thinking about it!!!"
"Me too!"
"And me!"
"And me!"
The women all laughed as they headed home for an afternoon their husbands would long remember!!!!

Doubly Rewarding

Sissy had laid there listening to the sounds of his wife and her lover.....he was so enjoying the sound of her having multiple orgasms!!! Their pleasures building to a crescendo as they both came!!!! He was so happy that she had her needs fulfilled by her lovers big cock while his own pathetic little clit strained in it's cage!!! Her pleasure was his reward!!!
When he heard her footsteps coming across the hall to his sissy bedroom he suddenly hoped that maybe she had another reward for him and as she settled down onto his mouth he knew he was right!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Matinee - When He Calls

The phone rang and with a trembling hand she reached for it, hoping that it wouldn't be him again!
"H...Hello....", she stuttered into the phone.
"Hello Shelley! It's me again.....I just want you to tell me what color your underwear is today!"
"Why can't you leave me alone.....why are you torturing me like this!!!!"
"I bet it's those pretty pink panties....the ones with the lace around your pretty legs and the bow right above your.....well we both know where the bow is don't we Shelley?"
She was dumbfounded....he had described her underwear perfectly....how could he have known.....
"What do you want??? Why are you doing this to me???"
"I want to wear them Shelley....I want to wear them while the scent of you is still on them....I'm tired of wearing your clean underwear!!!"
"You mean you....."
"Oh yes Shelley....I've been in your house....I've been in your room....I've been in your panty drawer....I've even found your little vibrating friend.....and I've used it for my pleasure too!!!!"
"You're a monster!!!! Who are you and why are you doing this to me????"
"It's because I can Shelley....it's because I can...."
"What do you want....what will it take to make you leave me alone???"
"Tomorrow at 9PM I want you to do a striptease in front of your window....curtains open and blinds up.....make it sexy.....or I publish all those things you wrote in your diary....you know those things about what you wanted Ted to do....those things you wanted Tommy to do.....those things you wanted Susie to do...."
"Oh my god...OK I'll do it 9PM just please....please no more after that!!!"
"We'll see...."

After she hung up the phone rang again in a few seconds....
"Shelley, it's Detective Larson."
"Did you hear it all?"
"Yes we got it all Shelley.....and the trace should be done in a moment....are you alright?"
"I'm a little embarrassed and scared....how does he know....you know....what I'm wearing?"
"Shelley...the trace is complete.....Shelley the calls are coming from inside your house!!!! We're on the way there now....who else is in the house with you?"
"Just my little brother.....I'm going to get him and run to the neighbors....I wouldn't want this pervert to get a hold of either one of us!!!"
"Good girl Shelley.....we're almost there and we'll find this bastard and you and your brother can rest easy once he's in custody!!!"
"Thank you Detective.....for all your help...."
"Just doing my job Ma'am!"


When I'm fluffing her dates I'm always careful to keep them interested but not too much if you know what I mean.....although sometimes I enjoy it so much I lose track of time and she has to come looking for him....she'll spank me for it after he leaves but it's worth it to get those extra couple of minutes with that glorious cock in my mouth!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

The First Time

And here we have the first time my small cock clit made her really happy!!!!

Not Sure

"I'm not sure Sissy....it seems snug but maybe you need a bigger size?"

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Choices - Sissy Training

"Look at the cock Sissy....isn't it beautiful....the shaft is so hard and the tip is so velvety soft!!!! You know you want to take it in your mouth and worship it.....if you do you'll be allowed to cum...what's it been now....two months since I allowed you to spray your sissy cream? We could go for another month or two.....maybe five or six!!!"
"All you have to do is take this lovely cock in your sissy slut mouth....I could make you do it Sissy but I want you to do it on your own!!!! Think it over Sissy!!!!"


"Faster Sissy....let's go....I want you over my knees in my bedroom now!!!"
"I'm crawling...Ow.....as fast....Ow....as I can Sweetheart...Owww!!!"
To tell the truth I could probably go faster but she had the hairbrush in the bedroom!!! That was serious punishment and as much as I was afraid of it....I also looked forward to it a little, but I needed to be warmed up first!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Greatest

"I think you're doing it all wrong Sissy!!!"
"No Baby this is how it's done....why do you think it's called the greatest show on earth!!!"


