Friday, July 31, 2015

Fluffer Benched

The doctor told me that my throat was very irritated and he thought it might be something viral! He gave me some antibiotics and told me to rest over the weekend and I should be fine by Monday.
Rest for the weekend!!!! How am I supposed to do my Fluffing duties if my throat was out of action?!?!?!
"I guess you're on the bench this weekend Kaaren.....I'll have to do it all by myself!"
"No Sweetie! I'll find a way! I won't let you down!!!!"
It turned out that I found a delightful alternative that we all enjoyed!
Necessity is the mother of invention after all!!!!

No One Better

Her friend Stacy was writhing in pleasure as I used my tongue to please her! My wife told me to do my best and I was really using every trick I knew to give as much pleasure as I could and her moans told me she was enjoying my attention!!!!
Would she be like this, naked and legs spread wide for any of her other friends husbands? I didn't think so!!! I was a caged servant for her! A mouth and tongue she could use without thinking!
My wife whispered to her as she began to cum, "I told one's better than my Sissy....she makes me cum like no one else...."
Whatever else she said was lost to me as Stacy clamped her thighs tight around my head as she came....the first of many that night!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Eye Opener

She introduced me and asked me to make them cocktails!!!! When I came back into the room my wife was on her knees with his cock in her mouth!!!! I watched as she licked and sucked him, waiting!
Soon she would want her cocktail and I would take her place!!!! It looked wonderful and my mouth was watering in anticipation!!!!

Best Ever

"This is the best blowjob I've ever gotten baby! Your roommate is a blowjob queen!!!"
"She is good isn't she?"
"Oh yeah, best I ever had!"
"That's one of the reasons I married him!!! She's my husband!!!"
"Oh my god...your husband sucks cocks for you!!! That's so gay!!!!"
"Do you want him to looks like you're really enjoying it?"
"I don't know....I oh my god...."
"I was only going to let him get you hard and wet and then I was going to fuck you but I think it would be better if she makes you cum! You can sort out your opinions while you're pumping your cum into my husbands' mouth!!!! Kaaren....he's all yours!!!!"

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Her boyfriend picked me up at home and now we were on our way to pick up my wife before we went to dinner! She told me he had asked her specifically to leave the cage home tonight.
"Why would he ask you that?"
"I don't know Sissy but you better be on your best behavior, you just do as you're told and maybe you'll be able to sit comfortably when we get to the restaurant!"
When I got into the car the first thing he asked me was if I was wearing panties!!!
"Of course I'm wearing panties...especially without the cage they help me keep....things under control!"
"Take them off and leave them on the floor!" he ordered.
With her instructions echoing in my brain I did as I was told!
"Pull up your dress and spread your legs!"
I was kind of enjoying the way this was going so far when I felt his hand wrap around my clit and stroke it a few times!!!
"Y'know Sissy, ever since I was young I've always wondered what it would be like to hold another man's cock in my hand! It's a funny feeling! I wish it was bigger cause it's probably the only one I'm ever going to touch!!!"
"I'm sorry! It's really not much!!!"
"It's not much of a cock Sissy but then you're not much of a man are you?"
He gave me a little stroke and a little squeeze before returning his hand to the wheel, leaving me with no panties, legs spread, dress pulled up around my hips and rock hard just as we pulled up in front of my wife!!!

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl we all learned that a handjob would satisfy our horny teenage boyfriends!!!! It usually only took a few strokes before they were spraying their cum everywhere!
I never dreamed that one of those horny teenage boys would someday become my Sissy Husband and that he would enjoy giving handjobs just as much as we did when we were young!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just Like Everybody Else

Just like everybody else my wife and I enjoy a quiet evening at home! She get's to catch up on all the TV shows she's recorded on the DVR and I get to just relax and do what I like best!!!
Really we're just like anybody else!!!!