Why do men have nipples?
The answer is obvious.....they're there for her to hang onto while she cums again and again!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Have You Ever Thought

She smiled at me coyly and asked....
"Have you ever thought about fucking my ass Sissy?"
How could I answer this.....it was the one thing that I had never experienced....with her or with anyone else for that matter...she had always told me that only real men could have that pleasure....sissies were made to receive a man, not act like one!!!
"I've dreamed of it Sweetheart!!!!"
"Would you like to take my ass tonight Sissy?"
"I would be honored to be allowed the privilege!!!"
"Yes you would be honored! So tonight it is then....don't get too excited thinking about it Sissy...."
I should have asked questions.....I should have asked her to make it more clear...but if truth be told....I enjoyed this very much.....not as much as they did but I did enjoy it!!!

Sissy School - Versatile

All the sissies loved when Don came by.....he was here to check the plumbing and he did manage to make sure everything was flowing correctly!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Science Nerds

When the boys thought about it it was amazing....nobody paid any attention to Haruko and Yuki before the accident....just a couple of young Japanese science nerds....nothing special!!!!
But after that little mishap in the lab suddenly everyone wanted to get to know them and all the attention was really interfering with their search for the cure for their current situation!!!!
Maybe they'd buckle down next week and really hit the books....but they had plans for the weekend with the football team.....

Monday ManCandy

Some of us need a little bit more and some of us need a lot more...
Down at the Glory Hole you can get all you need and then some more!!!
It's the place you can go when you need what you need and you want what you want and you want a lot!!!
ManCandy!!!! Each shot leaves you wanting more!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday is Game Day

"And we're ready to start the game.....first we'll have the coin flip and then we'll see the deep soulful kiss that guarantees both sides start the game with damp panties!!!"

How Times Have Changed

It's hard to believe that there was once a time when I was afraid that anyone would catch me wearing panties and that my deepest fantasy was sucking a man's big cock!!!!
The idea that my wife loves to watch me when I'm on my knees with her lovers cock in my mouth is just a dream come true!!!!
How far we've come.....

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Indiana Jones and the Shrine of Sappho

He had hoped to retire quietly to the university, his appetite for adventures had long since been satisfied! His published works had made him both famous and infamous in the archaeological community with some who praised and some who scoffed!
It didn't matter to him, all he wanted to do was concentrate on his students and to be a mentor to his son.
When his son had proposed the expedition, when he had shown him the evidence, when he had laid out his reasoning it was impossible to argue that his conclusion wasn't at least possible. But it wasn't enough to motivate him to once again go in search of supposedly mythical artifacts. He declined to join the expedition but he wished his son well and asked to be kept informed of his progress.
That was over a year ago....more than nine months since he had last received a cryptic cable that they had made a significant discovery and were going to investigate.....nothing followed this message and as the anxious weeks turned into months he decided he had to act!!!
Following the extensive trail his son had mapped out he trailed the expedition through the Mediterranean region until finally landing on the Greek Island of Lesbos! It was here that the trail went cold!!!
Calling in many favors from old friends and paying  a few others led him to one man who had been on the expedition.....he found him, drunk in a back alley tavern where he had apparently taken up residence!
After some coffee and time and a promise of cash the man gave what little information he could....
They had gone deep into the islands interior where they had discovered a hidden shrine....they had tried for several days to decipher the writing that appeared above the portal that led inside, but their patience had run out and on the morning.....it was a Tuesday.....the expedition of six men decided to enter the shrine in search of historical artifacts and treasures!!!!
The man recounting the story began to babble and cry and it was only after a large drink that he was able to continue....
He had remained to keep watch on the equipment just outside the shrine as the other five men cautiously entered!!! In only a few moments he heard them shrieking and screaming as if the devil himself was torturing them....and then....nothing!!!!
He waited for three days before making his own way back and had been living in the bottle ever since....it dulled the memory of those screams.....those screams that still haunted his nightmares!!!
He reluctantly agreed to lead Indiana to the secret entrance on the condition that he wouldn't have to enter the shrine....he feared that whatever fate the prior expedition met was somehow waiting for him too!
When they arrived they found that the prior expeditions equipment was mostly left just as it was the morning they entered the shrine.....everything seemed to back up the mans story!
Indiana thought there was something familiar about the writing and after going through his notebook.....his years of notes taken from his many adventures around the world he thought that maybe he could decipher it given time.....but his son had gone in there and hadn't returned and he had to know why!
He gave the notes to his guide and set him to the task of translating what the sign said as he grabbed his hat and whip and ventured into the foreboding shrine!
The pain gripped him, pain like no other, pain that touched every part of his body and through his screams he heard the man yelling into the shrine....
"It's a warning!!!!! Come back!!!! It says no man may enter!!!! It says no man may leave!!!!"
As the transformation wracked his body with pain he felt a fog starting to cloud his mind...pleasure was his goal....pleasure was his purpose....
Suddenly he saw....the shrine was full of writhing female bodies.....each one offering pleasure to another.....their minds gone....their souls gone....and above all he saw the grinning visage of the goddess....the glowing eyes beckoning him to join them!!!!
Through sheer force of will he somehow managed to resist....he somehow managed to escape.....his son lost to the goddess of sweet soft pleasure....
When he re-emerged from the temple the drunken guide stared hard and fell to his knees....it was true...
"No man may enter, No man may leave!"

That First Time

Yes I remember that first time....married for two years....but we both knew I wasn't enough for her....I wasn't really enough for anyone....we were both unsatisfied....we both needed something more.....
I knelt next to the bed and watched his big cock slide into her....and I watched the smile on her face as she felt something that she hadn't felt in years!!!!
I came all over myself just watching....I licked it all up like she had trained me to do...
Then, when he came inside her, I licked her clean....god it was wonderful....

Friday, January 20, 2017

Too Big

"Admit it Sissy....some cocks are just too big for you!!!"
"Never!!!! I'll keep trying if it takes all night!!!"
"That's fine if by "all night" you mean for the next couple of minutes it takes me to get undressed and turn down the bed....I have plans for that big cock Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am I understand....but I can play with it till you're ready....please???"
"Of course you can Sissy....you know I spoil you!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"Five minutes Sissy!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"

Now Do You See

"Now do you see why you need the cage Sissy? What kind of girl can you be with that little thing poking out of your panties? You do want to be my girl...don't you Sissy"
"Oh yes.....please!!!"

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Here You Go

"Here you go Tommy....I haven't worn this in ages and I think it will look just adorable on you!!!"
"I can't believe you're doing this....how can I thank you?"
"Just stick to the clothes I'm giving you and stay out of my panty drawer you little sissy perv!!!"
"I'm sorry...I...."
"I'm joking Tommy....I just don't want you wearing my things before I do....OK?"
"OK Sis....and thanks so much!!!!"
"I never got to have a little sister so I guess you'll have to do, OK twerp...take the clothes and get out of here I've got things to do!!!"

Slipping Away

Inch by inch you feel your last tiny bits of masculinity slipping away until he's balls deep inside you!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Where does she get these ideas!!!!!!!
This was pure torment all day until she came home and supervised my shower!!!!
It certainly focused my attention for the day!!!!!

Been Bad

There's a difference between spankings.....when I've been bad there's no panties....no makeup....no bra....nothing other than me....still caged....over her knee....getting a much needed correction.....although.....and please don't anyone tell her I said this.....I love the feel of her nylons on my balls....it's a small pleasure I can take from a purposeful punishment!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


When I'm only wearing my bra for some reason I feel more naked than when I'm completely nude....don't ask me to explain it but it's true!!!!


It doesn't happen often....I swear....but I have to confess that there are times when I'm doing the laundry that a pair of her panties might end up under my pillow.....I've been behaving myself for years now but I still have some addictions and if that makes me a bad girl I'm willing to live with the consequences!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2017


She had hired a handyman, Mike, to make some small repairs around the house and of course I noticed a bulge in his tight jeans that had my full attention!!!!
I spent the day shamelessly flirting with him.....he gave me some responses that were good-natured but otherwise discouraging!!! His refusal only made me intensify my efforts.....until finally my wife intervened....
"Kaaren leave Mike alone....he has work to do!"
"I wasn't doing anything!!! I was just being friendly!!!!"
"Showing him your panties and offering to suck him as dry as the Sahara.....that's what you call being friendly?"
"Oh....I didn't think you heard that....."
"Mike please come here and show my sissy slut husband why he's wasting his time please!"
Then I understood.....

Monday ManCandy

In a pretty dress like that we're sure no one will be any the wiser as you and your cousin rejoin the party!!!!  And the sudden popularity you'll enjoy with the male guests will make you happy the you've got that energy shot from that creamy treat!!!!
ManCandy!!! You can go from wallflower to the belle of the ball in just a few minutes!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday is Game Day

At the tailgate party Sissy ran to her friend Gisele and proudly pulled up her jersey!!!
"Look!!!! Look what my wife got me for Christmas!!!! Real boobs of my own!!!"
"Um....Yes...they're nice Sissy.....but why are you showing them to me?"
"I'm not showing them to you.....I'm showing them to everybody!!!"