"Okay Sissy one last lick!"
"But you said I could..."
"I said you could invite your Sissy friend over for a blowjob and now you've sucked her cute clit!"
"But she hasn't....and I haven't...."
"Sissy I said a blowjob, that's singular....and I never said anything about either one of you cumming!!"
"Go get the cages Sissy and I'll let you lock each other in, I'll be checking those locks Sissy so no cheating!!!"
She was amused at the pouts and groans from the two sissies but it all made her so wet!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Different Idea

I've been taking my run just after dawn, before the sun makes the day too hot to even consider running!!!! Usually she slept for the extra 45 minutes while I did my run but today she had a different idea! I never managed to get out the door but we both started the day with a smile!!!!

Monday ManCandy

"Thank you so much Baby, my sissy husband is going to love these! Kind of like getting breakfast  delivered!!!"
 ManCandy!!!! The thoughtful wife always remembers her husband needs some too!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Wonder Sometimes*

"What's bothering you Sissy? Don't you like your new nightie? I think you look adorable in it!"
"No, it's not that! I love it and thank you so much for getting me a present!"
"Then what is it Baby?"
"I....I just wonder sometimes if you wouldn't be happier with Mark or one of your other lovers! Real men who can satisfy you like....."
"Oh Sweetie, don't you know that if that was what I wanted that would be what I'd have! You know I get what I want don't you?"
"Yes but I'm...."
"You're my sweet Sissy husband and I've known you almost forever! I get to have my wonderful loving man and my best girlfriend all in one wonderful package! The others may be nice....I like their big cocks and I sometimes think you like them just as much as I do!!! But as nice as they are they're not you!!! So stop being silly and get over here!"
My tears of joy made her thighs wet as I gave her one orgasm after another!!!

*This was an actual conversation we had, the dialogue may not be exact but it's very close!

How Many

My sweet friend sissy terri was wondering how many men are wearing panties either sometimes or every day!!! I think it's lot's and lot's of men....Please just post a "me too" so I can prove my point!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Kidnapped!!!

This new maid was a miracle worker! As he looked into the mirror he could see no trace of his male self!!!! As he thanked her he heard her gasp!!!
"Hands up ladies, be quiet and cooperate and no one gets hurt!!!"
The men had guns pointed at them and both of them froze!!!!
"You must be the Missus! You're going to be coming with us...", he pointed at the terrified maid, "you too sweetie!"
He didn't dare say anything for fear that his manly voice would give him away!!!
"Don't you girls worry," said the gunman.
Gesturing toward me he said, "As soon as we get $50,000 from your husband we'll let you go!"
He smiled an evil smile, "Of course I'd be just as happy if he let me keep you! I think we'll get to know each other much better in our time together! Now let's go!!!"
He felt the maids shaky hand slide into his as they were led to the waiting car!!!

Later when his wife opened the envelope addressed to her husband she was shocked to read a ransom demand for his wife's safe return!!! Showing it to the detective he told her it was obviously some kind of hoax and she should just ignore it!!!
After her husband and the new maid were missing for several days she knew that they had run off together and in her anger she cleaned out all of their joint accounts, emptied the safe deposit box, put the house up for sale and left town to start a new life!!!
The ransom notes piled up, unopened, for another week or two before they stopped coming!!!


On my knees! He pulls my cheeks wide apart exposing my most secret place!!!! His thumb brushes my hole and sends thrills through my body!!!!
Across the room she is fastening her strap-on around her hips!!! It's so big I can't believe it will fit!!!!
He asked for this....he wanted to see her fuck her Sissy husband and she quickly agreed for both of us!!!
I was nervous and excited as he leaned over and whispered to me, "Maybe I'll take sloppy seconds Sissy! I bet you'd like that!"
His thumb brushed my tender opening again as she spread lube over her big black cock!!!
She passed him the bottle and as he lubed me I almost came....but I was able to hold on!!!! That was for her!!!! If I was going to cum it should be while I had her cock inside me!!!!
Maybe later it would be for his cock inside me but that was later!!!!
Now it was time and he held me open as she stepped behind me!!!!
A moment of pressure!!!! A moment of pain!!!! Then the pleasure........

Friday, July 24, 2015

Try This One!