Some For Her

"There you go Sissy....that's some cum for her and some for you for being a good cuck while I fucked your wife!"
I blushed at the compliment but I didn't correct him.....all the delicious cum was for me.....my wife would make sure I got her share in a few minutes!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Curse

Walking through the park he couldn't help but notice her sitting on top of the bench....he smiled when he saw her legs in her pretty black tights....the sight of her stayed with him all day!!!!
The next day he found her in the exact same spot.....still showing her long legs in those pretty black tights....he smiled at her and he was surprised when she smiled back at him.....he thought about her all day....and all night!!!!
The next day came and there she was again.....and he smiled....but this time she crooked a finger to him and invited him closer.....he moved toward her as if he had no will to resist!!!!
She leaned forward and whispered into his ear....her voice so soft....her lips teasing his flesh....
"Please would you help me?"
"Of course....I'd be glad to help you....what can I do for you?"
"It's a little hard to believe but I was cursed by my ex-lover to stay on this bench forever until someone goes between my thighs and licks me till I cum!!!! I hate to ask but would you consider lending me "a hand"?"
"Say no more!!! I'd be glad to help with that....we'll call it a labor of love!!!!"
In a flash he was up under her skirt.....pressing his face between those beautiful thighs....and he licked and rubbed and he heard her gasp and moan and it only made him work harder!!!!
Then came the moment....she cried out as she came and flooded his face with her juices....
Suddenly he was dizzy and light headed and when the world stopped spinning.....there he was....sitting on the bench looking at himself....or his body at least....
"Oh thanks so much I thought I'd never get off that damned bench....listen....it's not as bad as you think....all you have to do is pick out someone and get them to make you cum and you can swap with them.....I've been there for about a week and a half but the guy before me was only stuck for five hours.....just pick your guy carefully!!!! Goodbye and thanks!!!"
"Wait....what about...."
But he was gone....

Cuckolds View

This is the Cuckolds View....kneeling at the foot of our her bed.....watching her ride his big cock....listening to her moans of pleasure as he fills her so deeply.....fills her in a way I never could.....I love her so....and later....after he leaves and I've helped her clean up....we'll snuggle together....and she'll tell me all about how it felt...and she'll tell me how good it was....and she'll tell me how many times he made her cum.....
And she'll tell me that she loves me and I'll go to sleep wrapped in her arms!!!

Friday, January 13, 2017

A Bad Day

I can always tell when she's had a bad day at work....and I know just what she needs to turn her mood around...the only thing I don't know is how many orgasms it's going to take....but like any good sissy....I'm in until the job is done!!!!!

Is There Any Better Way

Is there any better way to wake up than this???
Before he leaves, after spending the night with my wife, he's always considerate enough to save the last load for me.....it's my favorite wake-up call!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Honestly Sissy!!!!! We're never going to finish getting you ready if you don't concentrate!!!! See if you can tear your eyes off of my cock long enough to adjust your wig!!!!

It's Just Time

No I haven't been bad.....I've been a good girl for her....
It's not about my behavior at all....

It's just the right time for it!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Analyst Needs Proof

When I got the call from Dr. Dee's office I wasted no time, throwing on whatever dress I grabbed first I grabbed my purse and ran out the door!!!
It had been a couple of months since I had a session with her and I was worried that somehow I had upset her when I helped her out in her office last time!!!!
Imagine my surprise when I arrived....
"Oh there you are Kaaren.....I was getting worried you might not come!"
"I'm sorry Dr. Dee. I came as fast as I could.....what's going on?"
"Well Kaaren....I've published my first book about my most interesting cases and you, my dear, take up about two thirds of the content!!! I hope you don't mind?"
"Of course not Dr. Dee, I'm glad you found my case interesting enough to include me!"
"Interesting!!!! Kaaren my audience is demanding more.....many of them don't believe it's possible for any one person to be so perverted....so depraved....say that would be a good title "Dee-praved The Sissy Kaaren Story!!!"
"If you think so it's OK with me but....why did you need me here today?"
"There has been some speculation that you're not real...that I invented you...so I invited a few objective observers to "meet" you....they've each marked their favorite page and they each want to spend some time going over them with you!!!"
"And what about.....your....ummmm...."
"Oh that! Well I thought we might squeeze in a session while you're here!!!"
"There's nothing else I'd rather squeeze in Dr. Dee!!!!"

Nearly Caught in a Bra

I heard the door open downstairs....my Aunt and cousin were back.....if I didn't move fast I'd be caught.....no time to put it away....I took off the sexy bra and stuffed it in my pocket!!!!
It felt so nice...so very, very nice to wear it....I hoped my Auntie wouldn't miss it.....of course she did....but that's another story!!!!!
Do you girls remember a time when you nearly got caught!!!! Do you remember your heart racing and your little cock throbbing!!!!
Those were the days!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


"You see Sissy....it's not totally useless....it gives me something to hang onto while you ride my big cock!!!"

Yes Ma'am!

"Did you buy those cute panties like I told you?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Did you tell the salesgirl that they were for you like I told you?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"And did you ask her if you could wear them home like I told you?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Did she say anything to you Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am....she said she'd love it if we would join her and her sissy husband for dinner sometime?"
"How nice.....please go back inside the store and tell her we would love to have dinner and you look forward to getting to know her sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"When you come back you can drop your pants and show me your panties....then we can look for some new dresses....won't that be fun?"
"Yes Ma'am!"

Monday, January 9, 2017

Keep It Warm

"Kaaren....the foods getting cold...how long does it take to tip the delivery boy?"
"I'll be there in a minute Sweetie....I'm just having my appetizer now!!!"
"I'll put yours in the warmer Sissy..."
"You know I spoil you, you little slut!!!"
"Save a little taste for me OK?"
"That's my special girl!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Even after a nights sleep you're still so tired you can barely open your eyes!!!! You know what you need!!!! Energy! Protein! Flavor!You need an eye-opener and we all know what that means!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Like boosting a dead battery...it'll get you going again...guaranteed!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday is Game Day

"And the big news today is the collapse of our star Quarterback when he reported this morning!!!! He has been listed as questionable after he collapsed from apparent exhaustion!!! I'll just say that this surprise turn of events has changed the odds of winning this playoff game considerably!!!"
Well not only did Sissy get a tummy full but it looked like her bets on this game were really going to pay off!!!!

Sissy School - Spiritual Guidance

The Spiritual Guidance at Sissy School was provided by Sister Mary Fellatrix....it was her job to make sure the young sissies had the spiritual discipline they needed to succeed!!!!
Sissy Kaaren needed frequent spankings but her roommate Sissy Leeanne didn't....
That's why it was so delicious to spank them together.....Kaaren liked it quick and hard....but with Leanness's sweet bottom she could take her time to make the most of this rare opportunity!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Seeker from Beyond

As the lovers clutched at one another in fear the green mist coalesced into the form of a woman.....a beautiful otherworldly green woman!!!
She spoke in an airy ethereal voice....
"At last I have found you Princess.....it is time for you to return....your people need you.....your world needs you!!!!"
"No!!!! I'm never going back!!!! I love this world....these people!!!!"
"I'm afraid I must return you to our world Princess....my orders are very clear....it is not a matter for debate!!!"
The lovers clung tighter to each other although a soft glow had begun to gather around the Princess!!!
"What does this mean? Why is she calling you Princess? What's happening?"
"I should have told you....but how could I....how could I tell you I was a Princess from another world....you would have thought me mad!!!!"
But the glow was intensifying to the point where it was blinding and she held onto Jim as hard as she could!!!! But she felt his body changing, his height lessening, his skin growing softer and was that breasts she felt through his coat?
"I'm sorry my love.....I had hoped to live among your people....to stay with you....for the rest of my time.....I had thought this male body would keep me hidden....alas I was wrong and now I must go with the Seeker.....I have no choice!!!!"
"But....I don't understand.....you're a woman??? A Princess??? How...."
"No time to explain my love....the Seeker is pulling me through the doorway....I love you, goodbye!!!"
And then she was alone....

If You Want the Opportunity

If you want the opportunity you really have to prove you have the ability!!!!

Friday, January 6, 2017


Whenever I hear her say....
"Sissy bend over, pull up your skirt and pull down your panties!"
.....I get a shiver!!!!
Not a bad shiver because I can honestly say I have never had anything happen to me after she says that that I didn't love!!!!!