"Okay Sissy, go get my big strap-on....the really big know the one I mean....and bring a bottle of lube....I want to try this one on page 37!!!"
"Page 37? I can't imagine what that could be!!!!"
"It's the page that had the post-it stuck on it that said "Please, please. please do this to me!!!"

Sorry Sissy

"I'm sorry Sissy it looks like we left a wet spot on your side of the bed.....again! I hope you don't mind!"
Mind....I looked forward to it!!! Just like I looked forward to licking up my treat when she gave me permission!!!
"No Ma'am! I don't mind! It's perfectly fine with me!"
She smiled and nodded her head....and I practically dove between her thighs to get that delicious cream before any more of it leaked onto the sheets!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


"Honey, I've been talking it over with my friend Jenna and she'd really enjoy being in a threesome with us!!! What do you think?"
"A'd be okay with that?"
"Oh yes Baby, Jenna said she's wanted to fuck you since she first met you!"
"Oh yeah! I'd love it!!!! Bring it on!!!!"
The lesson you learn is that when two women say they want to fuck you, you should make sure you're all thinking about the same thing!!!! Luckily in this case they all were!!!!

Sissies Through History - Silent Movies

The silent era produced some interesting Sissy movies including the rarely seen "But She's My Husband!"
The pivotal scene was when the evil landlord decided to take sex in exchange for the overdue rent and was discovered in the act by the wildly over-emotive wife!
The dialogue cards were pretty explicit for their time!!!
"Oh my god Landlord Stevens!!!! What are you doing to my husband!!!!"
"Your Husband!!!! But he was wearing a dress!!!! I thought he was you!!!!"
"But my husband is a shameful Sissy!!!! He always wears a dress!!!!"
"I don't believe you, let me feel under here....oh my god it IS your husband!!!!"
"You've collected your rent now leave!!!!"
"But I owe you some change!!!! Give me a minute to pay a little back!!!!"
"Oh my goodness!!! What next???"
Fade to black,
A film not to be missed if you can find it!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

There Was A Time

There was a time when I would be so embarrassed if people could see me in this picture! Imagine the humiliation!!!! I don't think I'd ever be able to live it down!
But that was then and nowadays things are different! Now it doesn't bother me at all if people see my bra strap! Nope doesn't bother me at all!!!!

On Demand - Sissy Training

Sissy has to understand that the "Kneel and Suck" command must be obeyed immediately regardless of when or where it is given!!! Once Sissy has accepted the "wherever" and "whenever" aspects of this basic command you can begin training her to respond to the "whoever" aspect!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's So Hot

When it's hot like this she excuses me from wearing my maids uniform when I'm doing the housework!!! But she still insists on the apron....have to keep your cute panties clean after all!!!

He Said No

When I told her lover that just putting on panties always made me hard, since that first pair so long ago, he told me that it wouldn't do the same to hime!!! He said he was "all man" and the girly stuff was for sissies like me!
So I offered him a bet! I'd pick out some pretty panties for him and if he got hard he'd let me suck his delicious cock and if he didn't get hard I'd have to suck his delicious cock!!! I know...I know...I'm a slut for nice cocks ....what can I say!!!!
When she left for work and it was just us I pulled out the silky lacy panties and as I slid them up his legs I knew already that I'd won the bet!!! He was sooooo hard he was practically dripping!!!!
"So I guess I win!"
"Alright Sissy, they do feel nice....really nice but now you get to suck my cock!!!"
"I could do that or I could go get the matching bra and garterbelt  and some pretty stockings and we could make a day of it!!!!"
"Well what about my blowjob?"
"Wouldn't you rather think of it as the first blowjob of the day?"
"Will you tell your wife?"
"Probably, but she likes her men in panties! She married me after all!!!!"
"Let's do it Sissy, I want to try it!!!"
"In a moment, let me get that cock, I want to try it!!!!!"

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday ManCandy

You need it and we know it!!!! We are always ready to produce on demand and the demand is always growing as  more and more people discover the healthy breakfast alternative that ManCandy offers!!!
Eggs....from inside a chicken....nasty creatures....
Milk....suckling a thanks.....
Bacon.....made from a pig for heavens sakes....
Potato's....they grow under the dirt....under the DIRT!!!!
Why not push all that aside and have some fresh, healthy and natural ManCandy!!! Fresh and warm!!!! It will fill you up and get you going!!!
ManCandy!!!! 100% organic and natural!!!! Accept no substitutes!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Neither one of us had forgotten about Baby Pony Ranch!!!! Honestly how could you forget!!! She asked me if I was interested in visiting again and my hesitation was all the answer she needed!
Total submission  and public exposure and a little touch of the whip....oh my god.....I could almost feel the bit in my teeth again!!!! The wind in my face as my Mistress urges me to go faster and faster.....what submissive joy!!!!!

How I Wish

Yes I have kissed her like he does.....
Yes I have touched her like he does....
Yes I have made her touch herself like he does....
But, oh my god, how I wish I could fill her hand like he does!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday Matinee - The Vampires Kiss

"Please tell me before you feed on me again! What will become if me?"
"My sweet William! You are now my sweet Willameena , my sweet lesbian bride and you will be with me through the centuries! We will have all the time needed to experience the bliss of immortality....One more bite and the change is irreversible!!!!"
"That sounds nice for you but what's in it for me?"
"Why...centuries of sexual bliss my darling Meena....what more could you want?"
"What about men?"
"What about them...they're filthy creatures!!!!"
"Yeah but I like them now and I have a feeling that if you change me I'm only going to like them more!!!"
"You can have your men darling, as long as I can have you when I want you!!!"
"Seems like we have a deal!!!"

I Left Him

I left him hard, glistening and wet!!!!That was just the way she wanted him!!!!1 As I was about to close the door of my sissy bedroom I heard her call out!
"Nice work Kaaren!"
Could I ask for higher praise from my wife than that!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015


I'm pretty easygoing and I accept that teasing is just a part of life as a Sissy husband! Most of the time I really do enjoy it!!! But this just seemed too much!!!!
They laughed and laughed as I strained and pleaded and she made me wait almost two whole minutes before she led him two steps forward!!!!


"Okay Sis we've sold 700 boxes of cookies! You were right I guess....all we had to do was take off our clothes and they just bought and bought! So let's go home and you can use that spell to change me back!!!
"Yeah Bro, well about that, we have one more guy to see! He promised to buy 1000 boxes if he can pop a girl scouts cherry!"
"You'd do that just to sell cookies!!!"
"Bro, I did that for a ride home years ago!"
"But then how....who..."
That's where you come in Bro! You've only been a girl for a few hours so I thought you' know..."
"Holy Shit Sis! What do you want me to do? What are you getting me into???"
"Look on page 37 and you'll see what he wants you to do!"
"Oh My God!!!!!"
"C'mon Bro! Pretty please!!!!"
"If it's that important to you..."
"When I change you back I'll show you how much I appreciate this!"

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Grabbing the GloryHole

There were so many nice cocks! Big and small. thick and thin, fast and slow, clean and oh so messy!!!! But they all had one thing in common.....they came and went!!!! Sissy decided that the next time she really liked one....for whatever reason, size or smell or taste or looks or duration or whatever...she was hanging onto it for a while!!!

Not Ready

I had heard her alarm clock so I knew they were awake. I made up a tray with coffee and croissants and brought it upstairs. Pushing open the door I realized they were not going to be having breakfast just yet!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Couldn't Get Enough

The young girl from next door, home from college for the summer, just couldn't get over the chastity cage!!! She loved it and oh how she wished she could have used one to assure that her boyfriend was behaving over the summer vacation!!!!
She loved to watch it swell in the cage as she played with his tiny little balls! She loved being in control and she loved listening to Sissy's moans and groans as she drove him mad with her constant attention!!!!
Her boyfriend was going to deal with some very big changes in September but until then she would play with this Sissy all summer!!!!


I love the early morning hours....stepping outside you hear the birds singing the "dawn chorus" as the sun begins to rise! And after putting on my heels and maids uniform....well the sun isn't the only thing that rises every morning!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Sissy hadn't noticed the policeman walking by until he shouted, "Hey! You! Hey you goddamned fairy, get off the grass!"
Sissy was shocked by his use of such language until she suddenly remembered....


She paused as her Sissy husband dropped his towel! The boob job and the training regimen had all been worth it!!!!
They say money can't buy happiness but it can buy you a totally feminized sissy husband and if that's not happiness she didn't know what was!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hot Action

When she installed the stripper pole in their home Sissy was looking forward to seeing some hot action!!! It turned out Sissy was right about the hot action! It just wasn't quite how he'd pictured it!!!! It turned out better than he could've ever dreamed!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Just look at that smile so alluring, so enigmatic!!! Her mouthful of sweet, sweet ManCandy is so satisfying that she just has a certain look about her.....

It's a look I've seen before....a look that has haunted people through the I understand the smile!!!!!

ManCandy!!!! It's been a source of inspiration for centuries!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Garden Party

The guests glasses were empty and the hors d'ourves trays were filled with only napkins and toothpicks!!!! The guests were grumbling and Mistress was furious!!!! When she found those maids they were going to feel the strap on their cute little bottoms!!!! And she would let the guests watch!!!!
Not far away the Sissies knew that they risked punishment but Kaaren and Leeanne had waited so long for this opportunity that any punishment would be worth it!!!!


I sat in the booth continuously pulling down on the hem of my dress while she flirted shamelessly all around the club! While I'm sitting, afraid of someone glimpsing my panties, she's moving through the crowd making panties wet!!!!!
I know she had some fun with other girls in college and maybe a time or two since then but god how it hurt in my cage when I watched that woman attempt to pick her up at the bar!!!!
Later when she sat with me she told me she would have invited her home but she just knew that I ate her pussy better than she would!!!!
I couldn't wait to get her home and prove she was right!!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Something's Wrong

The Robo-Doc carried  Barry back into the room and was preparing to alter Tyree! The Robo-Doc had malfunctioned and now viewed males as defective females!!!
Will Tyree somehow save himself or will he too fall victim to the mad robot doctor!!!!

See - The Robo-Doc run amok on Saturn's Moon Titan!
See - A hero made into a helpless female before your eyes!!!!
See - One mans fight to save his manhood!

No one knew that something was very wrong on Titan!!!
No one to help! No one to hear the screams! No way out!!!


Sometimes while I licked her lover's cum from her sweet pussy she would get a little.....enthusiastic!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

I Have To

"Oh my god Sissy, I just have to see this!!! I have to see a cock in your mouth!!! I've wanted it since we first met!!!!! And I know you'll love  it!!! Just like I do!!!!


It was so interesting to watch his technique! So different from mine, but she seemed to be enjoying it!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Sometimes her lovers got a little....curious!!!! I didn't mind helping them explore new horizons if that was what they wanted! I always agreed to keep it secret from my wife and I always told her! She loved to hear about her macho, big cocked boyfriends sucking their first cock!!!
Why did I tell? Well we don't keep secrets between us....secrets are bad in a relationship!!!!

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Young Billy was not happy as Auntie fussed with the pretty petticoats she insisted he wear! He didn't really mind the ruffles and lace, in fact he had come to love it, he missed the extra hours of playtime while Auntie fussed over him!
While his cousins wore shorts and tops he was always in dresses, while they played ball he played with dolls, while they rough-housed and climbed trees he learned to sit demurely with his knees always together lest anyone see the frilled panties he wore underneath! His cousins may have been girls but they were more like boys than Billy!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


She kept bragging about how big her lover was! She laughed and said there was no way I could take him all!!! Well that was just like waving a red flag in front of a bull!!!
Luckily our postman was very accommodating and understanding and without regard for his schedule he offered to help me practice every day when he brought the mail!!!!!
After a week I was confident enough to smile when she once again told me of her lover's huge cock!
"Bring it on Sweetie! I'm ready!!!"